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my missing links family

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 22, 2008

ok, so i have been informed by “the woman who pushed for nearly 24 hours to bring me into this world” that my family list was lacking…well…my family :-). i guess i could plead temporary amnesia or point out that it was like after midnight when i created my blog, but somehow i dont think either of those reasons will fly, so i am on here again today to remedy this situation.
i have a critical wonderful mother named kaye, a step-father named tom, and i also have 3 brothers and a sister. here is a photo of all of the kids:

from left to right you have philip, me, chuck, norene, and mike. let’s see if i can get all the ages right: chuck=39, me=36, mike=34, phil=28, and norene=26. let’s see, oh yes phil is married to holly and mike is married to anna. hmm..who else? i have a great-grandmother who is 101 and i also have a granny who/whom (never did remember which to use) norene is named after. oh can’t forget the in-laws, formerly known as ma & pa, but they have been renamed as granny and grandpa by james (when we actually remember to call them that!) i think that is it, and if i left anybody out, i’m sorry but this is supposed to be a blog not a novel after all! lol


2 Responses to “my missing links family”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    Hey there. I great way to build up a little community is to read other blogs and leave comments. If you don’t know any other blogs, the best way to go is to start clicking on Blogrolls(just means blogs that I read regularly). I only have 3 or 4 listed but if you click them(the people I stalk)they all have blogrolls of there are own and so on. Not everybody does, but most do. It’s also a great way to spur inspiration for a post and you will find lots of blogs you will want to read regularly.

  2. Queen Norene said

    I look 12 there!

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