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anniversary plans

Posted by nonnasnonsense on October 24, 2008

i have been racking my brains and searching online for weeks now, trying to decide on what to do for our anniversary. we had decided on only giving presents to each other every 5 years, because neither of us are big shoppers and let’s face it, we are broke people. so, this halloween will be our 5th anniversary (he was scared to death to get married again so i figured halloween would fit nicely as a wedding day, plus it makes it much easier to remember!) i want to go out of town and spend the night somewhere quiet and secluded, but i don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars doing it. it would be nice if it was romantic, but not required as neither of us is a very mushy type of person.

sooo to make a long story a little shorter….help!! does anybody have any ideas for a great little weekend trip that is easy on the wallet? of course we are down here in middle tennessee so we would prefer suggestions that are within a few hours drive or if you have someplace or something that you have done in the past that might be duplicated down here in the south let me know.


5 Responses to “anniversary plans”

  1. The Microblogologist said

    Only time I have ever been in TN was when I interviewed for grad school so I don’t know anything about the area so I’ll give a stay at home idea. For me it would be cool/sweet to decorate the place up and eat off the good dishes (for a single person like me this would be eating with the glass plates instead of paper 😉 ) and make a meal that is something you both would really enjoy, but you should make it together!

    So funny your reasoning for getting married on halloween! If and when I get married I will pick a date based mostly on rememberability because I would so forget it if I didn’t! Oh and thanks for the add, I was surprised to see someone other than my sister, uncle and someone I regularly blog stalk was on my list =).


  2. nonna said

    i like your sense of humor and i love science too, so it was a natural for me to follow ur blog.

    as for your suggestion for the anniversary, i hate to say but, YUCK! lol i know you dont know me yet, but trust me, cooking and eating a meal is not my idea of fun. its more like something you have to do to survive, although hubby really does like to eat good homecooked meals. probably cuz he doesnt get them very often from me 🙂

    i am more the find a little cabin tucked away somewhere with horses to ride and fish to catch. my hubby is more of a where can we go look for more junkers, oops i mean antique trucks to buy and things to do early in the morn.
    my dream get-away and his arent exactly the same so i really want to find something where he can get up and go do something while i am sleeping in late and then something we would both like to do together once i am back in the land of the living 🙂

  3. Weaselmomma said

    I don’t know about TN, but how about a lake cabin for a fishing weekend? Maybe your neighbors know ‘a great little place’.

  4. The Microblogologist said

    I would be sleeping in and then riding horses with you, getting up early to look at old vehicles would so not be on my list. If I want to see an old car I just look at my ’94 Oldsmobile, which I have named Oldsie to bug certain people.

    You could always go with my mom’s strategy for a cheap place to visit, have a kid move out and get an apartment in the middle of Iowa. Though she never brings Daddy when she visits me, it is all about the bookstores for her, and oh yeah spending some time with me (bookstores close you know, kidding, sorta).

    Sweet, someone who thinks I am funny and likes milk and science, you are so added to my BFF collection!

  5. nonna said

    thats funny that u named ur car. we have 3 vehicles that all have at least 100,000+ miles. bessie (caprice), bertha (mini-van), and beatrice (my beater sentra) lol

    i think i have decided on the Mammoth Cave tour and renting 1 of the cabins they have there. now i just gotta find something to occupy him while i am sleeping. hopefully there will be some big salvage yard (a.k.a. hubby heaven) near by or a car museum. guess its back to google to see what’s nearby. oh, my mom really liked ur last comment to me-she thinks u r really sweet 🙂

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