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my weirdness and…meme

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 4, 2008

i have been commanded to bore yall with my weirdness idiosyncrasies. weaselMomma said i had to do this meme (which i had to look up cuz i have never heard the term b4. here is the deff:

In the context of web logs / ‘blogs / blogging and other kinds of personal web sites it’s some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions. Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on. I generally consider these to be actual questions and not some multiple choice quizzes that determine some result at the end (what color you are most like, what cartoon character are you, what 80s movie are you).

sounds impressive but i think its just a fancy word for another kind of survey. so here it is, My 7 ways of weirdness:

1. i hate mornings! always have, always will. nothing will change that fact. even the Army couldnt drum that out of me, and let me tell you, they are very good at changing ppl. just not as good as me and my own internal clock that screams SLEEEPP at least until 10 or 11 or so 🙂

2. i, like weaselMomma, am a very cheap wife to keep around. i like to save money **gasp**, i hate shopping 4 clothes and pretty much shopping in general, unless i have a lot of spare money (haha), and i am shopping for someone else.

3. my husband now has the final say on all matters pertaining to fashion. he saved me from looking like the ugly duckling at his son’s wedding, so i now bow to his wisdom.

4. also like wM, my feet are cold all of the time, but i CANT wear socks to keep them warm. i only wear socks when i have shoes on, otherwise they make me smother. dont ask. just believe. i breathe thru my feet, ok??

5. i dont eat vegetables. at all. well, ‘cept for fried okra. i just discovered that one last year. its the first cooked green vege i have ate voluntarily since childhood. (dont force ur kids to eat stuff, it really messes with their heads for a long time!)

6. i am extremely competative. i can turn anything into a contest. i even liked taking tests in school just so i could see how much better i did (hopefully) than everybody else. i had a really good idea for the microbiologist’s contamination fairy contest, but unfortunately i cannot put my vision down on paper near as well as i can see it.

7. you cant tell by my pics, but i actually hate to eat. i would be thrilled to death if i could get one of those tubes in my stomach so i could just squeeze all the healthy stuff that my body needs straight in there. do not pass mouth, do not collect any fat, calories, or cholesterol. just think how nice it would be to never have to this conversation ever again:
“what do you want for dinner tonight, darling?”
“i dont know, what do you want?”
“i dont care, whatever you want to get.” (meaning i’m not hungry, dont want to cook, and dont want to feel guilty for not wanting to cook you something for dinner, lol)
“you decide, youre the picky eater.”
ugh! i really hate going thru that everytime we decide to go out to eat somewhere.


4 Responses to “my weirdness and…meme”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    You are weird. Now have get to go and take your award and post it up on here somewhere.

  2. The Microblogologist said

    1. Me too, I am trying to shift my schedule but have been failing at it for months!

    2. Me similar (in a cheap single person sort of way), I am NOT into clothes shopping! I do like grocery shopping to a point, walmart can be fun (I don’t get out much…), and I have spent hundreds at hobby lobby and generally avoid going there for that reason.

    3. Nerdy microbiology shirts are totally fashionable…

    4. My feet are also cold most of the time, they are sometimes warm when I am wearing shoes and socks but socks alone will not keep them warm and I do not like wearing socks without shoes. I know why my feet and fingers are cold a lot, I have Raynaud’s, which is thankfully not serious.

    5. I like some veggies.

    6. Thanks for the linky love! Thankfully for me I have an art major baby sister who often can translate my inane ideas into something cool. The drawing contest is over but you cooould go over on my right side bar and click on the Guess that Gizmos, that is still open…

    7. I was a picky eater before but liked to eat, now that I have GI issues I do not like eating as much (though I have been doing better lately). One of my ornery suggestions to Doc was that I wanted a feeding tube, to paraphrase he said they suck. He seems to say that about many of my suggestions (since most of them are snarky perhaps…).

  3. BusyDad said

    I hate veggies too! If they had a vegetables rights group, I’d join. There’s no reason vegetables should be subjected to cruel farming just for our consumption. Animals, however, taste delicious…

  4. Weaselmomma said

    Ummm, anybody home? Did you quit? I hope not.

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