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woeful wednesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 20, 2008

you know your wednesday is not gonna go good when you start the day at 6:30am worshipping the porcelain god. no i didnt pull a cough syrup bender. i wish. i have no idea what made me sick. i think that it might have been something i ate last nite.
maybe is was the coconut pie (just one slice), or the german chocolate cookie (just one i swear!), or it could have been the oatmeal creme pie (the small size), or possibly the egg nog (virgin-the eggnog, that is). i dont know, but i should have known wednesday was not looking good for me.

i took the grandkid to the library. they didnt have the next book in one series i’m reading. i’m 4th on the list for janet evanovich’s fearless fourteen. they don’t have stephanie meyer’s the host (which my mother has but never seems to remember to give to me)

i got home from babysitting, stirred and tasted my chili that i was cooking for darts tonight. blah! it was so not like my normal good chili. so i worked on that in between showering and dressing for darts. then i remembered that a fellow darter and my step-son were expected at the house soon. i thought maybe i should actually do the dressing part before the cooking so i wouldn’t blind anybody that showed up early (don’t they always when you dont want them to??)

and then the night ended with a thorough trouncing in darts. against a team we beat earlier in the season. it was not fun. well, that’s a lie. it was fun, but winning is much more fun 🙂

at least we were good hosts. i brought the “souped up” chili and everybody liked it. some ppl even had 3-4 bowls of it! guess instead of all of this whining i should just be happy that my chili was a success.



7 Responses to “woeful wednesday”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    It definitely had to be the virgin egg nog. I won’t touch the stuff without a splash (read 1/2 glass) of Southern comfort.

  2. nonna said

    ur probably right wM. although, it would have really sucked if i had had a hangover on top of how yucky i already felt! lol

  3. The Microblogologist said

    This is the part that catches my eye as a food microbiologist: “i got home from babysitting, stirred and tasted my chili that i was cooking for darts tonight. blah! it was so not like my normal good chili.”

    What was the time-line between eating the chili and getting sick? How large a pot and how long did it sit during and after cooking it? I hope you are feeling better!

  4. nonna said

    ahh ever the scientist. it was simmering all day so i believe it was hot enough to keep all ur little buddies away. then it went in a crock pot and stayed warm all nite while we ate.
    it wasnt the chili, cuz i didnt have any chili last nite and i was worshipping again this morn. i really think its all the junk food i have been snacking on b4 bed. i really need to stop it, although.. i am getting rid of that junk food in the morn so maybe it wont put too much weight on me 🙂

  5. Queen Norene said

    JUNK FOOD IS THE DEVIL!!!! Get rid of it all together!!!!

  6. nonna said

    i didnt see you turning down one of those snack cakes last night miss Queen!

  7. Queen Norene said

    The random excursions to sisters house is NOT a time to turn down junk food. But if u come to my house, see if you find them there! Ha! And now that I only have $12.50 to last 2 weeks on “food” I will NOT be enjoying those snacks unless my $100 in gas is enough to bring me to your house to get more! 😛 Love ya beautiful!!

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