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fun filled friday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 21, 2008

YEAHHH!!! we have finally firmed up plans and me, mom, aunt, & cousin are all going to see Twilight tomorrow afternoon! woohooo!!! can ya tell i’m a little excited?? if you like to read fiction, you HAVE to read this series by stephanie meyers. (it is about vampires and such so if you dont like that stuff, it might not be your cup of tea). BUT it is a totally different viewpoint of vampires and werewolves and such. and although it is a young adult book, it is very well written and will keep you up all night for 14 hours straight reading on the edge of your seat. it is hard to explain the strong attraction? feelings? addiction? that this series has had on me. i dont know, maybe i just really enjoy an escape from reality, but these books are as good or better than the harry potter books IMHO.

i feel like a little kid with a big exciting day tomorrow 🙂 i dont like to go out to the movies much. well to be honest cuz i’m a tight wad and more comfortable watching at home where i have a pause and rewind button for when i miss something. also, the theater in my po-dunk town is naaaasty. we are going to go 45 min away just to go to a new theater instead of ours in town cuz it’s so gross. it even has holes in the screen. i mean come on, its a movie theater. how can you have screens with holes in them??

well this was just gonna be a short “haha look what i get to do tomorrow while the rest of the world slaves away” post, but i kinda got a little worked up thinkin bout the local theater,

oh, and i have some great plans for a visit from FWM if i can talk her into coming here 😉 …i wonder if she’s seen Deliverance or Wrong Turn …muhahahaha


5 Responses to “fun filled friday”

  1. Bad Momma said

    My boys would love to see that movie. AND then we would end up having my youngest sleeping on our bedroom floor ( using my dirty laundry as a blanket!).

    They loved Moonlight when that was on tv.

    I prefer “Chic Flicks” or light comedies.

  2. nonna said

    haha this is totally a love story though. so it could be considered a chick flick. which means now you can tease your boys and tell them they were wanting to go to a girly movie 🙂

  3. Weaselmomma said

    I’ve been waiting to hear how the movie was. I left a comment on Fri or Sat, but i guess it didn’t go through.

  4. nonna said

    i really liked the movie. they did a great job following the story. i dont know if the masses will enjoy it as much as her readers prob will, but i know i can’t wait for the next movie!

  5. The Microblogologist said

    Flat WeaselMomma is mine, all mine! You will see why in a couple posts…

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