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wacky wednesday wanderings

Posted by nonnasnonsense on November 26, 2008

just a few funny things the g-kid has been up to:

sitting in the drive thru at hardees yesterday morning (yes, i said morning. I was up at 6:30 AM to pick up the munchkin.) i look in the rearview mirror and see james swatting and grabbing at..well.. nothing. of course the 1st thought is oh, no. he’s seeing stuff that isn’t there. i casually ask:

me: whatcha doin’ james?
james: what are dese fuzzy dings, nonna?
me: are they really small and kind of floating around?
james: yeah, what are day? i trying to tatch dem but i tant. (the hard c sound has yet to be mastered)
me: they are just little specks of dust floating around. keeping trying to catch one. (figure that should occupy him for at least a min. or until the food is ready)
james: i dont like dem. i tant tatch dem. (furiously waving now, trying to get them away from him)
me: its ok. they are just dust. it wont hurt you.
james: mommy’s tar don’t have dese.
*great, guilt trip from the 3 y/o because my car isn’t clean enough for his standards*
me: yes it does. everybody’s does. you just can’t see them unless the sun is shining really bright inside the car.

we pulled up some so now we were out of the sun.

me: see they are gone now.
james: yep, day are

that seemed to satisfy him 🙂

today it is beautiful outside so we went out to play in the leaves. i have been waiting for all of the elements to come together in harmony for this moment for the last few weeks. i had to wait for the leaves to fall (obviously). then they had to not be wet from recent rain. and finally, it had to be warmer that a witch’s t.. um… well digger’s a.. um.. let’s just say it had to be warm.
so we swept up some leaves in a pile and he jumped in…

and then, of course, my adorable little ocd neat freak had to brush all of the leaves off. even going so far as to take his hat off just in case one sneaked in there 🙂

one final cute g-kid moment. he saw a lady bug on me and thought it was hilarious. then said ladybug flew off of me towards him. his reaction? yep, duck and run. yes, my boy g-kid is terrified of most all bugs. he tries to pretend for me that he isnt petrified when i try to introduce him to the “nice” bugs and “nighttime butterflies” (moths), but he isn’t fooling anybody. so the aforementioned ladybug landed nearby and my chicken corageous james decides he will scare it away with his mcD toy that sings “i like to move it, move it”. he squats beside the bug and shakes the toy at it (causing it to sing) for a good 2-3 min. i asked him if that was scaring the ladybug away. his response was confident and assured.
james: yep. see her’s twalling away…


3 Responses to “wacky wednesday wanderings”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    He’s too cute!

  2. Bad Momma said

    Very cute!
    My boys used to be afraid of butterflies at that age. They grow out of it.

  3. nonna said

    thanks to you both! i know i’m am totally prejudiced but he is just so darn cute! lol i must say that i am a little objective ’cause let me tell you, when he was born, he looked like a little old man and my first thought was “boy i hope he gets cuter as he gets older”. i know, i’m a horrible grandma, but at least i’m not “love blind” lol

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