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is it plagiarism to steal somebody else’s blog ideas?

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 1, 2008

taking a page from literalDan’s blog here is a typical conversation with james, my 3 y/o grandson:

james: nonna i gotta go potty tuz* my peepee is hurting (of course in the middle of lunch)

me: ok, let’s go potty.

james: (sitting on the pot for like 3 seconds) i’m done nonna.

me: ok, get some toilet paper and wipe off (he has given up shaking off for wiping).

james: i dink i need to go poopy.

me: ok (do i really need to give him permission for act 2??)

james: (in an injured voice) nonna doze poopies don’t want to tome out! out poopy out! (speaking to the poopies, not me)

me: uh oh, well just keep trying (am i gonna make the kid have hemorrhoids??)

james: i’m done nonna. doze poopies still won’t tome out!

me: that’s ok, i’m sure they will later

intermission for 1st snow of the season:

james catching snow flakes on his tongue. they’re there really. see above pic 🙂

so after our 2 minutes of snow fall we go back inside for his nap. as i am talking on the phone to my sis he comes out of his room and informs me that he has to go poopy. now. again.

james: (very excited and proud voice) doze poopies are coming out now! one of dem just did!

me: yeah (in an appropriately excited voice).

so he sits on the toilet for awhile talking to himself (i thought) when i catch him saying something to me about running and his nap.

me: were you running in your sleep?

james: nooo, there was doggies running, and ….(mumbling so i can’t hear) and dat’s what made a noise and it was my poopies wanting to tome out!

me: (distracted by reading literalDan posts)mmm hmmm, that’s good. are they all out yet? (meaning hurry up so i can wipe your butt, put you back to bed, and go post this thrilling conversation before i forget it all)

james: no not yet. (in a kindof strained voice) dere.. is… some more… poopies. my belly is hurting.

me: is it from those poopies that are still in there?

james: no. i dink its tuz i’m hungry (yes, i fed him lunch, and he ate it all, and a chocolate oatmeal cookie)

me: well, if you’re tummy is still hungry after your nap you can get something else to eat.

silence (obviously not happy with me for not bringing him more food while he is pooping)

james: i’m all done now nonna. i dot all doze poopies out of me! and my peepee doesn’t hurt anymore!

now what correlation poopy and a painfull peepee have, i’m not sure, since i don’t have that equipment. maybe one of you Domestic Engineering Dads could help me out with that one 🙂

*james speak translations: tuz=beacause, doze=those, tome=come, dem=them, dink=think, dot=got


4 Responses to “is it plagiarism to steal somebody else’s blog ideas?”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    Alrighty then, I am at a loss myself. Unless he hangs out with some real hussies at preschool.

  2. nonna said

    well, i didn’t think about that, but he is quite the ladies man..hmmm i think his momma might have to have “the talk” w/him sooner than we thought

  3. Queen Norene said

    HAHAHA that was hilarious. You ever think his surgery makes his pee pee hurt?? And hemorrhoids are just like having extra friends traveling right with ya. Real close friends. Everybody needs a friend!

  4. nonna said

    i can do without THOSE kinds of friends! and yes, i think that the nerves are sensitive down there from his surgery, but his momma said he was probably “happy” down there and that was why it was uncomfortable lol

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