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sad face saturday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 6, 2008

ok, i have soooo many pics that i totally can’t wait until next friday. so i have decided to just post one for every day of the week : )

the story behind this pic is that me and my lil sis love to try to make my mom cry by giving her a mushy card or a really special present. all of my mom’s kids (5) are grown and she is experiencing a major case of empty nest syndrome. so for mother’s day i decided to photoshop a pic of all 5 kids together since she wouldn’t actually be able to see us all. at that time 2 were living in florida, 1 was in alabama, 1 was in colorado, and 1 was in tennessee (that would be me). this was her reaction to seeing the photo, which of course she didn’t quite understand. she wanted to know how i got everybody together so i had to explain that it was “doctored” just for her. here is the pic that she is holding:

there you go MOM. there is a pic of YOU on my blog! (she doesn’t get that my family is my hubby and kids now and that ppl don’t usually blog about their parents most of the time)


9 Responses to “sad face saturday”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    Tell her that you could blog about her, but she might not like it! Be careful what you wish for.

  2. nonna said

    lol that’s a good one weaselMomma, and so true also! 😉

  3. beth said

    I’m not sure my Mom would get that the picture was ‘photoshopped’. She would say, hey, when were you all together and I was invited!

  4. nonna said

    she didn’t get it either at first, beth. she kept trying to figure out how and when i had got us all together without her finding out about it. lol

  5. twinkaye said

    Well all of Shannon’s new friends now know that she hates her mother. You see this all stems from my making her eat all the food on her plate. She is very stubborn and it was nothing for her to go to sleep sitting at the table..not eating a bite. If she throwed it up she had to eat it. I know,but i was young and didn’t know how much I was damaging her. I have asked her forgiveness for years and mow I see she isn’t ever going to forgive me. She also didn’t tell you thatshe also photoshopped that picture with about 4 or 5 different old people. All I can do is pray for her. Love Momma

  6. nonna said

    ok, this one almost got REJECTED along w/your other comment -no, means no!- but i think some of it shows your wacky sense of humor, which is rivaling wM in cruelty (cellphone).

    what i totally don’t get is the “4 or 5 different old people” comment.

    pray all ya want…i doubt i’ll change 😉

  7. Queen Norene said

    Please do excuse my mother. She can be obscene…not that everyone wouldn’t love to read about eating vomit, but I just give you fair warning…she needs a disclaimer. Oh and those 4-5 old people that she is talking about??? I’m going to guess she is trying to make you all think that it isnt HER in the pic and that Nonna photoshopped someone else into the Sad Face Saturday picture…NOPE! Its her. In all her glory. Eat it lady!!! 🙂

  8. The Microblogologist said

    I occasionally mention my mother, I believe if I posted a pic of her on the blog (or a vid) my blog would never ever have another post, because she would have driven the 6 hours to come murder me (unless of course I did it while in Chicago, her commute would be a lot shorter but the result would be the same). She now knows I have a blog, I am pretty sure she hasn’t actually seen it except for glancing at Niecey’s computer while she was looking at it. Apparently posts that contain pictures or vids of her are great and funny otherwise my blog is soooo not funny! When I know she knows about and reads my blog there will definitely be a post devoted to her and her favorite insects, because I am evil.

  9. nonna said

    micro – don’t be scared, post about her and then come down to tn and i’ll hide ya! 🙂

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