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new (to me) blogger to check out

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 8, 2008

i left a very true embarassing comment on mr. lady’s blog the other day and micki voted for me to win mr. lady’s perfume contest. so of course i had to go check out this smart, wise, wonderful person who knows i am the best should win the contest. she is having her own contest promoting an artist, Marie Natale so i thought i would let my numerous four followers know about it. so go check out her blog and the artist’s website, and maybe you had better not will win.


6 Responses to “new (to me) blogger to check out”

  1. Mr Lady said

    You left THE BEST comment, for sure. Anyone who can give out that much information in one sitting is a-okay in my book. disagreed with me, but what does it know? Stupid technology.

  2. nonna said

    damn that randomizer! i thought i had it hacked into always choosing me…back to the drawing board i guess! lol j/k if i could hack stuff i think i would aim higher than blog give-aways 🙂

  3. Micki said

    Sweet- thanks for the vote of confidence. BTW I want my very own hacker for Christmas I was just thinking about it this morning!

  4. nonna said

    that’s crazy! great minds ya know…oh! if you find one cheap, and i mean like $2 tuesday cheap, let me know 🙂

  5. Weaselmomma said

    Congrats, That’s awesome! And now you have Mr. Lady reading and commenting(she’s huge in the blogosphere).

  6. nonna said

    yeah, and she even told me i was the best! (nonna doing a happy dance. nonna falling down cuz she can’t dance to save her life) of course she might say that to everybody so their feelings don’t get hurt. darn, now i gotta go check everybody else’s comments! lol j/k…

    …i KNOW i am the best j/k…

    …not 🙂 ok i really am kidding but it was funnier if i wasn’t

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