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two cuties tuesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 9, 2008

my neice and nephew had a photo shoot for the company that my little brother worked for. yes, i said worked, guess nobody wants to spend money on embroidered shirts and such when the economy is down the tubes. so anyways, they used them to model some clothes for their catalog or whatever. they are sooo cute, you just want to eat ’em up! so instead of going all hannibal lecter on you, i thought i would just share the pics:

oh! and i now have more friends than family followers! woohooo. that’s gotta be a good thing don’t you think??

9 Responses to “two cuties tuesday”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    They are cute.
    None of family and very few people who know me in real life bother to read. Glad your readership is increasing. These things take time.

  2. Queen Norene said

    Aren’t they gorgeous?!!!?? I miss them! Wish we could kidnap them! haha

  3. nonna said

    wM-patience is most DEF not my middle name 🙂 but i work on it, sometimes. thanks!

    sis-i miss them too. i’m hoping that time w/grammy and pop is gonna turn into a tradition 🙂

  4. terri said

    They are ADORABLE!

  5. nonna said

    thank you, thank you. this is me taking a bow – like i can actually take credit for how cute they are 🙂

  6. Micki said

    I hope my family never follows me, except for my sister. Otherwise i have to go somewhere else to complain about them. It is my goal to have complete strangers follow me, so I can say anything I want.

  7. nonna said

    i’m thinking i need an “incognito identity” just in case i ever want/need to vent about family too 🙂

  8. The Microblogologist said

    They are definitely cute, though I think Niecey is the cutest niecey in the whole wide world… She even writes blog posts for me and everything (when she isn’t dissing my blog for not being filled with only pics and vids of her…)!

  9. nonna said

    lol unfortunately, my niecey lives in colorado, but maybe she will get to come visit again this summer. if she does, i’ll get her to post a blog too 🙂

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