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where i’d like to be…wednesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 10, 2008

either here:

or here:

how can one person have such totally opposite desires? i think i must be bi-polar… get it? i want to go towards the north pole and the south pole 🙂 i know, its lame and you shouldn’t have to explain your joke if it’s a good one..

oh, and i am def blonde today (and not just my hair color). i was getting ready to go pick up the g-kid from school and my sis called.

i was right on time, getting close to running late so i was in that kindof panic-y (yeah i made up that word) rushing mode, ya know? so, i tell her to call me on my cell so i can leave. she does, we talk. i get to the end of the road i am on and just start cussing myself. she’s all like, “what’s wrong??”.

“oh, nothing. this idiot (that would be ME) just decided to drive to my old job (my 3 years old, in the past, job) instead of going to the school! such a space cadet!”, so i bust a u-y (made that one up too) and head on my way back to where i started from.

sheesh, now i really am late!


4 Responses to “where i’d like to be…wednesday”

  1. Queen Norene said

    That CO pic is AMAZING!!! Hope you enjoyed your chocolate…WHAT a scene you made, crazy lady! I’m SORRY. I thought I was always welcome to get goodys from your purse. Just like moms purse. Guess not!!! lol

  2. nonna said

    thanks on the pic, don’t think it was such a “scene”, yep i’m crazy, appology accepted :)heck no, my goodies aren’t free – what kinda girl do you think i am? :P~~~

  3. Weaselmomma said

    That’s when you know it’s just gonna be one of those days.

  4. The Microblogologist said

    I want to be somewhere warm and not covered in snow! When will it ever end!?!

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