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me lead, you follow monday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 15, 2008

i have decided that, after reading all the new posts and after leaving my long-winded comments, i have done enough posting for today. and i also think some of those comments were kindof funny. at least a little. to me…

so your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow me through my readings and comments today. now, if i was really organized i would be able to tell you in what order i did all of these, but i’m not, so they aren’t either. organized that is. i did try though. did that make sense? oh, well…moving on.

first stop: half-past kissin’ time where i left these words of wisdom:

cooking tip-don’t assume that all oven eyes(is that how those are spelled??)are off.

also don’t assume that it’s ok to set a ginormous glass casserole dish of dressing on that eye that is assumed to be off.

and finally, don’t feed the dressing and the cream corn (that was on the stove next to the eye you assumed was off) to the dogs after the dressing dish explodes all over both.

unless, they are the neighbor dogs that attack and kill your dogs. then it might be ok.

then i linked from Mrs. 4444 over to her sis at second chances and tried to cheer her up after her surgery:

i had my galbladder taken out through my belly button. i thought it was cool, but then i realised they changed the shape of it.

i guess i was attached to it the was it was. i was not happy with a new design. i think my surgeon needed sewing lessons 🙂

hope you feel better soon 🙂

next up: whiskey in my sippy cup where i said this:

Not that i didn’t enjoy your storytelling to the fullest, but i just can keep repeating (in my head of course-i don’t talk out loud to myself…much) what sci fi dad said.

“And just like that, your son is no longer welcome around my daughter.”

lol, that is hilarious and i think typical of most fathers regarding their daughters (at least the first go round)

and this…

uggh! why can’t we edit our comments after we write them?!? i too hate typos that you can’t fix
see above – i just can keep = i just CAN’T keep FROM (i just added this correction)

then off to literal Dan for some smart alek-ism:

and this is why i am glad the hubby doesn’t seem the least bit interested in what i am reading or writing all day long.this also makes me regret teaching him how to surf the net, just in case he does get interested in what i am doing.

then i try to read the next episode of Rude Awakening at terri terri’s and find out i need a password cuz she’s gonna have some racy stuff coming up…woohoo! so i ask, ever so nicely for my password here:

haha, i just realised that is a great way to make the lurkers come out of the woodwork! lol

i also realized how many braindam…. er… craz… um… sick f…. no that’s not it either….freaking weirdos – yeah that’s it! – everybody from morethananelectrician and up are all a bunch of weirdos to be up that dang early in the morning begging for a password.

now….can i have mine please?

are y’all tired yet? i am. but this next one will wake you right up. now we are off to heinous’ place to check out the lastest on the psycho neighbors. here is my take on this great post:

so much to comment on! i LOVE your dick & jane episodes. that is now the highlight of my reading, so keep them coming!we had a bad neighbor when i was a kid. she was this mean german woman who must have waited by her window that was less than 10′ from where we kept our garbage cans.

we called her “the nazi”. every time we would take out the garbage to the cans or take the cans in and out from the road, she would scream at us saying, “i see what you’re doing! you’re doing that on purpose! stop making all that noise!”.

and even though we were terrified of her, it never failed to make us slam and rattle those cans as loud as possible. hey, if you’re gonna get blamed for it anyways….

oh! when is the field trip? can y’all take a bus up from texas and swing by tennessee? i’ll bring some jack – straight from the brewery…

finally, the last stop is over at being michael’s daddy where i manage to compliment, nag, and insult all in one breathe:

purdy lights 🙂 my cat does that too. i built her a great little condo out in the ‘baccy(that’s tobacco for you yanks) barn. nice and warm and cozy…nope she’d rather sit in the wind and cold and stare inside at us.

we wave 🙂

and stop complaining – at least you have snow to play in!

oh, and haha it’s supposed to be 56 or so today here :p~~~

now, i just realised i need to go check out sciFi dad’s page. he has left some funny comments around “town”. dang. my blogroll is like a pyramid scheme or something. i will never have time to read, comment, and write at this rate. i’m gonna have to set up a points system and start voting ppl off the island or something 🙂


9 Responses to “me lead, you follow monday”

  1. Queen Norene said

    Lol. U are a hyper mess! I felt like I was reading that as fast as you would have really been talking it and u had my mind wandering just as fast as yours did. Sheesh. Hehe

  2. Queen Norene said

    Oh! My little verifier code was NONISMS….made me think of “Nonna-isms” U SOO need to make something with that and all your hick speak. LMAO!!!

  3. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    lol, those where pretty funny! I am addicted to “whiskey in my sippy cup”, that is where I actually found your blog. Funny as well!

  4. terri said

    Technically… my stuff wasn’t racy… I just didn’t want my kids reading about how soon I lost my…. ummmm… about how their mommy didn’t wait until….. ummmm…. I think there’s a commandment about this….

    nevermind…. racy sums it up.

  5. Heinous said

    I’ve gotten so many good ideas, that I should have plenty of neighbor stories. Off to check some of the other blogs…

  6. Mrs4444 said

    You, my dear, are hilarious. Thanks for the chuckles (and linky love!) before I go to bed. Looking forward to following you… 🙂

  7. nonna said

    sis- me? hyper? what are you, warp speed?? lol
    i like the nonnisms – take exception to the hick, i’ma hayseed doncha know?

    nLsM- thanks! i am really diggin’ whiskey in my sippy cup too 🙂

    terri- thanks, for scaring me to death! lol i read the 1st few words and thought oh crap, i knew i shoulda described it differently! whew, glad you’re gettin me 🙂

    heinous- you have so many ideas to choose from that you’ll have to start torturing daily! i personally like the caroling idea 🙂

    mrs.4444- you’re welcome on the linky love! i was just gonna tell everybody where i went, but then figured if they read my comments out of context they might be more curious as to what i was commenting on 😉

  8. James said

    Hello Nonna, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is interesting I will come again to look around when I have more time.

  9. nonna said

    thanks james. you’re welcome to drop in anytime.

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