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too short tuesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on December 30, 2008

this is just a quickie, cuz i’m still catching up on reading all my blogs i missed (i thought i told y’all to save those posts till i was back in commission!) so i’m doing the 4th folder 4th pic meme:

all you chicagoans will recognize this, but for all the rest of y’all this is called “cloud gate” because you can see the reflection of the clouds in it or something like that, but everybody just calls it “the bean”. i guess it’s supposed to be some big deal because however the dude made it, it doesn’t have any seams showing. anyways* there it is, and it is pretty cool to see the skyline’s reflection in it at night. you can go here if you would like a real description of this sculpture.

p.s. i must confess. i haven’t been injured the whole time. i have been slacking and playing with my new IPOD NANO that i got from my grand-baby daddy** (don’t ask me why but he bought me and hubby both one. hell yeah!

i have about 700 pics and a whole bunch of songs on it and it’s not even half full!

p.p.s. – this is turning into a not so short post, but can somebody PLEASE explain to me what the heck a podcast is?? i don’t know if i was just too brain dead when i googled it or what, but nothing made sense.

~~~copy micro copying literalDan section~~~
*my lil sis says ‘anyways’ isn’t a word, i say, pshaw***!
**notice the hip, non-possessive use of baby daddy
*** she’ll prob say ‘pshaw’ ain’t*** a word either
****ain’t is in the dictionary, look it up (i know, my teachers didn’t like that line either)


10 Responses to “too short tuesday”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    Never have seen that sculpture before, lol. Podcast= Audio reproduction. (speech, talk show, sermon, like an audio book but shorter).

  2. Micki said

    A bean? Wow I can just imagine trying to get that past city council, though it is lovely. A podcast if a voice recording, like a roadio show that you can subscribe to on your nano or ipod. There re in the itunes store and you can listen to the, There a gazillion free ones, and millions more not available on itunes. They can be on any subject under the sun, just like our blogs. Vodcasts are video podcasts. All of these can be subscribed to using a RSS reader, that is what makes them special. There are like voice blogs, OK? YOu can make them yourself easy on a mac or a pc and even get itunes to carry them.

  3. Momo Fali said

    I love the bean! Can’t wait to see it…as long as it will still be there in July. It doesn’t look like it can be moved easily!

  4. nonna said

    wM-shame on you! how can you live that close and not go see it?

    wM & micki-thanks for the 411 on the podcasts. i'm gonna have to listen to one and see what the fuss is all about

    momo-it weighs 110 tons, so i'm thinking it might be there to stay 🙂

  5. Heinous said

    The bean is pretty cool. I’m really far behind on my blogs too. Sorry I got all crazy and posted over vacation 😉

  6. nonna said

    i guess i’ll forgive you heinous, but only if you tell us another crazy neighbor story. i’m not very patient and its been waaay too long since the last. pleeease say you tortured them for christmas!

  7. terri said

    Hmmmm… I big shiny kidney bean. That’s wierd. But anyways, it makes me hungry for chili.

  8. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    That is a great photo! Plus I have always wanted to go to chicago! Just one more reason to make mt man take me. lol with the new digital camara I might have by then 🙂

  9. The Microblogologist said

    See I thought it was actually called “The Bean”, which is a way cooler name than the one they apparently named it. While it may not seem appropriate for Chicago to have a bean sculpture (pretending it actually is one) in reality Illinois is a big producer of soy in this country. I don’t think I have been downtown since they got that thing, it was 2005 last I made the journey, but I haven’t seen it in person either way.

    Hoping your nerve issues have resolved in my absence!

  10. nonna said

    @ micro – it was really cool to see and i agree on the name. every time i say cloud gate, it makes me think of water gate, and who wants their sculpture to remind them of that?? lol and yes the nerve issues in my leg finally cleared up. i won’t list all of the new pains since then 🙂 just know that i completely understand your comment about your wrist hurting while doing a simple task.

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