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think it will work? thursday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 1, 2009

i assume* this is a southern thing since i’m sure hog jowl** is not a standard staple up north. but anyway, down here in the south it is traditional to eat hog jowl and black eye peas on new year’s day for good luck.

now, if you have read my previous posts, you realise that i have a hate/hate relationship with vegetables, so i usually just swallow one black eye pea whole for my year’s worth of good luck. i figured that since sometime this year i will be finding out whether or not i will be receiving my social security disability, i need all the luck i can get.

look closely and you will see, not one but TWO black eyed peas. yep. i doubled my luck. at least, i hope that’s how it works. of course, me being me, i didn’t actually chew the peas, but swallowed them whole and washed them down with my coffee. hey, nobody said how i had to eat them.

~~~copying micro copying literalDan section~~~

* yes i know what they say about assume. it makes an ass out of u and me
hog jowl is pronounced hog jaw down here and it’s kinda like bacon and i’m sure it’s not good for you because it tastes too good to be healthy. if you are really curious about it you can go
here for more info, and if you aren’t totally grossed out by that, then here is how to cook it.


13 Responses to “think it will work? thursday”

  1. BusyDad said

    I have never had hog jowl before, but trust me… I have pretty much eaten (and enjoyed) every part of that animal, inside and out. Adding one more part to the wishlist. And I’m the same way with vegetables and fruit. My sister made an apple strudel past month and I was like “yes! after this I am done with fruit for the month!”

  2. nonna said

    the funny thing is, that while they sell it year round and i realllly like it, i never eat it ‘cept on new year’s day. i think i will have to remedy that oversight. although, i will probably get fussed at by my nutritionist because i am sure my cholesterol will go back up if i make a habit out of it.

  3. Weaselmomma said

    What? Where’s the side of squirrel tail soup? And where are the raccoon giblets?

  4. seashore subjects said

    I find it so interesting that the number of vegetables you can choke down I can count on 1 hand, but you will put almost any meat in your mouth – GROSS!

  5. nonna said

    wM-raccoon’s are for pets not eating! sheesh, don’t y’all yankees know nuthin’? as for squirrels, i must admit, my mom was poor enough growing up that they ate squirrels, but not the tail, those are cat toys. *shaking her head at the silly yank*

    seashore-it’s just freaking bacon! i know you eat that. i’m thinking i might have to sneak some hog jowl in with the next batch of bacon i cook for you. mwuahahaha

  6. Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said

    EW! I know it’s just pork, but I can’t bring myself to eat anything that has the animal’s organ or body part in the title, such as pig’s feet or beef tongue. It’s purely psychological, I know.

    But we all know I am crazy anyway!

  7. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    hummm don’t think i will be trying that anytime soon….but hope the double luck thing works 🙂

  8. Abby said

    Hog Jowl??? Yep, that has to be a southern thing because I have never heard of it before. The beans would be fine for me, but anything with the name “Hog Jowl” would be hard for me to choke down! I hope it all brings good luck!

  9. Heinous said

    2 has to be better. I think as long as they make it in, you’re golden.

  10. nonna said

    all i can say is don’t knock it till you try it! lol although i must say, i’ve never ate pig’s feet (pickled or otherwise) and i have no intention of trying them either. or tongue or brain and i don’t do gizzards either, but my mom does. yuck!

    and thank you heinous. i’ve always wanted to be golden, but i don’t guess you’re talking about my skin tone 🙂

  11. nonna said

    sorry abby, i must have missed you as i scrolled down through the comments. welcome to my craziness! i’ll be checking you out soon!

  12. The Microblogologist said

    Daddy loved squirrel, Grandma would make gravy out of it for him as long as he provided her a cleaned squirrel. I think her policy was you shoot/catch it, you clean it, she’d cook it. If you decide to go nuts and try this swallowing of beans on a large scale just make sure they are cooked first (assuming they weren’t, I can’t tell since I do not eat beans in that form).

  13. nonna said

    @ micro – i think my mom really liked the squirrel too. and yes those beans were cooked although that gives me a good idea for next year. lol

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