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fudge! i missed friday, but here are my fragments anywayS

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 3, 2009

i have my “my pictures” folder set as my screen saver on my computer and the g-kid loooves to sit there and make comments on the pics that come up. usually, it’s “who’s that nonna?”, “what are they doing nonna?”, “that’s me and mommy, nonna”, etc…ad nauseam (i guess that’s better than watching tv saying i need that toy)

the other day, in an extremely cutesy voice he said “that was me when i was a little, bitty, baby.” yup, i replied. then a few minutes later when a pic came up that looked like this:

he said “look, that’s me when my eyes used to be red” LOL the poor kid actually thought his eye color was red and then changed to blue. guess i need to get out the photoshop and fix all of those red eyes.


thursday g-kid spent the day with us and his uncle jon decided to open a can of salmon to eat with some crackers. i hate tuna or salmon (more of those things i was forced to eat). i can’t stand the smell of it at all. so, i was complaining about the stench and i guess g-kid wanted to know what the fuss was about, so we told him to take a sniff of the salmon. LOL if i thought i could get him to fall for it again i would SO video it for here. he took a big ole sniff and immediately proceeded to gag, choke, and try to spit the smell out of his nose. then he started crying. i know, i’m a mean nonna, but i couldn’t help it. we laughed our butts off! i finally had to tell him to stop spitting (he had slobber all over his shirt) because he couldn’t make the smell go away that way!


i actually talked hubby into sitting down and reading a couple of my posts and then directed him to heinous’ psycho neighbor posts. he read those and then said “damn!” i asked him, “damn that was funny or damn you didn’t like it?” he said “no, it’s funny, but i can’t believe he has to put up with ppl like that; and i also don’t know how the heck you sit here and read all of this stuff.” i don’t know how anybody wouldn’t like to read this stuff! it’s funny, friendly, inspirational, and my favorite, down right twisted! i don’t know how i didn’t get into this blogging stuff sooner.


s.son* is leaving to go back to washington tomorrow. leave is over 😦 silver lining: grocery bill will go back down 🙂 that boy (man, really) can put the food away! oh, speaking of him, he, my sis, s.daughter, and her boyfriend all went out the other night. sis and s.son ended up kissing at some point during the night. know the first thing outa her mouth? woohoo i just kissed my nephew! lol she’s weird like that and loves to go for the shock factor. then they both informed me that if they happened to get married (no, they have no plans of even dating much less getting married), my sis would then be my DIL. as the local news guy says, “that’s messed up!” hehe


speaking of that night, that reminded me of my sis’s bad luck. i told her to drive over here, that way they could all go in one car. so, she parked her car at my house, under a tree. we had a bunch of strong winds that night. can you guess where i’m going with this? yep. tree branch fell and smashed her windshield. that night out cost her $275 bucks because

a)she has no car insurance
b) we have no house insurance.

now if she had parked it in the barn, and the barn had collapsed on it, she’d have been covered. that’s right. we have insurance on hubby’s shop and tobacco barn, but not on our house! back when we could actuall afford house insurance, they wouldn’t insure it because we have a flat roof (like almost all commercial bldgs have). heaven forbid they insure a house with a flat roof here in TN. i mean those 1-2″ snows that we might get ONCE a winter could cave the roof in, dontcha know? give me a break! now they will insure it, but we don’t have the money to buy it. c’est la vie!


well my fragments look a little long, but i guess y’all should be used to my long windedness by now 🙂

*tired of typing step-son/daughter will now be typed s.son/daughter – hey i’ll be the first to admit i’m lazy. it’s been really hard not to resort to texting language on here!


15 Responses to “fudge! i missed friday, but here are my fragments anywayS”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    The kid cracks me up and is waaaay cute.
    Those posts from Heinious are some of my favorites too.
    You are killing me with the TN ‘semi-inbreeding sounding stuff’ and insuring the Tobacco barn. You are always a treat to read.

  2. seashore subjects said

    Yes dear – that is “messed-up” – you didn’t tell me your tree fell on her car! And I hate the red eye setting – it makes the pic take too long, you can’t just get a quick snap!

  3. kel said

    ok, the red eye comment.. so funny!!

  4. croneandbearit said

    Hi – Enjoyed reading your blog – I saw your comment to MTAE about replies to comments – I’ll let you in on the ancient Chinese secret – don’t let him know I squealed! On all comments there is an option to “edit” the original comment – using that “edit” function is how you get your response typed directly on the original comment. Easy. Shhhhhh – don’t tell! Cheers, Linda

  5. Bad Momma said

    My kids also had red eyes when they were little! Too funny!

    EWW! @ your sis kissing your step-son. The tree branch through the windshield was an act of God (warning her not to do that again!)

  6. goodfather said

    Hi! Visiting from Heinous’s place. I like your blog!

  7. Abby said

    Fun fragments! That is very cute that he thought his eyes were red. Maybe I should get on fixing that on all my pictures!

  8. nonna said

    @ wM – what d’ya mean semi? didn’t i tell you me an hubby are president and vice-president of the NIBA? (National In-Breeder Association)

    @ seashore – i don’t even fool with that red-eye setting anymore cuz everytime i try to use it, the peeps move after that 1st pre-flash and screw up the pic lol

    @ kel – g-kid says thanks (well not really, but i can’t say thanks since it wasn’t my funny)

    @ croneandbearit – oops! guess maybe i shouldn’t have posted that secret huh? lol as you can tell i can’t find anywhere to edit the comments and i looked allll over for it. maybe it’s a wordpress feature and not avail on blogspot?

    @ badmomma – hahaha tree branch – family tree not branching LOL get it? i didn’t even think of that until i saw your comment and put the two together!

    @ goodfather – 1st are you a goodfather or just a godfather fan?? had to ask, it pops into my head everytime i read your name 🙂 and hi, any friend (victim?) of heinous’ is welcome here!

    @ abby – thanks! i can take credit for the fragments 🙂 well at least for recognizing others humor and stealing it! lol

  9. nonna said

    hmmm just realised i have a strange habit of combining words that are supposed to be 2 words into 1..such as everytime and kindof. oh well, must be hickville rubbin’ off on me 🙂

  10. Heinous said

    I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s bad luck. I wonder if I could get that to happen over at the neighbor’s house?

  11. nonna said

    @ heinous – hmmmm got a wind machine that can blow about 20-30 mph? or maybe you could climb up in the tree and partially cut a branch and then a strong breeze could take care of the rest.

    although, from watching CSI i know they could tell that you cut part of it. maybe you could bore little tiny holes around the branch and it would look like some kind of bug did it. yeah, that’s the ticket! go for it. make sure to video and report back. oh, and you must wear the requisite black turtleneck, pants, and ski mask for this mission.

  12. Mrs4444 said

    OMG, that little guy is adorable. Thanks so much for doing Fragments this week. Even though you were late, you are my Ffavorite Fragmenter” for Friday 🙂 Hilarious.

  13. nonna said

    *nonna doing a happy dance* woohoo! i’m Mrs.4444’s favorite nanananabooboo! hehe it doesn’t take much to make me happy :))

  14. The Microblogologist said

    OK so if your sister marries your son that means that she is your husbands daughter and since you are her sister in a roundabout way that makes you his daughter as well and your son would also be your brother… OK, I better stop, my brain is starting to hurt, lol. Too cute with the grandkid, kids are so funny!

  15. […] i must say THANK YOU again to Mrs. 4444 and her wonderfully wise judgement for awarding me once again, her Favorite Friday Fragments award for last weeks frags, which is posted on my new bloggy bling […]

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