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mmmaybe not today, monday and a morph monday too!

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 5, 2009

so far the cleaning extravaganza has been limited to bagging up the “too big to fit in the garbage can” garbage. you know like the pizza box, the tube from used up xmas paper, milk cartons(what do you call the gallon sized jugs? they aren’t really cartons), etc.. oh and i did go through s.son’s pile of old mail that has been collecting since his last leave.

yep, that’s it. oh! but i did manage to cook the spaghetti for dinner tonight. hubby just came home and i was on the couch playing my ipod. i made sure to get off the puter shortly before he was due home so he wouldn’t think i had done nothing but read blogs and comment all day (otherwise known as what i actually did do).

so he asks me “whatcha doin’?” (duh, sitting here playing a video game on my ipod) and i reply with “sitting here like a lazy fart, not getting any of my cleaning done.” i go back to playing my game (well, i never actually stopped), and realise he is looming over me. i glance up real quick (can’t lose my game ya know) and see him giving me the hairy eye with his hands on his hips. i chuckle at him and he says, “is that good enough?” (which i actually GOT*. meaning he is pretending to be mad at me.) i tell him “yeah, i’m beating myself up internally enough for both of us anyways.”

he is such a good person. how can he go work everyday and come home to a filthy house and not be mad at me??

i know i would not be that generous with him, even if he did have physical pains which lead to depression (you can’t hurt for almost 20 years and not get depressed every now and then) for an excuse. i HATE that i can’t motivate myself to do the things i need to do. uggh, now i’m getting all weepy. enough of that shit!

subject change…..

let’s play morph monday. it’s much more entertaining and doesn’t cause me to feel like a total POS….

this photo is really hilarious in it’s own right (just look at those facial expressions!), and really didn’t need any morphing to make it funny, but what the heck:

and one more, just to be fair to the two s.sons, i’ll show the s.daughter too. original photo is a bridesmaid’s dress she wore to a friend’s wedding:

yeah, yeah. oooh aaah she looks pretty. bleck…now for the fun:

i named this one broomhilda. hehe. ok, so i got over my weepiness now and it’s all good. i have decided that i will do some cleaning tonight. hopefully, i will manage to do it quietly since the cleaning urge always hits me after hubby goes to bed. i always tell myself to just wait til the next day so i won’t wake him up, but then it never gets done. i’ll let y’all know how it turns out 🙂

p.s. does anybody go back and edit their posts over and over again as you continue to find typos?? or am i just turning all OCD about it? i realllly wish i could edit my comments, because 9 times outta 10 as soon as i hit that enter button i see a typo. i hate that!

~~~copying micro copying literalDan (who i thought fell off the face of the earth lately) section~~~

*for some reason 95% of the time, if there is a different way to take something that hubby said, that’s how i take it. it drives him bonkers, but i have just learned to accept that our brains work on different wave lengths.


11 Responses to “mmmaybe not today, monday and a morph monday too!”

  1. Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said

    yup, men’s brains work COMPLETELY differently from ours, that’s for sure! Sorry about the pain, I know a little about that because I have fibromyalgia so I have a lot of days where I feel like just staying in bed and can hardly move.

    It blows!

  2. de-I said

    Marriage is truly the proof that opposites attract and that goes for communication. After 35 years of what we call “uninterrupted bliss and happiness” (HAH!), we still get screwed up on our communications. I like to think we’ve turned it into an art form.

  3. nonna said

    @ petra – that’s what my doc has finally diagnosed me with, but i really feel it’s more of a connective tissue disease. every joint in my body is messed up (except for my left elbow!) whatever it is, it truly does suck! lol

    @ de-I – if it was an olympic event we would def be gold medalists. even something as simple as look over there has me looking in the complete opposite direction 🙂

  4. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    you have a great husband! 🙂

  5. The Microblogologist said

    My GI issues have been acting up and I hurt my wrist washing test tubes that my coworker threw out after trying to get them clean for many hours over several days unbeknownst to me. Can’t wait to see if I managed to get them clean, they damn well better be given the wrist sacrifice! I was supposed to be back at work like a week ago I think. I am so going to try to fake that I did more than clean test tubes since coming back (late) from Chicago by avoiding my boss like the plague until I have more prep work done and maybe have some bugs growing in the incubator. Or maybe I’ll avoid her until I am done with the rep, she’d probably hunt me down though since I think it’ll take about 3 weeks or so to do. She hasn’t seen me since the week before Christmas since she didn’t work the week of Christmas (that I know of).

    So yeah, you aren’t the only one, guess we both have to get off our asses and such, maybe we should start a secret support group like NukeDad, or join his… I left him a comment saying I wouldn’t though because everyone would want to kill me since I would be the one having to eat more and not lose weight as my goal.

    I hope you feel better, though who with chronic issues that cause pain/discomfort wants to waste their precious feeling better time cleaning?! Now that I think about it screw the support group stuff we should have a blog pity party and eat ice cream and read blogs and be shamelessly unproductive (like I was today minus the ice cream and the shamelessness, I really wanted to get some work done today), after I get my prep work done though, lol. Really though, I hope you feel better.

  6. Weaselmomma said

    Having fun with the photoshop are ya? Those are amusing. Men and women should have translators to do the communication for us.

  7. nonna said

    @ micro – just get a note from your dr. for your boss. does that still work when you’re an adult?? lol i think a blog pity party sounds good. do we get presents?

    @ wM – i actually morphed those photos a long time ago with some cheap program (that i can’t remember the name of) i hope that i could do a little bit better job of it with photoshop.

    it’s funny to me how are brains think so differently. he can make tools and things to help him finish a job. it’s amazing what he can think of, but then he trys to tell me about how it works and i am lost. my brain is actually mechanically inclined, but i have to see it on paper or be able to look at it for my brain to comprehend it. you would think after 10 years he would understand that. 🙂

  8. s. daughter ; ) said

    I’m gonna KICK YOUR ASS if you don’t stop with the crazy pics of me!!!!!!!!

  9. nonna said

    lol aahhh come on, it’s fun! plus at least i showed how pretty you REALLY are first 🙂
    i still love ya. and i will probably stop (mostly cuz i don’t have any others…oh wait..i do have that one of you in your blue prom dress with the boob job..hehe)

  10. Tiff said

    LOL I do that with all of my posts too! I’ll read and re-read until there are no typos that I can see, typos drive me nuts!
    Every time I see one in a book or magazine I want to write the publisher to see if they’re hiring proof-readers… ;oP

  11. nonna said

    @ tiff – me too! i have always thought that would be the perfect job for me. our local newspaper is rife with typos and just plain bad grammar. they won’t hire anybody to proof it either. my aunt even offered to do it for free and they wouldn’t let her! i guess they like perpetuating the ignorant southerner stereotype.

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