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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 9, 2009

first things first. i want to thank Mrs. 4444 for generously awarding me this award:

for my friday fragments post last week. i am truly honored to be selected for this award amoung all of her other choices. i thanked her on her blog, but then realised that not only was i passing up an opportunity to toot my own horn, but also to thank her once again and show her some link love 🙂


while looking at pics of the g-kid on his mommy’s puter:

me: ewww james, you’re picking your nose, that’s groooss
james: i like picking my nose
me: you do? why?
james: cuz sometimes it’s full of boogers and i gotta get ’em outta dere
(duh, nonna don’t you know anything??)


hubby: whatcha’ doing?
me: reading blogs

15 min. later

hubby: now, watcha’ doing?
me: why? (a little exasperated-just a little)

hubby: cuz you’re smiling
me: posting comments
hubby: so why are you smiling?
me: because i’m a smart aleck, and it amuses me

15 min. later

hubby: now what’re you doin?

me: reading more blogs

this has turned into an almost daily routine. somebody save me from my hubby’s weird sense of humor


i’m trying to decide if it’s worth shaving my legs so i can take a pic of my kick ass calves for heinous 😉 that will totally ruin my attempt at breaking my record last year for seeing how long i can go without shaving. i think he may have to wait till spring. i’ve decided it helps keep my legs warm, i swear it does! plus, it’s really cool cuz when i swing my legs back and forth i can feel the breeze rustling through the hair.

oh, and for all of you who i just totally grossed out, in my defense, i don’t have hardly any hair on my legs and what i do have is so fine and sparse you don’t really even notice it. not that i would go out in public in shorts like this, but as long as i’m wearing jeans – screw shaving! plus it hurts my hips to shave and it def is not worth the pain :p~~~~


in my quest for a clean(er) house, i have washed, dried, folded, AND put away like 6 or 7 loads of clothes. i think i’m gonna take tonight off and see if i can talk hubby into helping me do the floors tomorrow


does it make me a bad person if i LOVE how mean and manipulative Hugh Laurie is on House? what if i secretly wish i could manipulate people like that too? it would never happen, because i don’t have that sneaky gene that you need to do that. ask, seashore. i used to drive her crazy asking questions during any movie that had plots that contained ulterior motives behind the characters actions. i just can’t think like that.


15 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. Mrs4444 said

    I love/hate House. He’s awful, but I can’t pull myself away. He gets away with stuff we all want to say/do 🙂 (It’s the House in you that doesn’t shave your legs!) And shhhhh…mine are hairy, too! Mr.4444 says it’s better than being picky! (Love that guy!!)

  2. James Austin said

    Never watched House. But have played it…

  3. James Austin said

    Never watched House. But am looking for a few good shows. Might check it out.

  4. nonna said

    @Mrs.4444 – yeah!! a fellow non-shaver during winter. makes me feel not quite so nasty 🙂 i wonder how many women there are out there that don’t shave during the winter, but just don’t fess up to it. i do shave my pitts though, cuz that would just be too gross.

    @james – if you like medical shows and/or really cruel, sarcastic, smart ass-y type humor, you will love house. i’ve played house too, but i don’t think it was the same kinda house you’re eluding to 🙂

    oh and Bones is one of my new (to me) fav shows too. i love the chemistry between the two main characters.

  5. Mrs4444 said

    You are most welcome, my fragmented friend…:)

  6. seashore subjects said

    Dear, dear, dear, House doesn’t care if people like him….

  7. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    lol…I don’t not shaving my legs in the winter, I like to think I am saving money on long johns 🙂 congrats on the friday fragments….you deserve it, you are freakin’ funny nonna.

  8. Tiff said

    My husband and I have thaty same conversation on a daily basis, allll daaaay loooong…

  9. Wendall K said

    My daughter and I went to the Salon this week for manicure and pedicures and that’s when I saw the sign and just had to try their leg waxing. OMG, the most painful thing I have ever had done and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  10. Weaselmomma said

    Congrats! Just remember that in winter Chewbacca is the new black!

  11. nonna said

    @mrs.4444 – thanks again and how did you know my brain is fragmented?? lol

    @seashore – too true. i could never be that mean (at least not to somebody's face) now behind their backs….different story. i'm all full of piss & vinegar and talking crap, until i see them again, and then i'm back to kissin' their butts.

    @nLsM – yea! i've drawn another outta the closet, hmmm maybe i should saw i drew another outta the bathroom. thanks for the compliment. freakin' funny is my main goal in bloggy world.

    @tiff – just to prove me right, after i posted that blog, hubby asked me what i was doing 🙂

    @wendall – i'm not waxin' ANYTHING on my body. i can't even fathom the ppl that get brazilian wax jobs. my ex pulled on my hair down their once and i thought i would die. it hurts! oh, and welcome to my blog! (and if you've already commented and i already welcomed you, just ignore that cuz my memory sucks!)

    @wM – thanks, and does that mean you're admitting to not shaving during winter also?? i think i'm gonna start a club…just gotta think up a good name for it.

  12. de-I said

    I think anybody who has been married more than a decade understands that the leg shaving thing by one’s wife starts to get sparse. My wife during the winter will only shave if I complain that her legs are becoming like emory boards.

  13. nonna said

    @ de-I – well if that’s the case then i would never have to shave! my hair is all baby fine and soft. acutally if i were to shave, the stubble growing out is waaay rougher than when i just leave it alone. also, it pretty much only grows from knees down and in the front. the back of my legs are hair free.

  14. The Microblogologist said

    Because of water aerobics and the fact that I am dark haired I shave at least once a week. One time I skipped it felt so weird having the hair move in the water! Since we are sharing our nonshaved stories, lol. I used to be an ever other day shaver if I was going to have bare legs, age, not as much free time and who knows what else has me more of a “Eh whatever” person about it. Helps that I have no one I want to impress, lol.

  15. nonna said

    @ micro – yeah, my s.daughter shaves her legs at least several times a week too. she’s like you with the dark thick hair. i have very little hair on my head or legs. even during the summer i can usually go 1 1/2 to 2 weeks w/out shaving before you can even see it.

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