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see? who needs to see to drive? saturday sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 10, 2009

this was our view for about 20 miles across and down a mountain on the way home this last evening. that isn’t even glare from the flash or anything. you can just barely make out the lines about 10′ in front of you and then, nothing. we used to live on top of this mountain, so i should have been prepared for this sight, but i guess i had forgotten the joys of driving blind. luckily, hubby was driving because not only was it dark (i’m night blind), and raining, but then we hit the fog. it was so bad he was only going like 20-25 mph (we usually go about 60 mph through here) and a couple of times he had to stomp on the brakes suddenly because the road just disappeared. gone. you couldn’t even see a glimpse of the lines. very. scary. i had to take off my ipod and help watch the road just to make sure we didn’t go sailing off into the wild blue (white) yonder.

so, the reason we were on the road in the first place, was because we had decided to drive down to chattanooga to go to a car show called the World of Wheels. (thanks Norma for the directions!! yeah, we were dumb butts and left the house without a clue how to get where we were going) the admission was waaay too high for the number of cars there. it was 14 bucks apiece!! and we walked the whole show in less than an hour. the quality of cars that were there was good, but good grief. for that amount of admission, we were expecting to run out of steam before we ran out of cars to look at. wrong! i won’t bore y’all with pics of all the cars, but i am gonna show y’all some funny things we saw there. hubby will probably be uploading the pics to his webshots albums (what am i saying? I will be doing that for him) and if anybody is interested in checking them out, feel free. he also has pics of his 1954 Chevy pickup that he has done a frame-off restoration and a 1953 COE that he is turning into a 4 door (with suicide back doors!!! i likey).

like, i said, i’m not gonna post a bunch of car pics here, because i don’t wanna lose the handful of followers i have gained. i am however, gonna post a couple of funny things we saw at this show. first, one of the funniest business names/signs i have ever seen:

and this is some random couple that we saw walking around the show. it wasn’t too hard to get the shot of them from behind, but i have discovered it is very hard to nonchalantly snap a pic of somebody facing you, without them realising what you are doing. i was trying to get a shot of her from the front because, well, God (or the plastic surgeon) was very generous to her, and her outfit was a hoot.

my hubby wanted to know if i thought she would still be taller than her man if she took her shoes off. i said, “i didn’t even realise she was there with somebody else!”. i was too busy trying to be slick and sly, and not get “busted” (pun intended of course or it wouldn’t be in freakin’ quotes!)

unfortunately, she took the opportunity to take a picture of a car (what fun is that??) right when i snapped this shot, blocking the view of her endowments (natural or otherwise-am i the only person that has no idea how to tell fake from real?) i chickened out, and didn’t try for another. her purse and bustiere/corset (i really don’t know the difference) were covered with skull and crossbones, and the bustiere was def doing a good job of lifting. i watched her lean forward at one point and couldn’t keep from staring ’cause i thought for sure that the girls were gonna come out and play!

this is the cooolest chair i have ever seen! i sooo want hubby to make me one, so i took 2 pics of it, just to make sure he would know how to build it. hint, hint, hubby.

doesn’t it look like the arms would perfectly hold a solo cup of your favorite mixed beverage?? i’m not real crazy about the saddles, tumbleweeds, and boots upholstery, but i guess it goes along with the horseshoes.

this isn’t just some pipe dream i’m having about my hubby making this for me. he is amazing with metal. he built his own rotisserie to rotate his frames (if you’re a car restoration type you will know what i mean, and if not you’re not you won’t care so just ignore that sentence). he has also made some cool yard art:

well, if you made it all the way to the end of this looong post, i might have to add you to my BFF list. (you should be honored, it’s a very, very, short list)


15 Responses to “see? who needs to see to drive? saturday sunday”

  1. Michele said

    I love the yard art. I worked for a welding company once and the guys there were fabulous!

    BTW, what was the tattoo on the back of her leg?

    Big Woody, still laughing.

  2. nonna said

    hmmm best i can tell is that it’s a heart with all 4 suits of aces tucked into it and some kind of banner around the heart. most likely she was foolish and had somebody’s name in the banner. lol i have 3 tatts but i would NEVER put somebody’s name on me lol

  3. Weaselmomma said

    I thought for sure from the ‘behind’ pic that chick was a dude! I so want your hubby to build by hubby a rotisserie(for food) for fathers day!

  4. kel said

    Am I going to be attacked if I say I liked her hair??? cause, I kinda did….(ducking in fear)

  5. agg79 said

    Cool yard art. Gotta love a guy whose handy with a welder. Would love to see a picture of the rotisserie. So you have a thing for car shows? I've been to my fair share shows & swap meets down in Texas. I used to do Pate down here in the spring looking for parts for my Mustang.

    BTW – I think I've seen her assets at a show or two…

  6. de-I said

    That is cool yard art work. I am so glad I almost never have to drive in anything like that anymore.

  7. morethananelectrician said

    Alright! I’ll be the one to tell you how to get a picture of them from the front. Send someone to stand near them and take their picture like you are taking a picture of hubby…simple!

  8. Tony said

    I like girls with multi-colored hair, leather, black clothes and high heel shoes – so I kind of thought she was hot – well, from the front, from the back she does look a little like a dude.

  9. NukeDad said

    I hate driving in that stuff. I keep expecting Stephen King to land on my hood and say; “Wanna be in my next story?”.

  10. Leanne said

    Get a 90 degree angle lens, you can pick them up for about $10.

    I think I’d hire Big Woody, even though I don’t have a tree. I like his sign that much.

    She’s kind of tame. In the UK car shows are still riddled with girls in bikinis sporting massive knockers. “Glamour” models apparently.

  11. nonna said

    @ wM – hubby wants to know if the rotisserie is for you to cook hubby on, or for hubby to cook on 🙂 oh, and then he said hell no, i’m not trying to make one for somebody long distance.

    @ kel – shhh, don’t tell my hubby, but i kinda liked her hair too. i guess that explains my desire for a hot pink streak

    @ agg79 – well, we have more of a thing for cruise-ins and swap meets. he told me that day, after paying $28 to get in and seeing how few were there, that he’s not going to any more shows. we see more cars at the cruise-ins than we did there

    @ de-I – me too! i’m gonna avoid that mountain like the plague from now on!

    @ mTaE – DUH! good idea! i musta been havin another one of those blonde moments. i was trying to pretend like i was getting a different angle on the car but that wasn’t working to good.

    @ tony – i had to go back and study the back view, and yall are right. she does look like a dude! lol i know her outfit/hair weren’t that outrageous or anything, but they definitely did NOT blend in with the rest of the crowd.

    @ nukeDad – i know! it was really disorienting too. that is a really steep, straight mountain and i could’ve sworn we had already gone down it at one point and hubby said we hadn’t even started down yet!

    @ leanne – yet another blonde moment (seems like i’m having a lot of them lately) i couldn’t figure out what the heck i would need that lens for. dee dee dee to take pics of somebody w/out them knowing! lol i guess i’m just really tired. the g-kid fried my brain w/non-stop nonna, nonna, nonna for like 5 hours straight.

    hope there isn’t any typos cuz i’m not even going back to proof it. i’m off to catch up on my blog reading today…

  12. The Microblogologist said

    I totally thought food first when I saw “rotisserie”, lol. I also try to sneak pictures of people, not the easiest task, especially if the damn camera starts to make a noise that catches their attention! Cheryl will probably be impressed with the metal smithing, she is into that kind of thing and wants to be a jeweler and such. OK time to get ready for bed, before midnight, whooo!

  13. nonna said

    @ micro – it’s amazing what he can make or do with metal. i’ll take some pics of his newest yard art. it’s a doozy! he’s made all kinds of stands and such for his car restoration projects and even made an enclosed trailer for his racing karts which he made by taking a small picture of a Wells Cargo trailer and scaling it up to full size.

    good night and thanks for catching up with me 😉

  14. seashore subjects said

    Yeah – I would not have been driving! I feel like the road disappears up there on a sunny day doing 50!

  15. nonna said

    @ seashore – that’s funny and reminds me of your mom not wanting to go on any more mountains after yall accidently went up and down signal mountain 🙂

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