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today is what day, tuesday?

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 13, 2009

ok, so my brain hasn’t kicked in even though i have read all of my blogs, ate a poptart, and had 2 cups of coffee so far. it is tuesday, right? yesterday was s.daughter’s birthday. she’s 25. the youngest kid is now 25. that just seems wrong. seems like just a few years ago they 14, 16, & 18. now, they are (or will be sometime this year) 25, 27, & 29.

we had a nice quiet birthday dinner with jamie & james, me & rickey, and norene. i played susie housewife and made pork chops, fried okra, corn, and some cheesy bread. i even baked a birthday cake, which was plain yellow with white frosting and sprinkles. can you tell it’s a 2 and a 5?? i have discovered it is very hard to make candles spell out a number or letter.

i warned her this pic was definitely going up (oh and for future reference, don’t stand down wind of the candle blowing unless you like a mouth full of smoke). i mean really, how could i pass up, not only a pic of all smoke, but check out those cheeks!! LOL (oh, and don’t be looking at the little table full of clutter behind her. i haven’t got that far in my cleaning yet.) and YES, we do have a dart board, along with the scoreboard, in our kitchen. i’ve also got a throw line stuck down on the floor and speaking of floor, ours looks like it has the measles from all the dart ricochets 🙂 who cares? not i!

i think jamie is the 1st and only person i have ever met that does not like chocolate. at all. i mean lick the cream out of an oreo and throw the cookie part away, not like chocolate. she won’t even eat m&m’s or reeses! i’m pretty sure it’s a sickness.

anywho, i digress, she got an mp3 player that my s.son got me for christmas (remember i got the ipod nano from g-kid’s dad) but since she knew that was not really bought specifically for her, i wanted to get her something else from us. she recently got a laptop so i found a great deal on a HP all-in-one printer, scanner, copier from wally world. of course, it doesn’t come with a usb cord (why is that?? it’s ridiculous!) so i had to buy one of those too. i wrapped the cord and the printer & hid them in the room so the only present she saw was the mp3 player. here comes my great acting ability part…

after she opened the mp3 player, i was like, “oh, i forgot, i got you something else i think you’ll need for that” and brought out the usb cord. she opened it and i picked up the mp3 player box saying “i’m pretty sure you need that cord for this. oh, man. this thing says it comes with a usb cord already! well, i don’t guess you’ll need that cord for this afterall.” then i go back in my room and say as i’m coming out, “but i think you’ll need it for this.” her eyes lit up and she said “i bet i know what that is.” and the little stinker did know what it was before she opened it! i guess that just means she was hoping for one, right??

oh, and btw, for the record, yes, i was up at 8am. about 4 am g-kid was standing beside my bed ( i just asked him if he woke me up or what. after making sure that he wasn’t getting in trouble, he told me he said “nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna” lol he said i was very hard to wake up. it’s surprising how deeply i can sleep in just about an hour! so anywho, he climbs up into poppa’s spot (who is out on the couch, by his own choice-i didn’t kick him outta bed) at 8 james sits up and says “is it time to get up nonna?” i looked at the clock and said “no, go back to sleep” hoping that would work. i didn’t, lol

now what the heck am i supposed to do for the rest of this lonnnnng day?? i’ve already read my blogs and have now written my blog. yall best get to writing some more stuff!


11 Responses to “today is what day, tuesday?”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    The day is your oyster, you need to start tweeting!

  2. nonna said

    ok, ok, so how and where do i tweet?

  3. Queen Norene said

    You can clean the little table!!!

  4. Queen Norene said

    Oh and “declutterfied” “anyways” and things like that…those are your nonna-isms!!! LOL

  5. nonna said

    i’m sorry, i guess i wasn’t very clear about that…what can i do today that is more fun than declutterfication?? lol, i am not rewarding myself with cleaning for getting up at 8am. sheesh, whatsa matta witchoo? (that’s my italian accent in case you didn’t know or maybe it’s a jersey accent?)

  6. morethananelectrician said

    So what did you do?

  7. nonna said

    @ mTaE – wellll, just remember, you asked for it!

    i checked up on blogs and comment replies (obsessively i’m starting to think) and every now and then i read a couple of pages in my book (clive cussler’s “the navigator”).

    i checked the local weather to see if the temp dropped and if any snow was imminent (no and no, but maybe tonight).

    read g-kid a book, fed him lunch, read him another book before nap time. i’m a sucker for book reading. i am trying really hard to get him to understand that letters make words.

    then after his 3.5 hr!! nap, that i had to wake him up from, i cooked dinner (2 nights in a row!) and then we all played aggravation.

    oh! and i heard from sis that the Census peeps are looking for workers so i went to their website and downloaded the app and made an appt for next friday to take a test. woohoo! hopefully, it will be something my body can stand and even if it can’t, it will only last for 5-10 weeks.

    betcha won’t ask that question again, huh?

  8. seashore subjects said

    Long days just give you all the more time to…nap! Oh-yeah you don’t nap – well read then!

  9. twinkaye said

    To have my daughter have a sd one year younger than my last child out of five is amusing. I started at 18 how old where you when you got your stepchildren?

  10. nonna said

    @ seashore – how i wish i could nap! you make me jealous all the time with your napping ability 🙂

    @ mom – ummm well, technically, i didn’t “get” them until halloween 2003 when we got married, but we started dating in march of ’98 so i woulda been, what, 26?
    oh and YEAH your comments finally worked, you musta been holding your tongue right that time 🙂

  11. morethananelectrician said

    I wanted to know…

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