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too much electricity, thursday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 15, 2009

sorry my mind just went blank while i was trying to think of a title. so for now it’s just thursday. if something hits me before i hit that publish button it might change. then again it might not. this is gonna be a shorty because my hands are cold and i’ve already turned up the heat and put another sweatshirt on and my hat. i gotta get off of here soon and get me a hot cup of coffee or sit on my hands or something.

remember my hubby got me these great slippers for christmas? of course not. why would you remember something like that?! duh. although, at this point i don’t think i can technically call them slippers anymore. i have worn them non-stop since christmas. yes, everywhere. i even wore them to our dart banquet because, well, i forgot to put on my boots. i’m serious. they are cloggy type shoes anyways, so it’s not like i was out in pink fuzzy bunny slippers*, but they are supposed to be my house shoes. i just have one problem with them.

i am creating enough electricity to power our house, i think. i’m being shocked constantly. all day long. i shock myself, my hubby, the g-kid, both dogs, my cat, my s.daughter’s dog. nobody and nothing are safe from me. i need to figure out a way to harness this electricity or to stop it in it’s tracks. i’m afraid i’m gonna short out my computer or my cell phone the next time i touch them. it’s getting to the point where i’m afraid to turn out the light for fear of the electricity in my body arcing to the electricity in the switch and ZAP i’m gonna be dead. i don’t know or care if this could actually happen or not. i’m afraid it might happen, so that’s good(bad) enough for me.

anybody have any suggestions? well, other than getting rid of my slippers/clogs/shoes whatever the heck you want to call them. they are comfy and keep my feet warm so that’s not an option! ok, so added more to the title, but it’s still kinda boring. i think the cold has frozen my brain cells kinda like it’s sapping all of the strength outta my car battery.

~~~copying my master who copies her master~~~

*i have accidently gone out in blue, fuzzy, slippers before, now that i think about it. but i did go back home and change before being seen in public with them. well, now that i think about that i think i have gone to the dump in slippers before and just decided it wasn’t worth it to go back and change. i mean come on, it’s just the dump guy, right?


13 Responses to “too much electricity, thursday”

  1. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    Stick a fabric softner sheet in the toes of both shoes, it sounds funny but totally works. Personally, I would enjoy the light show for now. You could also put a humidifier in the house, but those are no fun…..good luck.

  2. de-I said

    You need a humidifier girl! Take it from someone who lives in a place where we get 10 inches of rain…A YEAR and where 30% humidity has everyone complaining about the how much their sweating. Humidifiers are not very expensive and solve all that static electricity problem…and you get to feel your mucous membranes again too.

  3. terri said

    I have a pair of slippers that I wear everywhere except for the office. But they’re the kind that everyone else is wearing as shoes too, so no one thinks it’s weird. And they are so fuzzy and warm!

  4. Mrs4444 said

    Dang! I can’t think of a solution OR a new title! Sorry!

  5. nonna said

    @ nLsM – ok, i’ve got a fabric sheet in each shoe,so we’ll see how it goes. hubby watched me and then wanted to know if my feet stink! lol

    oh, and i just shocked the g-kid three times trying to wipe his nose. i’m talking like zap, zap, zap. how in the world did it build back up when we weren’t even moving??

    @ de-i – i don’t think a humidifier would be good in my house. we are in a basement house and i have found mold on my shoes (that i should just throw away cuz i obviously never wear them) a couple of times and my mucouses(sp?) are toooo wet year round 🙂 but thanks anyway for the suggestion.

    @ terri – so what kind are what everybody is wearing since i’m so not fashion conscious?

    @ Mrs.4444 – that’s ok. all those kids probably sucked all the good ideas outta your head. 🙂

  6. Unmarried Housewife said

    Harness the slipper energy to either fight crime as WonderNonna or tap it’s output like a generator. It’s either that or shave the fuzzy little buggers bald. Ha ha that’s far less dignified I’m afraid.

  7. Weaselmomma said

    You are electrifying! You could always rip out the carpeting or put duct tape on the bottom of the slippers.

  8. agg79 said

    Maybe hubby got the slippers to bring a little “spark” in your day…

    Sorry. No help down here. Down here in the bowels of south Texas, we are usually running way high on the humidity count (70-80%), so we don’t see too many “dry” days to generate a spark. You could try the old key trick I used to use in Germany (use a metal key to touch objects so you aren’t shocked) but that can be a bit of a pain to carry.

  9. Momo Fali said

    Sorry, I’m no help. Not even a humidifier can stop me from shocking my children constantly. They won’t even come near me anymore!

  10. twinkaye said

    I’m not coming to your house. Remember how many times I got before I can’t imagine if it is worse. I can still see your husband laughing

  11. nonna said

    @ unmarried & weaselMomma – the funny thing is, the slippers AREN'T fuzzy nor do i have carpeting!! i only have one rug in the living room and the rest of the house is tile (not nice pretty tile. composite tile like at freakin wally world or a hospital – IT SUCKS!)

    @ agg79 – haha! and you know what? hubby does the key thing!! but i don't think i should take a key to g-kids nose! lol

    @ momo – i know the poor kid is flinching every time i come near him now! oh the dryer sheets thing helped a little, but i'm still sparkin' and not the good kind either.

    @ mom – no. you do not want to come down here! i swear i got shocked picking up a CARDBOARD juice box last night!! the only thing i can figure on that is, that it must have been foil lined on the inside, but still!

    i wonder if constantly boil a pot of water would work as a humidifier?? i'm gonna try that now!

  12. morethananelectrician said

    They make a tratment for carpet to eliminate this…these internets ought to point you in the right direction for that.

  13. nonna said

    @ mTaE – only problem with that is i don’t have carpet silly lol

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