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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 16, 2009

i was smart this week. i kept a little notepad by my desk and wrote down stuff all week. i couldn’t wait for friday to get here so i could post it!! well, until friday got here at 8am since the g-kid spent the night cause his mommy’s sick. then i didn’t want friday to be here. so, i set him up with a real poptart, milk, and a movie and crawled back into bed. ok, enough chatter, on with the fragments! oh! and don’t forget to check out Mrs. 4444’s fragments who got me started on this.
does anybody else want to go on survivor just for the diet? i mean i would love to do all the competitions (duh) but i realistically know that my body can’t do that stuff anymore. and there is NO way i could sleep on the ground but, still, i really want to lose all that weight that the contestants do!! i know i don’t have the will power to just eat rice and water at home, and i also know i sure as hell wouldn’t supplement my diet with any bugs out there, so it would have to work!
i have decided that my dog, charlotte, is one of the smartest dogs i’ve ever had. if not the smartest in the world! She could totally be another lassie. we came home from that car show last weekend and charlotte came up to the door wigglin’ and a wagglin’ her whole body. i went outside and gave her some lovin’ because i thought she was just happy to be gettin’ my full attention. (dale is jeallllllous and always pushes her away so i will pet him instead) so i come back inside and sat down and she was still there just a wigglin’ away. i went back out and petted her some more and then i came in and told rickey “i think she’s trying to tell us timmy fell down the well, or somethin” a lightbulb went off in hubby’s brain. “hmmm i wonder if i locked dale up in the shop” sure enough, he went out to the shop and dale came flying out! lol so charlotte was trying to tell us something was wrong!
hubby came in from the shop the other night and asked me if i wanted something for my blog. i say sure, thinking a funny shop story is emminent. he says,
what are you doing now? UGGHH

i showed g-kid this pic:

he says ” that’s mommy and lyric passed out!

i have no idea where he heard that phrase, but there you go. funny thing is, mommy was passed out. she had come to the house to spend the night, drink some beer, and watch movies with me for her birthday. hehe
i was cooking dinner the other night and jamie & the g-kid were in the bedroom watchin’ a movie. g-kid asked several times if dinner was ready yet and the last time i told him, “don’t worry i will let you know when it’s ready. i won’t let you starve.” the next thing i here is “mommy is starving for dinner, nonna” i replied, “she is??” jamie hollars back, “i never said anything like that!! he asked me if i was starving and i said i could eat.” the little booger is already learning how to manipulate people!
one last thing. heinous had some links over to mama still wears gucci, she had a pic of her hubby in his laying around the house outfit, and thought he looked ridiculous in it. i say HA! i can totally beat that…

hubby is such a good sport! i still can’t believe i talked him into wearing a woman’s shirt and letting me photograph him. 🙂

well, once again my fragments seem quite long winded, but i guess i just don’t know how to tell a short story 🙂


15 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. Mrs4444 said

    That thing on the wall behind your husband’s head really makes the outfit!

    Your pup is a sweetheart! So funny.

    And yes, I would love to follow the Survivor Diet. I’m surprised we haven’t seen an Infomercial for it already~

  2. Queen Norene said

    Since I’m family, I know you don’t get ANY gratification from my comments, because I keep reading how special it is for non family members to comment. Nonetheless, I will STILL comment. That pic of Charlotte is SO cute!! And I would so totally love to go on survivor for the diet!!! I’m doing phase 1 of the south beach diet right now and am restricted from all fruit, (including JUICE!!!), all bread (W T F!?!?!), pasta…anything with SUGAR!!! OMG it sucks, but its so worth it when you lose 8-10 pounds and mostly all from your belly. The way of living that is the South Beach diet is pretty much how I eat anyway, all whole grains and all the good healthy stuff I love, but those first 2 weeks, man that will kill ya!!

  3. kel said

    ha! does he know you’re posting those?

  4. nonna said

    @ mrs.4444 – that thing above his head is like a little cluster of brass-looking birds and leaves, but i never noticed before how it looked like it was on top of his head! lol maybe we should start a survivor diet camp. charge rich people hundreds of dollars to starve them for a month. we’d be rollin’ in the dough 🙂

    @ sis – of course i love your comments too, silly! i still think your crazy for doing that diet. there’s no way i could/would do it!

    @ kel – i think mayyybe i might have told him but, more likely, i didn’t. hehe what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right?? he usually doesn’t read my blog. he’s not much of a reader and thinks i’m crazy for reading so much.

  5. Abby said

    I didn’t make a list this week so I am having a hard time remembering my fragments. I still need to post them!

    Your husband looks like a fun guy! I agree, the thing behind his head really adds to the outfit!

  6. Tiff said

    I told my husband about your husband always asking you “what are you doing”, just like mine does so now he’s making a point to ask me what I’m doing even MORE than he did before!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Good Gawd!

  7. nonna said

    @ abby – get busy and post those things woman! and he is a very funny guy

    @ tiff – i told my hubby what you said and he actually started laughing! (takes a lot to get him to do that)i think he’s enjoying your pain. hehe

  8. de-I said

    Hubby cuts quite the figure there.

  9. nonna said

    @ de-I – yeah, he’s my stud muffin 😉 too bad that wasn’t taken more recently. his handlebar mustache woulda been perfect with that outfit

  10. terri said

    You have a smart dog! Mine used to stick her head in the dishwasher when I opened it up. Your hubby is a funny guy and a good sport too! I got mine to dress as a really ugly Charlie’s Angel one Halloween. Bet these two would get along great!

  11. James said

    Hi nonna clicked on your “follow me” but it didn’t seem to work.

  12. Weaselmomma said

    I love your hubby’s sense of humor! Those are really fun pics. He must be a real sport.

  13. seashore subjects said

    I am gonna call and tell him you posted that! You’re gonna be in trouble! (j/k) But it is a bit evil of you!

  14. nonna said

    @ teri – at least your dog isn’t sticking her head in the oven. if he like antique cars or trucks then he’s a shoe-in, but y’all will have to come to TN, hubby might have a gun, but he don’t travel. hehe

    @ james – damn, i’m good! i fixed that shit, in my sleep! lol really i don’t know what was going on with it, but you’re listed as following me now (thanks, and welcome!) so whatever booger it had, it musta blew a snot rocket and fixed itself. 🙂

    @ weaselMomma – thanks, yet again! stop saying such nice stuff to me woman. how am i supposed to be a smart aleck if all i can come back with is thanks?? hehe

    @ seashore – haha beat ya to it. don’t you know i always tell on myself? heck i haven’t posted anything on here that i haven’t told him i did. i’m such a loser 🙂

  15. Captain Dumbass said

    Hey! I’ve got that outfit! Do you have the heels that… ah… never mind.

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