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something’s up, sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 18, 2009

although i don’t really care for the color scheme, i was sick of my blog being all squished and this seemed to be the “roomiest” layout i could find. well, other than the one that totally abolished the sidebar to the bottom of the page, and i figured that would annoy the crap outta me.

SO, whadya think bout it the new look? also, if there are any techno types out there who can answer me these questions, please chime in:

Can i design my own page in dreamweaver and just copy the code and paste it onto the Layout: Edit Html page and still add blogger’s gadgets? Also, would doing that make me lose any of my archives, etc..?

thanks for the input and hopefully some answers so i can make my blog reflect ME and not just be another template that i have to make do with.

oh, and that’s all you get for this weekend probably. i will be up in dial-up hell at mom’s so i doubt i will be getting to post sunday. wellll, i guess maybe if something really good pops into my head i could compose it there and then post it when i get back to DSL heaven later on sunday evening.


if you’re really good.

and you can beg properly.

and maybe kiss up nicely, too.



13 Responses to “something’s up, sunday”

  1. James said

    ha! I’m first! Well this layout is a bit kind of sterile hospital looking though? Maybe you could just change the colour to warm it up a bit?
    Or maybe green. Green is restful…

  2. Mr Lady said

    You sure do have room. And WHITE.

    You can design your own template in HTML through Blogger now. They’ve made it super freaking easy. I can walk you through it.

  3. agg79 said

    I likie. I’m not a big fan of the more “colorful” blogs. Some are a bit over the top. And the ones with a black background and white/yellow lettering make my eyes hurt.

  4. Weaselmomma said

    I can’t do html stuff, but you can customize your colors in any of the templates. Have a great week.

  5. terri said

    I like the new layout. Hope you can add some color and design to it. I can’t help you, but it looks like Mr. Lady’s got it covered.

  6. Tiff said

    I like it that you have so much room!
    It’s easy to change the color scheme and you wouldn’t lose anything at all… If you go to the customize button up at the top (where you log in) you will then see a tab that says fonts/colors or colors/fonts, or something like that…
    I don’t think you can lose your archives unless you delete your blog, they are kept on Blogger’s server…

  7. Mrs4444 said

    Mr.Lady is right; it’s fairly easy to make this place your own. I like the clean look, but it doesn’t show your personality. Can’t wait to see the updates when you return from Dial-up hell.

  8. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    Like the new layout…and super jealous “mr.lady” posted a comment on your blog, and that you have DSL. Happy sunday!

  9. Tiff said

    There’s an award waiting for you at my blog, no pressure to pass it on, just wanted you to know it was there :o)

  10. morethananelectrician said

    No matter if this is good or bad, change is not something I take too very well. It will just take me some time to get used to things looking a little different…

    Just ignore the crazy guy rocking to himself over in the corner of the room…that is just me.

  11. de-I said

    The one thing I like about the layout is it is so easy to read (as I suffer from old broken down eyes)

    Boooo on dial-up – just head to Starbucks for some good ole ATT or T-Mobile Wi Fi

  12. nonna said


    @james – HA! you're my firts 1st EVER. umm green seems like army hospitals lol not restful to me, but i hope you will like this new sceme.

    @Mr.Lady (is she talkin' to me???) thanks for the offer and i might take you up on it for some other things in the near future.

    @ agg79 – you wouldn't be dissin' weaselMomma whould you?

    @ weaselMomma, terri, & tiff – thanks! i have managed to change some things the way i like and hopefully will be albe to play around with it some more 🙂

    @Mrr.4444 – hope this looks more like me 🙂 and i am finally back from dial-up hell.

    @nLsM – i know! that means that she must actuall READ my blog to comment here right?? i'm superexcited too! maybe you could get some of those
    magic mints for and he would love you so much he will get you dsl too 😉

    @tiff – thank you thank you! i will be singing your praises tomorow, because my brain itnst funcintin’ and am tired of hitting the backspace key 🙂

    @mTaE – is it ok to pat you on the head as i walk by you, or will you bite/slam head against corner?? do they provide you will a helmet for these momentS?

    @de-I – HA you thinks those hillbillies in the sticks have wi-fi?? or starbucks? or even att? they are luchy to get net zero!

    off to bed folsk – hppfully better tomorrow and will actually read, comment, and post 🙂

  13. Cheffie-Mom said

    Very clean layout! I’m not the person to ask technical questions! LOL! Have a super week!

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