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what i’ve been up to, wednesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 21, 2009

well, saturday i bailed out on lil sis for a trip to my mom’s because i found out there was a benefit tournament going on in chattanooga that day. the first event started at noon (hour ahead of my time) so i knew i wouldn’t drag my aching butt outta bed make it down there by then. i was shooting for the 3pm singles crickets match, which just happens to be my favorite game. well, around noon, it still wasn’t looking to good for me to be up and moving so i bailed on that venture as well.

1)don’t take without asking (i will literally give you the shirt off my back, just ask)
2)don’t hang up on me, for any reason, period.
3) don’t lie to me OR call me a liar

i’m sure i have others but, those are the major ones that stick out.

so, i called back, got the answering machine, told the machine some very mean things until mom decided to intervene-thank you, mom ๐Ÿ™‚ i tried to explain to mom what i wanted her to tell sis, cuz i knew i would not be able to express it properly, and then proceeded to just totally breakdown and bawl. like. a. baby. now, i don’t even want to go up there, cuz i feel like a total idiot blowing up over something so stupid. luckily, while i taking a smoke/coffee break sis called while i was outside. i called her back and she wanted to know if i was ok. i said, yes and apologized for yelling at her and told her i was glad she called and i would be up in a little while.

hubby had been flip/flopping back and forth about driving to nashville for a car show/swap meet. he is still trying to find a front “real” chrome bumper for the ’54 pickup that he has almost finished but, doesn’t want to order online and pay too much for oversize shipping charges. i really didn’t feel like going, but i also knew my poor hubby wanted company, so we went.

not, to bore y’all to tears with my on-going aches and pains, but to make a long 20+ year history of pains short, i have fibromyalgia, complicated by scoliosis (among many other things). well, when the muscles around the scoliosis get inflamed, they pinch a nerve behing my shoulder blade. this causes extreme discomfort, lack of sleep which causes MAJOR GROUCHINESS, and just a generalized feeling of shit. i sucked the pain pills it up and decided to go to nashville with hubby. it was a waste of time. no good finds but, they will be back in 2 weeks as a pure swap meet, so hopefully better finds to be found. (huh?)

sunday, i was supposed to be going up to dial-up hell since i didn’t go on saturday. the day did not start off well for me. unbeknownst to lil sis i had planned on sleeping as late as i wanted to so i could recharge. since she had no idea this was going on, she called to see if i had left yet and to remind me to bring some stuff to mom. i preceded to call her back and chew her out which caused her to hang up on me.

FYI – major pet peeves of mine:

i got up there and everything was cool. mom, tom, me, & sis went diggin through a storage shed looking for our old kid books and mom’s recipe “bible” that had all her recipes that she had saved over the years. no luck on the recipe book but, i did manage to salvage some books the g-kid will like, if i can clean them up enough. (they had some water/mold damage)

so, after scrounging through the shed, sis & i decided to help twinfaye (aunt) put her christmas stuff in her shed and pull some chairs out for her. we worked up an appetite and headed back down to mom’s for some homemade (as in not stouffer’s frozen variety- like i make) lasagna and garlic bread. yummmmy

then sis & i challenged the terrific twins to a game of pictionary. mom made the mistake of smack-talking before we started game. oh yeah!! me & sis demolished them! maybe next time we play i will try to rig up some video clips of the game. it is crazy how good we are at that game!

as it was now dark, i decided to just go ahead and spend the night since i really don’t like driving in the dark anymore and especially down mountains. they dragged me outta bed around 11am to go to a thrift store to look for some things they wanted. i, not being a shopper, was not looking for anything in particular but ended up with FOUR tops for just 11 bucks. you can’t beat that! i just wish i had found some jeans that i liked. i pretty much live in 3 pairs of jeans that are all exactly the same and have become too big for me. oh well, they ARE comfy and that’s all i care about ๐Ÿ™‚

i got home sometime monday evening and was bushed. again. set my alarms (3) to get up so i could go watch the g-kid at 1pm and relieve the other grandma from her duties. wellll jamie called me about 1:15 and wanted to know if i was almost there. SHIT!! no, um, i musta fallen back asleep, i’m sorry, i’m sorry. i’ll be there in 15min. well, mighta made it in 15min. if it wasn’t softly snowing and all the freaks in TN think that means you have to drive idle at 0 mph. i got there at 1:40pm big OOPS. oh, well, she’ll get over it eventually and if not, jamie & the g-kid will just cram back into our tiny little home and she won’t have to burden herself watching him. ever. :p~~~

to make tuesday and even LONGER day, hubby went to Lowes to get a power cord for a dryer we acquired and gave to jamie. she and i rearranged g-kids bedroom and did a power clean (well she did) on it. now all she needs is some kind of great CHEAP storage bins for all his toys to stay in and organized. any suggestions on what works best for the buck?? we ordered pizza and then headed home around 8pm. loooong day, but fun and we got alot accomplished ๐Ÿ™‚

today, umm wednesday, right? he (g-kid) would normally be at pre-school but, heaven forbid, he have to sit inside in the heat on a cold day, so no school. i managed to get there only 10 min. late today (not my fault this time. i was on hold with the VA and wasn’t about to hang up until i got what i needed). fed g-kid peaches and attempted to get him to eat some mac&cheese with cheese hot dogs sliced into it. didn’t happen, but oh, well, saved it for him to eat it at some later date. played a game of
“3 monkeys jumping on the bed” (oh joy) and then read him a couple pages of his Animals Around the Watering Hole book that i got him from a chicago museum with all the dinos – whichever one that is ๐Ÿ™‚

i got all of jamie’s tax papers together, came home (stopped at chicken chef for carry out dinner) and attempted to read blogs, but it wasn’t working for me. so i did some laundry and dishes and just chilled for all of 5 minutes. then i decided if i didn’t get up and do jamie’s taxes now, they would be forgotten about. got them all done and she should have it direct deposited by next friday i think. wish mine were gonna be that easy. i keep tellin hubby we should foster a kid for 6months and 1 day and then ship him back just for the tax break! lol plus they pay ya 7-800 bucks a month i think. i could totally put him on a modified survivor diet and make money off of him! j/k!!

well, it wasn’t funny, exciting, or enlightening but, it was my life the last few days. hopefully i will get caught up reading tonight and tomorrow and be back to my smart alecky self ๐Ÿ™‚


7 Responses to “what i’ve been up to, wednesday”

  1. Weaselmomma said

    I’m dizzy after reading about how busy you’ve been!

  2. terri said

    Why is it that the recipe books can never be found? When my grandma died, there were boxes of recipes, but the favorites must have all been in her head. I’m going to make it a point to put all our favorite recipes in one place for my kids to have later. If I ever get that organized.

    You have had some busy, busy, days! But productive. Storage bins for toys? I used to use the rubbermaid storage boxes. They go on sale a lot. That’s my suggestion.

  3. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    Nice, it sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Holy cow you have a lot of reading to do by the looks of your blog roll! Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. morethananelectrician said

    My SIL has fibromyalgia, and it alone can be torture for her. I have rhomboid issues behind the shoulder blades that hurt a lot.

    This is a lot to deal with…

  5. Queen Norene said

    Ahh sis, that morning was not lovely, but I’m so glad you came up. I C A N ‘ T believe you didn’t write about ur 2 am trip in the woods and post the pictures which helped u find your way back!! hahahaahahahahaha, perhaps u forgot. l o l. hehe love u silly!

  6. nonna said

    @weasel – i’m dizzy but i dont know if its just my normal blonde state or the new meds i’m trying ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ terri – that’s what my mom did. she had an old photoalbum with the clear pages you lift up and can insert pics, recipes, etc…it’s GONE her and her past generations recipes are all gone. boohooo! i think i would need to get a fire safe or flash drive and have multiple copies everwhere! i’ll keep an eye out for sales on tubs

    @nLsM – yeppers i think i’m only down to about 60 or behind now ๐Ÿ™‚

    @mTaE – ok, so what’s a rhomboid issure? i’m majorly curious about all things medical

    @sis – holy crap! you’re right! i left out the only funny part! i will have to fix that!

  7. seashore subjects said

    congrats on your jeans being too big! That’s great!

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