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school time, saturday and sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 25, 2009

well, i was bored and my hubby was working out at the shop so i asked him to teach me how to weld. he took some cell phone pics of me “at work” but you can’t really see my work yet. and you won’t. not until i can actually make it look good 🙂 so here are some action shots:

it was reallly cold out in the shop so i have like layers upon layers upon layers. (read: i’m not quite that fluffy) so as soon as i have even come close to mastering some techniques, such as not burning holes through the metal i’m supposed to be joining, leaving a bunch of spatter, and learning what spatter is. i will be posting some more pics of my artwork….errr attempts at art work.

this is it for tonight. i’m wore out from puppy sitting and jamie, james, & their puppy spending some time with us. hopefully more prolific tomorrow.


14 Responses to “school time, saturday and sunday”

  1. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    Thats awesome….not only did you spend some quility time with the hubby, you started a “project” that I am sure will keep us, i mean you entertained for awhile :)hehehehe have fun!

  2. terri said

    You volunteered to learn how to weld? You are a brave, brave woman. Don’t think my hubby would trust me with welding. I would probably burn the place down.

  3. OhCaptain said

    I need to learn how to weld. It has always looked so cool. I’m jealous.

  4. morethananelectrician said

    I looked into the light!!!!! I think I am blind!

  5. NukeDad said

    You’re doing great! Can you make me a ship? It only needs to be 80 or 90 feet. I’ll send you some plans! 😉 Glad you had fun.

  6. nonna said

    well, now first things first. i did not actually start a project yet. i am practicing welding together little scraps, baby step ya know.

    i did get to spend some time with hubby and i don’t think he even got mad at me once! lol you know our brains not workin the same way and doing something like this is just begging for trouble.

    terri, i’m am SUCH a tomboy and love to do anything in the shop. it’s not scary to me at all. i LIKE getting all greasy and grimy!

    ohCap there are all kinds of “how to vids” on youtube if you happen to have the equipment – get goin’!

    MtAe – silly boy – doesn’t work through the puter screen like that, but i must admit that i have a weird obsession to tempt fate by doing that for real 🙂

    Nuke – i will be happy to build you an 80-90′ boat. send plans. i will build. then i will send YOU a bill. no negotiations allowed. hehe

  7. Weaselmomma said

    You never cease to amaze me. Maybe you can build that BBQ Spit for Mr. Weasel.

  8. SciFi Dad said

    Why do I get the feeling the “big reveal” will be a lot like trying to figure out what my daughter’s drawings are supposed to look like?

  9. Shellmo said

    You are brave! I’m always afraid of tools and the welding seems extra complicated! What are you going to make? 🙂

  10. nonna said

    i haven't figured out what i'm gonna make yet, but i am sure there will be lots of trial an error & pics for your entertainment

  11. James said

    Hey jolly good show there nonna. I did a bit of learning to weld at college but I was never much good at it. Some individuals just have a feel for it. I hope you do some nice artwork. In a park in Coventry, England there is a welded sculpture of a rearing horse. I will try to find a pic of it. The arty part is that the artist has not made the whole horse but welded just enough metal together to suggest the shape and power of the animal.

  12. James said

    I just put a comment on but it seems to have diappeared into limbo…

  13. de-I said

    Would you believe that at my wife’s brother at their reunion this summer actually gave welding lessons. My oldest daughter loved it.

  14. nonna said

    de-I i think your BIL should contemplate some youtube videos on how to..i’d know i’d like to watch some 🙂

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