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friday freaking gross fragments…i warned ya!

Posted by nonnasnonsense on January 30, 2009

Brought to you by none other than Mrs. 4444


probably gonna be pretty short cuz i’m hungry and we are headed out to The Eagles’s Club for some cheap hot wings. woohoo. yeah we’re exciting 🙂


first off, who the heck and why the heck would somebody design a drain for a bathtub like this:

i think i must have been a man. who else wouldn’t care to stand in ankle deep dirty water while taking a shower than a man. i mean come on. you have pretty much guaranteed that every flipping hair that goes down this drain will get caught and eventually clog the flow of water. leaving some poor woman to spend way too much time on her knees with a coathanger scooping out this disgusting mess:

and no, that’s not hubby’s toothbrush (but it should be) i put it there so you could have a reference of just how freaking much hair that is!!


after asking why my allergy shots have started hurting and itching again, which they haven’t done for months now, i was informed that i had been moved up to “the red tops” which means……drum rolllll….that by August i will only have to be going to cookeville every other week!!! woohooo.


don’t know why, but i have all of a sudden been “found” by tons of people from high school on face book. it’s pretty neat to reconnect with them, but i find it funny that some of the people who treated me like total shit, are now “oh, i’m so glad i found you”. yeah, right. either they are full of shit, have “found God”, or going through a 12 step program and are starting their ammends. lol


i am really truly starting to turn into a REAL housewife. i don’t know how this happened except maybe out of guilt from not working. i have made a sock-it-to-me cake last week, snickerdoodles and chocolate oatmeal cookies this week, and i think i even managed to cook a couple of meals allll while still continuing my cleaning saga.


that’s all i can think of for now. see ya next time. same bat time. same bat channel


9 Responses to “friday freaking gross fragments…i warned ya!”

  1. Nature Lovin' Super Mama said

    Way to go with all the house cleaning, I wish I was as motivated as you, I can’t even begin to think of cleaning closets, almost though! As for the drain….aaahhhh men have created to many things that are sh*t! Now we have to fix them. Take that welding thingy and take out the hair catcher!

  2. WheresMyAngels said

    Someone cut that out of our drain, so now it is a big hole. Fun, is trying to get the ball out of it, that my 4 year old thru down the hole.

    My husband kept for getting to take his shots, so he stopped 😦

    I have only found ONE high school friend on Facebook, is it because I am 40?

  3. Bad Momma said

    We have the same problem in our house with the drain. All my fault! It gets worse as I am getting older & losing more hair.( or am I pulling it out in my sleep?)

    Congrats on becoming a "real housewife", something I will never be accused of!!! Perhaps you can be on "The Real Housewives of Rock Island"! 😉

  4. Weaselmomma said

    Whoa! Going all domestic on us. Don’t do too much, or it will become expected. You have a good thing going.

  5. Mrs4444 said

    I love you, Nonna; you crack me up. Your new/old friends on Facebook comment is in the top running so far for my Favorite Friday Fragment 🙂

  6. Mrs4444 said

    And oh, that drain thing…EWW. But I can relate.

  7. nonna said

    sorry yall i’m back up in dial up hell..will comment back atcha later tonight 🙂

    mrs.4444 – i’m not sure what you are asking about the comments. i just use blogger or blogspot provided comment thingy. didn’t know you could use something else. i think you should switch to wordpress like i am going to do. that way you can go in and edit comments under each one and such. talk to terri she’s the pro about wordpress

  8. James said

    You can buy little sieve things that fit over the plug hole to stop hair going down it…maybe a woman designed that I don’t know…

  9. kel said


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