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i made it!! i think….

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 3, 2009

ok, so i haven’t even really checked out the blog yet, so i have no idea if my gidgets, gadgets, widgets or w,ever,tf you want to call them are working or not. don’t know if i’m gonna change colors, wanting to make my own header, so i gotta check into that. i am workin on my trip down the bluff which has produceds many pics that i’m putting on a separate blog nonnasnapshots (i thought that was cute) which i can hopefully link in side bar or some such. like i said, i don’t know much, but i am workin on it.

as far as reading/commenting i am trying to keep of w/most of the reading but i know i’ve missed some. i gotta figure out how to comment from google reader or if wordpress does that somewheres or what. so i have lots to learn, but hopefully i will be able to learn a little and work a little at the same time. construction-sign21

basically excuse the dust as i continue renovations.


11 Responses to “i made it!! i think….”

  1. Mr Lady said

    You most certainly DID move! Welcome to the wonderful world of wordpress. 🙂

    • nonnasnonsense said

      ok, now tell me i don’t have to manually copy & paste everyone of my blogroll like i have been doing so far. pleeaaasssee

  2. de-I said

    Hello new blog place!

    hi! glad you found me..make sure you check out my nonnasnapshots too if you like nature pics.

  3. Mr Lady said

    Yeah, you totally have to. Which sucks.

    well, i actually figured out a way to export that file type thru google reader and it worked. of course that was after i manually added all those links so then i had duplicates and had to undo them all. my main prob now is how to “subscribe, follow” whatever you want to call it in that readomattic thing. far as i can tell i can only get it to follow my tweeter peeps and the ppl with wordpress blogs.

  4. super mama said

    Very Nice, I like the new page, can’t wait to see the finished product! 😀

    thanks, make sure you check out the nonnasnapshots too 😀

  5. OhCaptain said

    I’ve found it, but now I’m struggling to find a feed. HELP!!

  6. OhCaptain said

    I got your feed although I still don’t find a link for it…the subscribe function in reader found it for me.

    this is what i keep getting when i click on subscriptions and there is NOwhere for me to click to add to them!

    Comment Subscription Manager
    WordPress announcement: I ❤ Blogging Design Contest

    I’m sorry. You don’t appear to be subscribed to any posts.

  7. TRACI said

    YOU have been bad on replying to comments? Then I am the Empire Strikes Back.

    well, i always feel guilty if i read and don’t comment something, but i’m getting over that real quick 🙂

  8. Karen said

    I don’t know about this change stuff… Good luck!

    i dont know either! there are so many things that i’m liking about blogspot now that i’m over here, but there are still the reasons i came over here that i like too!

  9. Something I would suggest to you is using feedburner which has something called feed-flare. What feed-flare is is the ability to include links at the end of your post in your feed so others can interact with the feed. One of the ones I like is comments. What this will allow your readers to do is to read in their favorite feed reader and click on the comments link and go directly to your comments page to comment without having to go to your page first (saves them a step since they just read your post).

    I hope this is helpful,

    very much so. i have been trying to figure this stuff out and it’s not all working like i want. if i use google reader to read their posts, then i can’t just comment when i’m done. if i continue to use my blogspot reader, nobody will ever follow me over here, cuz i’ll be commented from there! argh. thanks for the advice!

  10. Mandy said

    Hey thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    no prob! you should’ve been there long ago! lol i’m just blonde sometimes 🙂

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