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don’t give up…

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 5, 2009

on me yet peeps. i’m pretty much through with changes to this thing, cuz i can’t figure out how to do much else. i might be changing my theme, as i don’t seem to be able to change font size or type and i seem to be going blind cuz i can’t read this small tiny crap.

i’m exhausted mentally and physically. i have the Tennessee Women’s Dart Team State Tournament in Chattanooga on sat.  luckily nothing to do tomorrow but drive to cookeville for my shots. off to watch the g-kid, now. hopefully i will actually get back into the swing of reading, commenting, blogging, and just plain living soon.


3 Responses to “don’t give up…”

  1. Huh, the posts keep appearing and dissappearing! How do you DO that? That would be great for April Fools! It took me a while to get my site to where I liked it. Now, I’m getting bored with it again. Eh, go with what you like!

    if you figure out how i’m doing it, let me know! i save something as a draft and it publishes it automatically! ugh. i’m not sure if i’m gonna be able to hang with this change or not!

  2. Hope you make your mark at the tournament. Get it? Make your mark? heehee

    yes, i get it. you’re soooooooo funny. lol now tell me what the heck i did to deserve the chopped liver comment??hurry up. i will be checking obsessively until you answer me 🙂

    i’m not kiddin’

    hurry up already

  3. de-I said

    Uh yes this type is definitely not for the over 60 crowd 🙂

    i know! i’m still trying to find a theme that does/has all of my requirements. i’m just learning that i can’t load quicktime videos and i don’t know how to convert them to a file wordpress excepts..ugh…double ugh.

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