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micro has lost it…

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 5, 2009

ok, had to let everybody know that my poor, cold, buddy THE microblogologist has dedicated a video clip to ME. she is hysterical if just a little off (we just pretend she’s normal)
actually, she didn’t just dedicate a video clip to me, but a whole bloggy post!!

she had me laughing out loud at her silliness, so i just had to share it will y’all  🙂


2 Responses to “micro has lost it…”

  1. Karen said

    Haha, glad you liked it. After reading your post about how much you wanted that snow and given my overabundance of the crap I figured I should “share” the wealth! You’d know it was time for a trip to the mental ward for me if I climbed one of the 10-15′ piles (there might be 20’+ ones at the “mall”)! That pile only had a sink hole I thankfully managed to not hit wrong, otherwise it would have been a video of me with one leg (the bad one) trapped in that snow pile. Hopefully I would have gotten myself out otherwise the owner of that car I was using might have come out to an interesting sight and my name would have been in the Daily for a very different reason than last week, haha. I have been accused of being the most normal in my family but never of actually being normal ;).

    ha! i KNEW weren’t normal. i just had this feeling you were one of the “special” people. glad you didn’t injure yourself just to tease me with all that snow you have!

  2. Karen said

    My doctor actually called me “special” once, lol! Though I tend to consider someone who WANTS snow to be completely off their rocker, this stuff is horrible!

    you didn’t ride a short bus to school did you? hehe go out and get some fresh snow and make snow cream and THEN tell me snow is horrible!

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