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Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 6, 2009

first, i must say THANK YOU again to Mrs. 4444 and her wonderfully wise judgement for awarding me once again, her Favorite Friday Fragments award for last weeks frags, which is posted on my new bloggy bling bling page. 🙂


as always, brought to us by the lovely Mrs. 4444 here are my friday fragments…


my hubby’s new hobby is takin’ his ipod and showin’ this to everybody and anybody he can con into looking at it:



my VA travel pay seems to have doubled from 14+ bucks to 30+ bucks. i have no idea how or why, but i’m totally diggin it and greedily wish they had done that back when gas prices were so high.


g-kid got up from his nap at 2:30 the other day (it’s usually not until around 4 when his mom gets home). he climbed up beside me on the couch and i told him i was happy he was up so early cuz we got to have some snuggle time. about 10 minutes later he said, “nonna, i really like dis snuggle time”. AAHHHH it was so sweet.


i decided that since i’m going to chattanooga for a big dart tournament (and because i was just tired of running around) that i wasn’t going to leave the house and get my allergy shots today. they have recently upped the dosage and it leaves my arms sore again. can’t be havin’ my dart game thrown off ya know.


good plans are laid to waste or best laid plans…something..whatever that saying is cuz s.daughter (i still love you) locked her freaking car keys up in her car AGAIN (and she’s not even a blonde!) so i had to go open her car for her. oh well, it provided a needed break for my posterior after spending hours addin’ every. one. of my blog roll-ees to my rss feed thingy.


speaking of rss feed thingy…since i have now (semi) mastered that technology, the only thing keeping that old blogspot blog alive is my little followers box. i have a feeling it is soon to be a thing of the past. i’m just gonna have to learn to be happy with comment counts or page hits or something. psssttt this is a warning to you to update my feed/url/however you keep up with me 🙂


if you are not following the He Blog She Blog competition for a TEMPORARY (at least it better be) fill-in for Heinous who is having personal issues, you have GOT to go check out petra’s site. the smack talkin’ is fast ‘n furious and freakin’ uproarious (yes, i’m using a thesaurus, i’m tired of hysterical and hilarious!)


last item: i’m putting my blue ice pic up here, because honestly i just haven’t gotten enough (any??)  oooo’s and aaah’s over on the nonnasnaps blog and i want more (some)!


see y’all next week for friday fragments!


7 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. Momo Fali said

    Hubby needs a new hobby. Good luck in your dart tournament!

    yes he does and thank you! we’ll probably need all the luck we can get!

  2. territerri said

    Snuggle time with the g-kid. What could be better?

    And that picture? OOOOOOOOO! AAAAAAH!

    😉 thank you. i needed those ooo’s and aaah’s. thanks for the techy help too 🙂

  3. super mama said

    Okay Dudette! I figured out how to add your new site to my feeds…not that hard after all :), So I will totally follow you over here…only if you keep up the sly comments on my posts though got it! lol, unless they truly do suck. Anyway, like the new site, and the Ice pic….oooooo,aaaaahhhhhh, very sweet! and that I am being seroius about! have fun in chatt! 🙂

    ok, dudette (man i have heard or said that in YEARS) i will continue with my smartass wait you called them sly..that sounds better…comments since you managed to follow me alllllllll the way over here to wordpress. thanks for the ooo-y-ness and chatt was fun, but we sucked 🙂

  4. Bad Momma said

    Cool icicles. I’m glad things are starting to melt this weekend! Love the snuggle-time, especially when it’s cold. Kids are little heat-factories!

    Good luck in the tournament!

    thanks, bad momma! yeah they are great little space heaters..until you don’t want them heating you up. then they suck. hot flashes don’t need any extra help! unlike, our dart teams. i think the women’s team did better than both of the mens teams. 😦

  5. de-I said

    Pretty icicles – nice

    Cold weather bringing pretty icicles – not nice

    So just how serious a dart competitor are you?

    well, i’ve made it to the ladies state pro shoot the last few years but i’ve yet to do well at those tourneys. i’m a very competitive person and i do ok in our local league. well, i’m one of the better women’s shooters but i like tryin to keep up with the boys. that’s a real challenge.

  6. Karen said

    But I added WeaselMomma’s wordpress thing and look how that turned out! I don’t think I will ever convert, change is not something I tend to agree with! That picture thing is pretty funny, hehehe. I don’t get much snuggle time with Niecey, it is boring apparently, least I get some though since I am the magical Auntie Kee! As long as the icicles are in YOUR state and not mine they are ok, unfortunately we are back to the cold here and under a winter storm watch soon, sigh.

    well, we have been having weather that was too good. some of the stupid trees are budding and i actually saw buttercups blooming today! it’s gonna freeze again and then all those trees that are budded and flowers that have bloomed will get burnt back 😦

  7. Karen said

    That happened in 2007, we had a weekend it got up into the 80’s, think in April, the next weekend it snowed. Apparently Iowa has an apple industry, they were screwed. For 2008 it stayed cold and snowy until May (snowed in April ;() so we had a really late spring (and colder than normal summer) so the trees had saved all that energy not fruiting the past year and were literally covered in blooms, it was so beautiful. Hopefully this year will be normal and we’ll get our awesome flower display (many trees on campus bloom in spring, gorgeous).

    girl you ain’t seen spring till you come down here and see alllll these hundreds of nurseries’ stock blooming at once. you can’t harldy drive five miles without seeing acres of blooms. oh! and my tulips are coming up! i will protect them if i have to. i loooove my tulips blooming!

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