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Tennessee State Team Dart Tourney

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 15, 2009


here it is.

the much anticipated (by one, nature loving super mom) dart tourney post!

first, the team:


damn, that didn’t work! i was hoping if i made the pic real small i would look skinnier in it. i am never wearing that shirt again (cuz it has to be the white shirt makin my face look like a swelled up tick). so you see what i had to work with for a team. just kidding! they are all great people and we had a blast.

we are now ranked TENTH in the STATE of TENNESSEE!! wooohooooooo.

oh, did i forget to mention there were only 12 teams there? lol yeah, so at least we didn’t come in last! hey the men’s teams did worse than us, i think. i know the “B” team that hubby was on only won ONE game all day. not a match. not a set. one, single, game, allllll day long. hehehe i know i shouldn’t laugh but heck! i don’t think our women’s team has ever done that bad. here is a pic of hubby hammin’ it up for the camera:


OH!! i almost forgot the BESTpart of the whole tournament!! ok, i was looking for the bar so i could get some water. i have  to have something to drink while i’m shooting darts and i don’t get to drink adult beverages anymore…but i’m off track…so on the way to the bar i pass this table. i stop. i go back. read the sign. walk away. think, oh hell no. i’m gettin’ a pic of this, i don’t care whose feelings i hurt:


so there it is, you know you’re at a REDNECK DART TOURNAMENT when they are passin’ out free spit cups!!!

we had a good time and on the way home we went through the drive-thru at Popeye’s. now, i’ve ate at a Popeye’s back when i was little, i think. i did not like it back then. OMGosh!! that was like chicken crack. either i was starved to death (good possibility cuz i nibbled on 1 sausage biscuit all day) or that stuff was just flat out good! i was driving so i just got some chicken strips, red beans & rice, and a biscuit. man, i was dunkin’ that biscuit in the beans and rice and chowin’ down the chicken as fast as i could! i looked over at hubby’s lap, and i swear, i think he ate some of the bones too! there was nothing left!

then hubby passed out and i managed to get us safely home, even though i truly can’t see diddly do anymore at night. i’m gonna have to break down and get my eyes checked. i’m havin’ a lot of trouble focusing when switching between up close and distant. plus the whole night blind thing has realllly gotten bad all of a sudden like. ok, so i’m totally off the subject again. must be time to shut up. i’m rambling.

that’s all folks!



14 Responses to “Tennessee State Team Dart Tourney”

  1. Tiff said

    “Spit cups” LOL well at least they marked them so there was no confusuion…

    for reals! ick. they look quite disgusting with that napkin in there too, after they’ve been used. ick ick

  2. Seashore said

    The spit cups thing is pretty bad, but I have one redneck thing to post today too! You have motivated me!

    that’s me. miss motivator. HA not…off to go read yours AND comment. which i commented on the ONE post that i missed, so no more complaining missy!

  3. OhCaptain said

    I used to hustle darts. I miss the redneck spit cups. Well, not really. The guys I hung with used to use the empty beer bottles…that was a bit dangerous cause they all look the same.

    ewwww could you imagine pickin up one of those beer bottles and takin’ a swig???

  4. Karen said

    See I would have been all, “Oh that is so sweet, they are thinking of their GERD suffering dart throwers!” And if I had eaten probably any of the food there I’d have likely taken one or two or five. This post would potentially cause Sibling to shudder/gag, she was a bit traumatized while staying with me, she didn’t try to drink it thankfully, EW! Been awhile but I hated Popeye’s and unless they have drastically changed I still would, they use too much pepper in their breading (I hate pepper and only tolerate very small amounts).

    well, even though i have allergies and have become very proficient at “hawkin loogies” i never woulda thought of the spit cups being for peeps with GERD lol. that’s too funny. oh, and no wonder why you hate pepper. i’m sure it plays havoc with your stomach probs. just like hubby and his reflux. course, he’s an idiot and just continues to eat whatever he wants…

  5. super mama said

    Thank you miss nonna, lol 🙂 Glad you had a great time, and found your chicken crack 😀 knew it would be a good post!

    don’t be callin’ me miss! i’m not that old. well, i guess i am but still you shouldn’t call me that. about as bad as young men callin me mam. sheesh. what do you think i am? 37? oh. wait. i am 37. ok, i guess miss is better than mam. dang it

  6. territerri said

    I was all set to be impressed with your 10th in the state ranking. You really didn’t HAVE to tell us that it was 10 out of 12. (My bowling team is 6 out of 8 – in the league. Not even in the state. So that should make you feel better.)

    i think my dart team came in 4th out of 5 teams last season. BUT we were playing up in the upper division against the big guns so i was just happy not to be last. if you want to be impressed i can tell you that i was ranked like 14th or so in the state 🙂

  7. Shelley said

    Being ranked 10th is better than being ranked 12th so congratulations! Now hide those spit cups!

    but if they hid them, how would i have been able to snat a pic of them to share with yall!

  8. I don’t know why, I call it dumb luck, but I kick John’s ass every time I play him. I don’t even know how to aim, but I can hit a 20 or bulls eye at least once a game. Then my ego gets to me and I start hitting the wall. Congrats to you though!

    thanks! i can’t tell you how many times i’ve gotten beat by a beginner. there is some kind of magic mojo that beginners or ppl that dont play regularly have. thanks!

  9. Oh yeah, I haven’t even told you how bada*@ I am at Cricket! haha I used to play in tournaments with my Mom all the time when i was a teen…..yeah, she took me to bars! haha

    damn. i’m scared to play you then! i just started throwing darts a few years ago. you have waaay too much experience for me! 🙂

  10. Tony said

    that spit cup thing was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

    yeahh!! i hope i made you do a spit take or at least laugh real loud at work and make eveybody think you’re losing it! hehehe

  11. de-I said

    Free spit cups – that is definitely not something I’ve ever encountered.

    You NEVER tell any one there were only 12 teams in the tournament!

    i know really! i ALWAYS ene up telling on myself like that. don’t know what’s wrong me! i must be missing that lying/bullshitter gene! lol

  12. That looks like it was a fun day! The cups crack me up and Popeye’s chicken kicks KFC’s butt. Ahhh, the biscuits.

    aahhh the biscuits dunked in the redbeans and rice..mmmmmm kinda sucks there’s not one around here 😦 guess i’ll have to be making a trip to chattanoonga again.

  13. Momo Fali said

    Congratulations! I am very impressed!

    why thank you madam! although i can’t help wondering if you’re impressed with my post or the spit cups. i know it can’t be our teams performance! lol

  14. Good job on the photos of the spit cups and the homemade sign…that is redneck!

    thanks! that means a lot coming from an expert like you 🙂

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