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♥ wonderful valentine’s day wednesday ♥

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 18, 2009

i’m hoping to get this post done today, but i do have darts tonight so this might end up being a thursday post. we’ll see! 

on thursday or friday hubby asked me if i wanted to go out on a date for v-day. sure! (one less day to cook and one less day of feeling guilty about not cooking. that’s what going thru my head)

hubby: “where do you want to go?”

me: “where ever you decide to take me.” (i figure if he’s taking me out on a date, he should have to decide where, since that’s the worst part for us!)

hubby: “ooook.”

then saturday morning afternoon, i wake up and walk by the computer desk. yes, my hubby not only knows what to buy me (CHOCOLATE!!) but, he also knows where to place it so i will see it first thing 🙂 of course, while i am hugging him and telling him thank you, and how much i love him, i whisper and ask if this means i’m supposed to get him something too now. we don’t normally buy presents for each other on v-day. i assume since he broke the rule and bought me something, then he’s just screwed. how was i supposed to know he was gonna get all mushy on me all of sudden? at least he didn’t buy me cut flowers…he knows me better than that!


 i assumed we would be going to Cookeville since there are NO good places to eat around us. Cookeville has a “restaurant road” that no matter HOW early you try to get there, there are already people lined up and waiting outside. (hubby doesn’t do the waiting thing) i started getting ready around 3 or so figuring on trying to beat the main crush of people in cookeville.  of course, then you’re risking hitting the old fart, early bird, people so, you’re pretty much screwed no matter when you go.

i actually put makeup on (yuck) and dressed nic(er) than normal. i had to look good for my man, right? i come out all ready and he wants to know why i’m all dressed up. then says something like “well, hell. i guess i’m gonna have to go take a shower now”. umm yesss! if i’m wearing mascara & heels, you have to shower for our date. sheesh 🙂


( i tried to take a full length pic of us so you could see me in my heels and stuff, but it wasn’t happen’- oh and his cheesy grin? that’s because the 1st pic he looked like he was going to a funeral. he says you can’t tell the difference if he smiles or not because of the ‘stache. i think it makes a huge difference, especially when he really hams it up)

hubby is not in the mood to drive to cookeville. he says, “hey what about eating in Sparta?” once again i tell him it’s up to him, but that i have been craving some sushi. he decided to go to the Panda something or other japanese/chinese buffet place. it was actually pretty good and they had sushi (yeah) and some honey chicken that was yummy! oh, and those chinese donuts that were so sugary i had white lips everytime i took a bite. mmmmm

so we get our fortune cookies and mine says something weird about metaphysics (reminds me i need to google that and see just WHAT that is).


uhhh. yeah. right. thank’s for that wonderful insight.


now hubby’s on the other hand says something so sweet and perfect for valentine’s day…


awwwwww that’s me it’s talkin’ bout!  :))

so after dinner i mentioned going on to cookeville and watching a real movie. like a current movie, on a screen, with a snack stand. they have a new theater with the stadium seating and such so, i don’t mind going to that one. but, hubby put the kibosh on that one. he said he wanted to go home and watch a movie. ok, i’m more comfy at home and we can always hit the pause button for potty/smoke breaks 🙂 After the movie, we, um, played some half dressed darts (still to chilly for naked darts) and then went to bed early to finish off our valentine’s day with a BANG. hehe couldn’t resist that one!

♥ Hope Everybody Had a Great Valentine’s Day! ♥



8 Responses to “♥ wonderful valentine’s day wednesday ♥”

  1. OMGosh! I just realized your blog moved here! Each time I blog, I check your photo blog and I guess the old link! I’m so sorry. I’m glad to know this one is here! LOL!

    are you blonde too? lol i’m glad you found me! i thought i left a pretty good crumb trail, but i’m glad i put another reminder up over there yesterday 🙂

  2. And what a sweet Valentine’s Day – super cute picture!

    thanks! i actually don’t hate that one too much. i am NOT photogenic at all. well, i also don’t picture myself quite realistically in my head so when i see a pic it kinda shakes the foundation of my self portrait i have 🙂

  3. Maybe strip darts would be better…I’ll bet he wouldn’t finish in last place then…would he?

    that assumes that i would actually keep my clothes on long enough for me to lose a game! lol as long as it’s not freaking winter, the deadbolt gets thrown, the blinds are closed and i am nekkid! lol it’s great having all of the kids out of the house again 🙂

  4. territerri said

    Awww, you guys are so cute together! Glad you had a good dinner. I hate those “fortunes” that aren’t really fortunes.

    i know! me too but, at least his made up for it 🙂

  5. seashore said

    TMI at the end there dear!

    hahaha sorry darling dear, deal 🙂

  6. de-I said

    Yes, as Terri says, very cute – and you will love metaphysics once you look it up 🙂

    thank you and i’m gonna look it up soon. hopefully. if i ever get caught up reading 🙂

  7. He’s a real cutie! You make a great couple. I’m thinking you were probably lucky to get what you got out of him, right! 🙂 (Stop it! I’m talking about the DATE part!)

    yeah! oh the date part? yeah, i was lucky to get that too and quite surprised also 😉 maybe he isn’t ready to kill me for not working yet 🙂

  8. Karen said

    You can definitely tell the difference, cheeks and eyes look different when one smiles vs when they are not smiling, silly man! Awesome that he gots you one of the best brands of chocolate ever, totally sweet =)

    i know. he must not realise that his pretty blue eyes sparkle when he smiles. dang that was really close to mushy. i’ve decided that i might keep him around since he did so good with the chocolate.

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