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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 20, 2009


brought to you by Mrs. 4444

as i’m getting the g-kid dressed for gymnastics class tuesday:
me: come on, let’s put your gymnastic shorts on
g-kid: (very indignantly) those aren’t nasty! (i guess i need to work on my enunciation, huh?)


now we are at gymnastics. i pull his jeans off (shorts on underneath ppl) and he reaches around and tugs on the back of his shorts. i asked him if his shorts are falling off and did he need me to pull them up. his reply: no, sometimes i just get wedgies.


went for my sleep study test last week. good news: i know how to breathe while i’m sleeping. bad news: no “red flag” saying this is why you’re so exhausted every day. but at least i got a photo op out of it: (guys, don’t bother looking too close i photoshopped the nips outta there!)







got my hair cut today. woohoo. i love it. i just hopes it warms up soon or my neck is gonna be freezing!


 played darts wednesday nights at our “home bar” Night Moves (makes me think of bowel movements for some reason) for the first time. we kicked BUTT!!  23-8 was the final score. i got me another Ton (yeah!) i think that’s been one per week so far. i also won every game that i played except for the final team game. hey! i can’t carry 3 other ppl who musta been tipsy by that point. lol


i’m sure there was something else interesting or funny that happened this week but, for the life of me i can’t think of a single thing!


10 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. seashore said

    I know how gkid feels, “wedgies happen.” Like your hair!

    thanks! me too. well at least until i try to fix it myself and then i’ll see if i still like it 🙂

  2. Bad Momma said

    Nice Haircut! Congrats on kickin’ butt at night moves! I’m still trying to think of some tidbits for my “Friday Fragments” which are now “Sum it up Saturday” notes!

    i’ve gotta go back to writing stuff down during the week. i had a hard time coming up with all that stuff! lol

  3. territerri said

    You had to SLEEP with all that gear on you? So, no sleep apnea? That’s a good thing.

    Your g-kid is funny!

    yes, it’s a good thing but, i was kinda hoping for an explanation of why i’m so tired even after i wake up. i’m hoping that when they go into detail on their analysis they’ll find i’m not getting REM sleep or something to explain my probs. and yes my g-kid is quite funny and cute to boot. but i’m not prejudiced or anything 😉

  4. super mama said

    Like the hair cut nonna, and the phot opt of the sleep study lol. I do all the heart studies at my job…my patients have half the wires, but I totally know what each of those wires did that were hooked up to you. Did you try the thyroid test yet? Anyway…glad you had a good week, and gkid is so precious. Enjoy all your time with him:)

    i’m not sure about the thyroid. i know they’ve checked my thyroid somehow. maybe a blood test or something? they say it’s normal. i keep tellin them what’s wrong with me but, they won’t listen. i think it’s connective tissue disease. they say fibromyalgia. i’m about to give up on the dr.s i’m tired of test after test that is inconclusive

  5. NormA said

    dude! I like! BTW that photo of Gianni in your pack was soooo cute!

    DUDE!!! i got a comment out of you norma!! bout damn time! lol he is adorable isn’t he? and such a little prince he couldn’t make the whole hike on his own 🙂

  6. Your haircut is very cute! Loved the comment about the nasty shorts! heehee

    it was funny cuz he was truly just shocked that i would think his shorts were nasty. i think he was really offended, until i explained, and then when he realised he misunderstood me, it was like he “got the joke”. i don’t know sometimes that kid surprises me 🙂

    oh! and thanks on the hair 🙂

  7. Almost forgot; wonderful hospital shot, and the comment was very funny!

    and sadly it was true. i really should be a nipple model or something. they are alllways on the job lol

  8. de-I said

    I had some issues with sleep apnea – not fun. Hope they can find what the issue is. Have they checked thyroid function? I had that too.

    Like the haircut.

    i’ve pretty much given up on them figuring it out. this all started once my feet messed up in the army and that was in ’89-90. so i’ve been in pain for about 20 yrs. and should have radiation poisioning or at least glow in the dark by now 🙂

    thanks about the hair!

  9. Mr Lady said


    yeah the wires. they were even glued in my hair! but the worst was these little wires run behing my ears. OMGosh they made my poor wittle ears hurt!

  10. Karen said

    Totally sucktacular about the testing not finding anything but a negative test is important too, they run out of alternatives to look at! Middle sister has been having major issues that sound somewhat similar to your issues, hers seem to fit MS but her idiot doc didn’t know what that was and refuses to refer her to a neurologist nor test her for MS right now. She has been having the extreme exhaustion thing, they put her on aderol or something like that (ADHD med), her sleep test also came back normal. Her doc is a fricking moron, had his boss come in (he is a resident) and accused her of drug seeking without her asking for more narcotics and her not having refilled her last script for over a month… How do you get through med school in this day and age and not know what Multiple Sclerosis is?!

    Grandkiddy is cute as is your new hair. I don’t let them style it when I get a cut, I want to know what it will look like when I do the wash and wear thing. Besides my hair refuses to keep a style that does not involve a pony tail or bun, lol.

    i have no idea how somebody, especially a soon to be doc, could not know what MS is. that is so sad it’s not even funny! thanks, i’ve never thought about not letting them style it just to see how it would look wash and wear style. i would love to be able to grow my hair long enough to the the pony/bun thing. mine is so fine it breaks if it gets long enough to reach my shoulder.

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