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sooo stupid sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on February 22, 2009

why??    oh why??

why did  i do it?

didn’t i remember there was a reason why i quit playing softball? i quit because it hurt my back to swing the bat!!

so why, tell my why, did i all of  a sudden think i was Babe Ruth swinging for the fences? and as if that wasn’t bad enough, i then turned into Nolan Freaking Ryan and started throwing curve balls and sinkers and sliders (i was pretty damn good if i must say so).

then for some ungodly reason i decided to be John McEnroe.

I don’t even LIKE tennis. I don’t even know how to keep score in tennis much less play the damn game! but play i did.

and now i’m paying for it. dearly.

Wii is evil and has been sent here by our enemies to weaken us so they can attack while we are all laid up in bed (or at the puter) with sore muscles.

our only defense will be the ben-gay. we will slip right thru their graspses

and then just flop on the ground like fish. not a very good defense actually.

i’m so glad me &  hubby had fun last night before the sore muscles kicked in. i don’t think i’m gonna be able to have sex for at least 2 weeks now. it hurts too much to breathe

if anybody dares to make me laugh today i will hunt you down     and,    and,     oh shoot!  

i’m full of empty threats today.

maybe i’ll tickle you till you pee your pants or something…


19 Responses to “sooo stupid sunday”

  1. No please, anything but tickling. I’m laid up with a pulled boob muscle. Nothing to do with Wii though. A tenner says you’re back at it in less than a week. I hear its addictive:)

    i’ll take you up on that bet, cuz i don’t have the Wii. we went to hubby’s friends’ house for a party last night so i won’t have to worry about repeating it any time soon

  2. de-I said

    These kinds of events keep occurring until finally you take so long to recuperate that you learn that if you want to do any physical activity, it has to be within the limits of your deteriorating, aging body. In my experience this happens around mid-50’s. Now I’m happy to just do what I can still do and I try real hard to not screw it up by hurting myself – a pain but better than not being able to do anything.

    well, i guess @ 37 i’m limited to sitting on my ass, and even that hurts 🙂

  3. Melisa said

    Ouchie. Poor thing.

    Can I have your Wii, now that you’re done with it? 🙂

    nope don’t have my own yet. i’ll take charity if anybody wants to donate one though. i have no pride.

  4. territerri said

    LOL! Using the Wii as an excuse for getting out of sex. Why didn’t I think of that???

    Whatever you do, if you ever want to have sex again, do NOT try the boxing. Consider yourself warned!

    get out of having sex?? why would i want to do that? i’m always beggin him for it. dang old fart. LOL

  5. super mama said

    lol Love it! I heard the wii is evil…we want one so bad! Just remember the more you play the less it will hurt…and for crying out loud chica stretch first, then at least you can get some without the pain! 🙂

    i know i want the Wii fit so bad i can taste it. i have resisted the urge to look them up on ebay to see how much they are. it really wouldn’t matter if they were 100$ i can’t justify it right now.

  6. Someone needs to invent a Wii sex game for us guys…then we can leave you ladies alone. 😉

    did you see alec balwin on SLN doing the Wii skit? disgustingly funny.

    i would not be happy if my hubby started leavin me alone in favor of a game. don’t be giving him any ideas.

  7. Tony said

    we just got a Wii but only have little kid games though. It was funny watching me swing the controller up, down and around trying to get Bolt the dog to do what I wanted him to do. My six year old nephew is much better at it than I am.

    if it’s funny watching you play it then i want a VIDEO of it! i think everybody was laughing at me and dodging me cuz they were afraid i was gonna take their heads off with the bat or tennis racket

  8. captaindumbass said

    Bouncing back from a day on the couch is a breeze. You outta try it.

    i am queen of the couch. i just thought i would be stupid and get off of it the other night

  9. seashore said

    whose wii were you playing?

    chris/dauber he is rickey’s friend that works at the lawn mower shop.

  10. Rock Chef said

    Don’t worry – play Raging Rabids and you will be able to shoot any foes to pieces! 🙂

    i’m not sure if that’s legal in TN

  11. kel said

    I love wii! I want wii fit.. but so far we are making due with tennis, bowling and boxing!

    yeah i want Wii fit too. so far i’m making due with nothing. lol

  12. Well, it sounds like good exercise, that’s for sure!

    i think i could definitely lose weight/tone up if i played it regularly. well that’s if i didn’t seriously injure myself first trying to throw a sinking sliding curving fastball lol

  13. Rock Chef said

    Getting out of sex? I have heard that this goes on, but thought it was something that my wife told me to make me feel lucky!

    all i know is if somebody’s wanting to get out of sex, they’re not doing it right! lol

  14. Mrs4444 said

    So far, I’ve managed to avoid the Wii 🙂 I could use the exercise, though…

    whatever you do, just start off easy and don’t swing for the fences until you get used to it. hmmm stretching before hand might be wise too 🙂

  15. Rock Chef said

    Reserch at the Uni that I work at shows that in our part of England, WiiFit is THE most popular form of exercise! Astonishing!

    it makes sense. most ppl dont want to exercise cuz its boring and monotonous. wii makes it fun to torture yourself 🙂

  16. Momo Fali said

    On about the third day after we got our Wii, I thought for sure I was going to need shoulder surgery.

    that is too funny! not funny that your shoulder hurt, just that i had similar thoughts! i was kept saying to myself, it’s just sore muscles everybody pulls muscles, but i just knew i was gonna end up having to go to the dr. thank goodness it got better!

  17. Shelley said

    Lol at the Wii exercise!! Don’t hurt yourself!!

    too late. i did but it’s better now. i’m just glad i can’t afford a wii. i think it would be the death of me if i could.

  18. tom said

    Stretch. Always remember to stretch. And, watch out for four-year-old’s heads during a backhand swing.

    lol that sounds like advice from experience. i don’t think any amount of stretching could get me ready for that night. especially considering how immobile i’ve been lately. can’t wait for warm weather so i can play outside with the g-kid. that’s about the extent of my exercising.

  19. Karen said

    You should do geriatric water aerobics, it is easier and fun and you could build up slowly and then be ready to have Melisa kick your ass when I con her into being my water aerobics instructor and you come to visit us in Chitown =)!

    i’m either gonna get the VA to let me use their pool, send me somewhere on fee basis, or find an indoor city pool in one of the cities near me (hopefully). i will be so ready for melisa. maybe. lol

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