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more excuses monday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 2, 2009

well maybe not more excuses. more like excuses again but, that would mess up my alliteration thing i’ve got going on. it’s so hard to come up with stuff to blog about when you’re sitting on your butt, in your house, with no one else around. i only have 3 days of watchin the g-kid a week and he’s sleeping through almost all of that so i don’t even get funny things from him for my fodder. i guess i could steal the couple things jamie has told me lately that he has said or done but, i keep expecting her to post something some day so i figure she would like to be able to use those for her blog.

i guess this is gonna be a totally random, hodge podge of things since i don’t really have anything to say. do you think you can get bed sores on your butt from sitting at the computer or on the couch?? i’m starting to think that you can. i’m gonna have to make myself get up every couple of hours and go take a walk around the trees behind my house. but not today. it’s too cold. oh! and speaking of cold…i was sitting outside yesterday having a cigarette (yeah, more sitting) and i saw SNOW in a couple of shady spots. i went inside and exclaimed to hubby, “there is snow out there!”. he looked at me (with a little disgust i think) and said, “uh yeah. we had about an inch or so this morning. (it’s about 2pm at this time and i had recently arose) they got about 4 inches in town.” What?? you gotta be kidding me! they don’t need 4 inches in town! that’s not fair! he informs me that at some point this morning he looked outside and it was all white. i tell him, “i can’t believe you didn’t wake me up for the snow. you know if we were to get 4 inches out here and you didn’t wake me up that you would be in big trouble, right?”  he smiled and said he never knows when i had gone to sleep and that he doesn’t want to wake me up for fear of my wrath if i had just gotten to sleep. i informed him that snow trumps sleep anytime there is enough to go out and slide in it. set him straight. i hope.

so my granny (mom’s mom) is in the hospital. again. she lives with my mom & step-dad and i guess my ex-communicated brother too (since he is mooching off the parents, again). well, granny fell the other night (mom said it was more like a slide to the floor, which for some reason strikes me as funny) and the 3 of them couldn’t get her back up. granny is a large person. i’m still not sure what is exactly wrong with granny but, i talked to her today and she seemed pretty with it. she is having to stay in the hospital for therapy before she can come back home. since she is rather heavy, she has to be able to walk around on her own before mom & tom can take care of her.  i’m sure, as anybody out there that has had to take care of somebody knows, it’s a very demanding and frustrating thing. granny has some dementia, just enough to drive you up the wall. she forgets everything you tell her and asks the same questions over and over. she is also the queen of complaining about her ailments. i’m sure that’s where i get it from. so, i’m kind of glad that she is having therapy in the hospital. it’s giving mom a much needed and deserved break.

total subject change. keep up with me here peeps. so, my hubby likes to restore old trucks. he buys a lot of his parts and such from this company called LMC Truck. these people drive me bonkers! me & his kids all wanted to pitch in and get him a gift certificate for christmas. so i go online to their website. i scour it for quite awhile trying to find something about buying a gift certificate. i give up and call them. oh, you can’t buy them online, you have to do that over the phone. ok. so i tell her what i want, who it is for, etc. then she informs me that it is going to cost me 8 bucks to mail a gift certificate. i mention that since it’s still a couple weeks until christmas that they can just mail it to me standard mail. should cost me the cost of a stamp, right? oh nooo. they only overnight them. i repeat that i don’t need it overnight. doesn’t matter. whatever! so i pay the freakin 8 dollars and get the certificate. they spelled his name wrong. i spelled his name to the chick at least twice. it’s not a hard name. R-I-C-K-E-Y. another whatever. last night he asks me to place an order for him because, of course, you can’t do it online. i called them. oh noooo you can’t use the gift certificate online, over the phone OR by fax. we must write out the order on a form and SNAIL mail the order with the accompanying gift certificate. i made sure to inform the lady that it was ridiculous to have to pay 8 bucks for the thing and then you can’t even use the certificate # to order something! she informs me that they no longer charge the 8 buck fee. it’s free. oh boy! too bad for me that we bought it in december.

let’s see. what else can i complain talk write about? oh we got beat in darts like 26-11 last week. we did better than i thought we would so i was actually happy with that score. plus, i won my singles match which always cheers me up. oh, and i’ve brought my average up to .62 from .54 woohoo me! oh, and somebody has even put up a website for our league. i haven’t really taken the time to click on everything so i have no idea if all of the tabs and links work but, if you’re interested you can go look and see how my team is doing. oops. just got week 4’s stats and my average dropped back down to .55 boo! oh, well that’s what happens when you play a better team 🙂 here’s the league website. my team is NAD (Need Another Dart) oh, and you won’t find Nonna on there either. my name is shannon hitchcock if you don’t know that already 🙂 it looks like if you click on the Spring ’09 stats on the left it will take you to a “summary” of the different divisions and their standings and then you can open a doc down below to pull up the actually stat sheets.

ok, hubby is home and i’m gonna shut up now. you would think since this is so long that i could have wrote a little of this every couple of days but, you get what you get when you get it. i know. it’s not fair but, mom always told me life’s not fair, get over it.


10 Responses to “more excuses monday”

  1. Rock Chef said

    We gave up on gift certificates long ago – we just say something like “You can spend £50 on toy soldiers”. Works a treat.

    Hope your Granny is OK. Things like that worry me.

    thanks for the well wishes and i think next time we’ll just get him a card and cash lol

  2. Tiff said

    Take my snow. please.
    I don’t know if you can get bed sores from sitting on your butt at the computer, but I do know from personal experience that after a while your butt will start to resemble some sort of food, such as pancakes or waffles…
    Glad your Granny is okay!
    And the deal with the gift certificate, what a crock! they should give you your $8.00 back!

    i’m saying! i must have been in a very generous mood when i talked to them. i normally would have thrown a fit and made them give me my 8 bucks back. guess they were lucky. i figured the food you were talking about would have been cottage cheese lol

  3. I love the “brain-to-keyboard” post. Some of them can get downright scary, but you held it together well.

    ha! alll of my posts are brain-2-keyboard. does that mean that others actually like write a rough draft and then revise it etc?? i don’t think i would ever blog if that was the case. that sounds too much like writing something for school and i hate writing. which i guess is kinda stupid since i’m writing a blog now. lol

  4. super mama said

    damn company…I would go on strike with them! lol 🙂 Glad to see you finally posted…have a good week!

    yeah i even considered threatening them with not using them and telling everybody else not too but i’m pretty sure that’s the only place hubby can find some of the parts. you have a good week too!

  5. de-I said

    Nice to see you back. After the post about the back injury I had images of you in bed, in agony, doped up on pain killers.

    nope my back was ok. i did get that stupid sciatic pain again this week so i was spending a lot of time trying to stretch the muscles on that leg. i don’t even think i can get doped up on pain killers. i take them so much that they really have no effect anymore. well, other than making me constipated. why can’t they figure out how to kill the pain without stopping up the plumbing is beyond me.

  6. Bad Momma said

    Glad to hear you are getting some snow & cold weather! I am hoping tonight is the last cold winter night. Where’s global warming when you need it?

    Hope granny is o.k. by now.

    You should make that company refund your $8.

    yeah this week started off at 20 degrees and it’s gonna end up at 74 degrees. i’m ready for spring. i’m tired of wearing long johns in my house to keep from shivering! granny is do good. she got up some & did therapy for 3 hrs yesterday. that $8 is killing me now. i wish i had been my normal aggressive self on the phone the other day.

  7. territerri said

    I can’t believe he didn’t wake you up for the snow!!! I have an idea. Come here. I’ll go there. You take my snow. I’ll take your lack of snow.

    The gift certificate thing is a SCAM! I’d have let loose on someone at that place.

    i can’t go there. you’re too close to my lil bro & his wife. then i’d have to go visit them and that is NOT happening. although i’d like to see my niece & nephew, i won’t go to their house again. guess i should blog that story.

  8. Momo Fali said

    Aw, poor Granny! I hope she’s better soon.

    (And, I can’t recall ever coming here and reading that you lost at darts!)

    i know. even the great ones must fall from time to time 🙂

  9. Tony said

    sometimes we get snow here but nothing like we got this past December – it was crazy I’d never seen so much snow in Vegas. I had to give my friend a ride to the car rental place so he could pick up a car to go see his family in California and what should have been a 30 minute trip ended up being four hours long because of all the snow and crazy drivers out there that night.

    yeah, my step-kid lives up in WA at the army fort up there. he says it’s been crazy cold and snowing way more than they usually get up there.

  10. I’ll confess, I did not read this entire post, but I do have a little commenting to do. First, keep a notebook to record fragments for Friday next week; I guarantee you will come up with some gems 🙂 Second, sorry about your grandma, and I hope she’s feeling better soon. Finally, we are scheduled for 6-10 inches of snow on Sunday. Yup. Sorry, I know you’re jealous. 🙂

    that’s ok for not reading it all. it wasn’t very exciting to begin with :). i am in the middle of working on an even LONGER post if that is even possible. i don’t know what it is but something got my juices flowing again..

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