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Friday Fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 6, 2009

F.Y.I. -paragraph breaks usually mean my brain has jumped tracks…so don’t forget to keep up 😉

yeah!!! i’m back to the land of the living again! i picked up the g-kid and took him over to his uncl’e house (our oldest) and we got to hang out with, not only Randy & baby Reagen, BUT the granny & grandpa showed up there too! luckily i had a naptime schedule that i needed to keep g-kid to so we only stayed for an hour or so then headed home for his nap.

driving the g-kid to gymnastic classes on tuesday we had to run by the electric company. they had some beautiful buttercups blooming(0f course no camera) and i pointed them out to james. here is the convo that followed:

james: was dat yewwo stuff ? 

me: those are buttercups or daffodils. they are flowers that are blooming.

james: NO, i meant dat yewwo stuff, right there (pointing)

me: what yellow stuff, i don’t see any yellow except for the flowers…

james: dat yewwo stuff on the WINDOW.  (guess he thinks i’m stupide so he says it louder, hehe)

me: oh. that’s bird poop.

james: (with a totally wrinkled up nose) ewww that’s dirty. you need to take your car through the car wash.

me: why? it’s on the outside so it’s not bothering me.

james: dat’s dirty! i  don’t wike my stuff dirty. i like my stuff cwean cwean!

me: well the car wash cost money. what about if we just wait and let poppa clean it off for free.

james: ok. but if it was my tar i would cwean it NOW. (still wearing that wrinkle now, i smell somthing bad face) LOL

while babysitting the g-lid, they have this crazy, neurotic, min pin (which is a dog for all you cat ppl out there) that i get to babysit along with the g-kid, oh joy. well, for some reason she was obssesed with me and dying for attention all day. everytime i was typing on the computer she would try to nibble on my hands. when i got her to stop that, she decided for some strange reason that the back of my neck tasted really good. next thing i know she gives me a wet willy! i told james (g-kid) what she had done and he didn’t know what a wet willy is!! what kind of parent raises a 3 y/o boy and doesn’t teach him one of the necessary girl tortures?? so i gave him a wet willy much to his dismay then whispered “you should do that to mommy when she gets home from work”.  you know what this totally deprived child told  me? “There is NO WAY i am gonna do that to my mommy!!” LOL he’s such a sweetheart!

at the last minute last night, i was warned that i would be watching the g-kid again tomorrow. not a big deal, i enjoy doing it. the only thing that bothers me is that i have no memory of that converstation. so much for sleeping as late as i wanted to do today. oh. what really gets me steamed is that “The Bitch” (the ex & trust me she earned the name) doesn’t care about anybody else’s plans. she  has to go get her hair done, in Nashville, of course. the bad part is, she owns her own buisness which means she could fit this into her schedule easier. she is screwing with me (or trying to-i’m not gonna let her get my goose) which sucks but the worst part is that she won’t even watch him for 3-4 hours so jamie and come play darts with us. we have played 5 weeks now and she has gotten to play once but, only because the babby’s daddy took him to the circus.

speaking of darts…oh you weren’t…well you are now  🙂  we had to play the best team out of allthe divisions last night. i was trilled to even win 1-3 in my singles matchup. hubby & i played doubles 501 and actually pulled off a WIN 2-1. we had a great night. my sis AND my cuz who has a non-profit orinization (from nashville-i’ll tell you more about him soon) were there along with obviously all the other dart players/friends. as they say, a good time was had by all  🙂



it is with the Census Bureau and might not sound like much since it only lasts for 8-10 weeks, but the pay (14.5/hr) is great! they also pay milege at 55 cents a mile. i have to go to nashville in the middle of april to do a week long training program then i will become an “enumerator” (person that goes door to door). hopefully CUZ will be allowing me to crash in his apartment cuz there is now way i could get up early enough to drive to nashville and be there all brite eyed and busytailed. tjere are obviously, many reasons why i am thrilled to get this job but i am also scared to death it will miss up my chances of receiving my disablitly benefits. i shoud hear if they settle or if i’m to go to court around around june or so. of course i wouln’t be … side tracked by t.v. or meds or something  Oh i need the money to cover silly hubby’s tax boo boo. he let his employer put him down on a freaking 1099 instead of and hourly wage. with my not working for the last few years that has put a serious crimp on our fundage. hopefully, i will be able to make enough to cover his takes, but not so much that they kick me out of disability benefits.

ok, sat here long enough. my but is sore. adios amigos!


7 Responses to “Friday Fragments”

  1. territerri said

    Little kids are SO cute! Sometimes I miss mine being little but then I remember how nice it is that they LIKE to sleep now.

    Congrats on the darts win AND your awesome new job!

    that’s one of the best qualities of the g-kid. he loves to sleep, always has even as a newborn! thanks! too bad the job only lasts 8-10 weeks but it will bring in some much needed money to pay our taxes!

  2. You sound busy (but happy). Congrats on the job! You are not allowed to complain about that dog after hearing this: My neighbors have a psychotic min-pin that is also DEAF. And I mean that literally; this dog cannot hear, which adds to her anxiety and increases everyone else’s, because she doesn’t “listen” to anyone. (I want to kill her.)

    Better late than never!

    i think that’s my new motto…Better late than Never

  3. Bad Momma said

    Congrats on the new job; should be good blog material. What are you teaching your g-kid? If they only knew…..!!!! Wet willy???? He has a few years to learn this stuff.

    he’s got it down pat now. i didn’t even think about all the good blog fodder my job will be giving me. woohoo!

  4. Rock Chef said

    OK, what is a wet willy? Not a phrase I have heard over here in England – but it is conjuring up all sorts of horrible images!

    Congrats on the job – who knows, one day I might be doing maps with your data!

    a wet willy is when you lick your finger and stick it in somebody’s ear. now, why exactly we do that here i don’t know. lol thanks for the job congrats!

  5. Chaching! I finally turned my brain on on and figured out that my blogroll link for you was to the old site!!!!!!
    I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth! I am such a moron sometimes! I am so happy to have you back.

    big doofus hehe you haven’t missed much though as i’ve been too lazy/boring to write. i have been trying to catch up on my reading and commenting but i don’t think i ever will. it would be nice if everybody on my blogroll would take a 2-3 day vacation so i could catch up.

  6. de-I said

    Working is good…at least for the spirit. All these tax and insurance regulations and conflicts can drive you to drink…ex-spouses and children issues are the pits for the grandparents.

    i hope working is good for my spirit cuz right now its not very happy and yeah, ex’s suck. big time 🙂

  7. Karen said

    If you meet Niecey you have to swear not to teach her wet willy or anything else that I deem disgusting and unacceptable, she already has Cheryl being a bad influence! I am so shocked that so far she is still going to kindergarten at the school, we have been expecting her to get kicked out and need to be home-kindergartened since she was like 2!

    Congrats on the job, and I hope they have it fixed so the tax thing is not a problem next year, that totally sucks. Cheryl would drool over the idea of having a kid that likes things cwean around, lols.

    i promise not to teach niecey about wet willies. (totally have my fingers crossed too) my sis was a TERROR in kindergarten/elementary school. she actually kicked the teacher! i thought for sure she would get booted before she finished 5th grade! hopefully, i’ll make enough with the census bureau to put some aside for next year’s taxes. i am totally gonna use the g-kid as a maid if he still likes cwean things when he’s older 🙂

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