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two in a row! thursday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 12, 2009

what is this?? i’m posting 2 days in a row?? well, kinda. just wanted to pop in and say that if you’re looking for me today then check out my blogroll. i am gonna do my bestest to read & comment on all the posts i’ve missed lately.

g-kid is coming over this afternoon and spending the night with us, woohoo. i’m still waiting for some craft project sugestions to do with a 3 y/o. don’t be shy…comment!

i’ll see you around my blogroll….


5 Responses to “two in a row! thursday”

  1. de-I said

    Hah – just lettin’ you know I’m checking 🙂

    why thank you kind sir. i’ve been checkin you out too 😉

  2. OhCaptain said

    I’ll be in Toronto Canada this weekend. Maybe posting. All depends on if I can find the internets…I gotta turn my data off on my iPhone…me, with no intertubes…I’m frightened. Hold me 😉

    i don’t know, i could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure the canadians have heard of the internet. they might even have wi-fi spots. don’t be scared. i’ll hold down the fort for ya in TN 😉

  3. My youngest preschool class just “painted with there toes”. They held paintbrushes between their toes and made beautiful atrwork that was incredibly fun.

    that sounds like fun. i think we might have to do that one but i don’t have any paint here. maybe when it warms up some we’ll try that out on the porch.

  4. Rock Chef said

    How about making something for Easter? Little nests for putting chocolate eggs into? Something like that?

    this is sounding good but, um, how do i make these nests? i’m a beginner here i need some instruction 🙂

  5. Leavin’ the light on for ya…

    hope it doesn’t burn out 🙂

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