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wow, i’m actually posting, wednesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 12, 2009

so, we had darts tonight and it was a really close match. we split singles pretty evenly, then we swept 501 doubles, then they  swept cricket doubles. score was 16 them 14 us and all that was left was the team game which is worth 4 points. we lost it 😦 final score was 14-20. we were soooo close to winning the team game too. oh well, you win some you lose some. of course the goNADs seem to be losing more than winning lately but, i think we’re still in 2nd place. Jamie finally got to play with us tonight (after much jerking around by the Bitch (hubby’s ex)). she did great! she got 2 tons tonight. i managed to get one ton and  3 bulls (in one turn which is extra skill points for scoring that). now that you know more than you wanted to about our dart night i will try to catch ya up on my week.

Sunday me & sis went up to mom’s and then we all went to visit granny in the hospital. she was doing better but for the first time it hit me that she is actually starting to look old. like getting ready to die old, not just older. it’s sad and scary. we’ve always had a special relationship. i used to come up to TN from FL and spend a month or more with her during the summers. she taught me how to catch blue gills, pick black berries, and can peaches. i didn’t necessarily like the whole canning process but i did it anyways. when i was in 2nd grade she lived with us and we shared a room. i learned to go to sleep listening to country music and watching the Braves or the Bucs on tv with the volume turned off. she would also save me from the punishment of going to my room hungry because i wouldn’t eat my dinner. she always had a stash of candy handy to share with me. i know she’s in her 80’s but she’s my granny. she’s always been there for me to talk to when i needed it and to whip me with a switch when i needed that. she is out of the hospital and back home but you can tell she’s kinda starting to fade away.

enough of that depressing shit.

let’s see. Monday, oh joy. i got to go to the VA for my checkup which i dread because, for some asinine reason, anytime i have to talk to my Dr. about how I’m feeling etc. i start crying. which leads to the whole do you think you need to talk to somebody (meaning are you suicidal? maybe you should see the shrink). i always tell doc that no, I’m not depressed about life in general. i just get frustrated and depressed about my stupid body that wants to fall apart in weird ways that nobody can actually pinpoint the cause of. it makes me feel like maybe i am crazy and it’s all in my head, when i know it really isn’t.

so, this time after i told her that i didn’t give a crap about my high cholesterol because all it meant was that i might have a heart attack in the next 10-20 years which would effectively stop all the pain, she asked me again about talking to somebody. i finally agreed. i don’t know/think that I’m clinically depressed but at least if i go and talk to somebody they will either agree and back me up or not agree and give me yet one more drug to add to my rapidly growing daily doses. the good side of this visit is that she has put in consults to rheumatology so i can see if i can get them to look more closely at connective tissue disorders being the cause of my problems. she also, finally, put in a consult to the physical therapist to do some work on my neck and shoulders. she put in a consult for the eye doc (woohoo-free glasses) and a vascular surgery consult for something to do with plaque in my carotid arteries. so the up side to all of these consults is that I’m getting 38 bucks! for each trip to the doc and now that gas has gone down it’s not costing me that much so, i will in essence be getting paid to go to the doctor. you can’t beat that!

on to tuesday. hmmmm oh, i went and babysat g-kid and took him to gymnastics. then i headed off to cookeville for my stinking allergy shots (they are really messing my arms up all of a sudden and i’m not enjoying them). i also was on a mission to find a charger for my granny’s scooter so i could use it at the car shows and such this summer. that way hubby can walk to his heart’s content and i can last as long as he wants. granny lost her charger (i’m thinking during the move from her house to my mom’s) and nobody can find it. well, i called mom and told them to keep looking. they want 85 freaking dollars for a cord to plug into the battery pack and into the outlet. give me a break! 

so, i got home from cookeville and see hubby out back messing with our muscadine vines (like a wild grape but different). they have realllllly grown too much and are basically pulling down our trellis that we (he) built. so we are whacking them all back down to the main trunk lines. (i have no flippin’ clue if that’s the right terminology, just go with it) so i go get my garden gloves and dive in. he’s using metal snips and i’m using our dog’s toenail clippers (lol they worked better than the snips!). so we cut and pulled and pulled and cut vines till it got dark. now, hubby has no gloves on. i do. i end up looking like i got in a fight with a rabid cat! i have scratches from my wrists up past my elbows. i look at hubby’s arms. not a scratch one. WTF?? this is totally unfair in my opinion. Oh, i forgot that we started this on monday eve. so tuesday was the second day of pulling vines. i have killed my hand with the clippers but, at least it’s done now. hopefully we will do it right this time and only have a few leaders off of each plant and trim them each year.

well, i think that pretty much catches you up for this week. the g-kid is gonna get to come out tomorrow and spend the night so hopefully i will have some good funnies for you. we are gonna try to do some type of craft project for his mom. i haven’t figured out what yet, so if anybody has any ideas for 3 y/o type projects let me know.

oh, and if any of y’all have actually missed me and my smart aleck comments, never fear, i will be doing my darndest to catch up. i am promising to read all posts and i will try to comment somewhere just to let you know that i’ve been there. 🙂


7 Responses to “wow, i’m actually posting, wednesday”

  1. Rock Chef said

    It is sad when people get old, but it sounds like life has been pretty good for her.

    Vines? Argh! My mom used to have things like this growing up the side of her house! Keep then under control, her stuff grew everywhere! It was a nightmare!
    I let my brother deal with it 🙂

    it is sad but your comment def made me laugh so that helps 😉

  2. Bad Momma said

    Hope things work out with the doctor. I blame my mood swings on my hormones and I need to be alone when I feel one coming on and have some quiet time or I start to snap.

    While I think it might be a good thing to have someone to talk to, I hope your doctor is doing blood work and watching your chemistry. It is possible that your medications are interacting with each other in a not so great way.

    When I was having headaches and other issues, I had blood work done and found my Estrogen had bottomed out. The doctor recommended hormone replacement but I opted not to. Sometimes knowing why you feel a certain way (both mentally & physically) is half the battle.

    yeah she does lots of blood work on me. i’m on hormones already cuz (guys-close your eyes. wait that wont work. just skip this part) i only have 1 ovary left and the night sweats were just too bad so i’ve been on estrogens since 2005. she’s checked for everything believe me. i am one of those webMD types and i’ve researched and researched and had her test for everything under the sun. she’s diagnosed fibromyalgia – i think that’s secondary to connective tissue disorder – but nobody has figured out why my WBC is always high. even on antibiotics its come in at 25,000 sometimes.

  3. You have such wonderful memories of your grandmother. Thank you for sharing them. I’m sending hugs your way.

    i’m accepting hugs today too! what a coincidence! thank you 🙂

  4. territerri said

    It is so hard to watch your grandparents grow old. I miss mine.

    I don’t understand the darts scoring in the least, and sorry you lost, but it sounds like you had fun anyway.

    yeah, i’ve already lost all of my grandparents except my granny and my great-grandmother mimi, who will be 102!! this august.

    oh yeah, i always have fun. i’m competitive as all get out but i’m also a very good sport 🙂

  5. Nothing like having the little ones in the house to liven things up a bit and get you looking at things from a different angle!!!

    yeah the only bad part is that i’m not gonna be able to sleep until 1:30pm. i think i’m gonna die tomorrow morning 🙂

  6. seashore said

    That stinks! You didn’t tell me that the cord was so much!

    well crap, i can’t tell you everything! then you wouldn’t have any reason to read my blog silly goose.

  7. Norene said

    Sis, my friend sent this to me in an email, she’s in a wheelchair, so her advice is good advice:

    Read your sis’ blog…. if all she needs is charger box 2 wall cord I think called “AC power Lead” i’d take box & happy ass here ask if they have/can order new power cord if NOT have hubby check Amps & volts should be listed on charger box itself somewhere, make him twist & bend & squint 2 find 😉

    try ordering frm call or email 4 not on site list AS long as ur Sure port/holes & amp/volt # match she should be fine

    “medical equip ppl” are like car dealers… any time u can get something they sell from else where almost always cheaper.

    hope ur granny is comfortable 4 as long as possible at least too

    tell her i said thank you, thank you, thank you. also, tell her to stop lurking and come out and comment so i can “meet” her. lol although i am super amp’d just to know there is somebody out there reading that i didn’t know about 🙂

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