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suddenly, i’m a sleep writer, sunday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 15, 2009

Yeah, so sue me. i was gonna post on friday but it just didn’t work out that way and then saturday just kinda wooshed by me. so here it is sunday and it’s 9:13 in the freakin a.m. and i’m pretty sure fragments are about all i can handle. yes,not my usual 12:30-1:30 wake up call. i’m babysitting. a dog. who for some reason has decided he has to go outside like every 5 min. just to pee all over my irises. don’t get me wrong now, he’s a cute little booger:


and well behaved. i just think he’s a little neurotic and that doesn’t help my sleeping. course i guess i can’t blame it all on him…

I’m taking a new medicine (lyrica) that i stupidly thought was gonna be a panacea for all of my aches and pains. so far, all it has done is made me feel weird during the day, not go to sleep good, and last night, my muscles just started randomly twitching. not to  mention the wonderful weight gain side effect. like my stomach and butt need that.

But, the really crazy thing is, last night i was dreaming (kind of) and then i realized that i was reading a story to myself, in my head, that i haven’t read before! so, does this mean that all of a sudden i’m a lyrica induced sleep writer?? i’ve always thought it would be cool to be a writer but, a) i also hated writing (i know i’m weird) b) i never could figure out how people made up all that stuff. you know, like the conversations and the descriptions of the surroundings.

But, this “book” i was reading to myself was good! and then i realized that the 1st dream of the night was the same way. of course, while i can remember some details and the basic story of both dreams i doubt i could get it all down. i’m just wondering if i should keep a note pad by the bed but then i’d never get any sleep and who the heck wants to hand write a whole book? i know i can’t seem to write more than a couple of lines without getting cramps in my hand now a days.

Plus, i don’t know if i wake up enough to write it, if the story will keep coming. maybe i could talk it as it comes to me and record it. although, i don’t think hubby would appreciate that route. course, if i didend up writing a book and getting it published then we could be rich. he probably wouldn’t mind having to sleep in the other room if we were rolling in the dough. i know pipe dreams but, hey, if i can’t have real dreams where i’m actually freaking ASLEEP then why can’t i have pipe dreams while i’m awake?


10 Responses to “suddenly, i’m a sleep writer, sunday”

  1. Too funny! You have to start sleep blogging! sleep near the computer, and maybe it will be like when people eat and drive in their sleep! And you might get your best and most trippin’ posts out of it.

    that might work! i guess i’m sleeping on the love seat tonight. good thing i’m so short since i don’t have a couch.

  2. momma said

    If this thing goes out again be warned or happy whichever I will never write again. I think you are unique. Just look at it this way if you sleep long enough you might not only be rich you might win a pulitzer. I’m surprised you didn’t dream me writing the book.

    yeah it worked! why would i be happy if it didn’t?? i LOVE getting comments! i didn’t dream about you but i did dream about horses. imagine that 🙂

  3. super mama said

    record it chica, hubby will understand when the check book is fat! 🙂 hope the side effects wear off soon!

    me too! i think i’d rather have sore muscles/joints then get any fatter than i already am! not to mention i get reallllly cranky when somebody/thing messes with my sleep 🙂

  4. de-I said

    Absolutely you should be recording this stuff. Yes, keep the notebook by the bed. As far as pain goes, I’ve just gotten to the point where I accept it.

    i guess i’m not to that point yet. seeing as i’m 37 and have been in pain since i was 18 you’d think i would be but, dangit, i’m too young for this crap! hubby always told me he was too old (he’s 18 yrs older) for me and that i should find somebody younger. i told him there wasn’t any way i could keep up with somebody my age and that he would be pushing me around in a wheel chair way before he needed one! lol

  5. seashore said

    You actually got up for the dog? I’m sure your sis appreciates you!

    she better and of course i got up for the dog. it’s hard to sleep through weird noises. now if i could have slept through them he’d have been crossing his legs til i got up. 🙂

  6. Rock Chef said

    Aw, cute dog!

    Have a go at writing the story. I have a few stories and a movie that I want to write, so why can’t you?

    umm cuz i can’t remember it all now? sides that sounds like a lot of work and why haven’t you wrote yours yet?

  7. kel said

    That dog is ADORABLE!

    isn’t he? he’s one of those that’s so ugly he’s cute. he got attacked by a jack russel, shut up, it’s not funny, and now his tongue comes out of the side of his mouth when he’s trying to lick you. hush! i said no laughing! actually i think it’s hysterical. not that he got hurt but that his tongue comes out the side. it even hangs out the side sometimes when he’s sleeping. 🙂

  8. I think I actually sleep blog, I know it’s sad! Cute dog!

    i think i must be doing some sleep blogging too. i went to look at a post from micro and read it and thought it was new (to me) and then saw i already posted a comment! that’s messed up. i have no memory of reading it or posting a comment lol

  9. Momo Fali said

    Wow. I recently dreamed that there was atomic dust in my house and that we were all going to die…which probably wouldn’t be the most uplifting story. I need to get some of that medicine!

    i don’t know. do you want an instant inflation of your spare tire? or if you’re lucky to not have one already you could get one instantly. lol

  10. Tony said

    record it – maybe post a few paragraphs here so we can look into your sleeping mind 🙂

    i’m hoping it happens again. so far it hasn’t 😦 all it’s (the meds) done recently is make me wake up with a migraine. yeah me.

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