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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 20, 2009

time for some more friday fragments! yeah! go ahead you can cheer if you want to.


this is what my cat cali did to entertain herself while i was babysitting my sis’ little chihuahua:



this is the message i got in my email from turbo tax the other day:

Dear Nonna,

Congratulations! The IRS has accepted your federal tax return. All you need to do now is pay your taxes and include your payment voucher (Form 1040-V).

yeah congratu-freaking-lations.


while trying to talk the g-kid into eating some more of his dinner the other night this was the response i got from him: i want to but my brain is tired. i couldn’t help but to laugh. then awhile later after almost no progress in eating, his brain was no longer just tired, but now asleep! lol where does he come up with this stuff?


i’m was so worried i would forget to put my chili in the fridge after it cooled last night, that i put the spoon i was stirring it with in the bathroom so i would see it before i went to bed. that’s pitiful.  [update, i remembered!!]


this is one of the first conversations i had on skype. this convo started somewhere around 11pm on wed. night and ended at 2:30am. this exerpt was from around 2 am so i think we were a little slap happy by then. as you will notice at the end of the convo i predicted that it would end up in  a blog. i was right 🙂

Nonna: :p~~~~~~~~
Unmarried Housewife: oh the noes
Nonna: i’m actually giving you a raspberry or strawberry or whichever fruit that’s called when you stick your tongue out and blow…and spit is usually involved too
Unmarried Housewife: ah I misspelled my mispell word making it right
Microblogologist: haha, dork
Unmarried Housewife: there. it’s teh not the
Unmarried Housewife:gamer jargon pride
Microblogologist: teh for reals?
Unmarried Housewife: ya
Microblogologist: does teh = the?
Unmarried Housewife: yeah
Nonna: so what does noes =?
Unmarried Housewife: no
Microblogologist: the plural of no
Unmarried Housewife: yep
Nonna: i swear yall are like laurel and hardy
Microblogologist: because there is not enough drama in one no!
Unmarried Housewife: I’m the cute one (sun)
Nonna: did you practice that skit on someone first?
Unmarried Housewife: nope
Microblogologist: She tells everyone she is the cute one
Unmarried Housewife: spontanious funage
Microblogologist: We are very random and tangents are the norm
Nonna: i might copy and paste and turn yall into a blog if you dont watch it
Microblogologist: lol
Microblogologist: I have done this
Unmarried Housewife: ha ha serve us right it twould
Microblogologist: You would have to translate Unmarried Housewife’s parts though

when i mentioned the laurel and hardy part it was because these responses between the two sibs were coming so fast it was unreal.  they are VERY entertaining, especially at 2:30 in the am when most of tv is infomercials LOL


my dogs eat table scraps. i know i know. they’re not supposed to, but i don’t have a garbage disposal and they like it. i learned today that while they will pick around cooked corn if it’s tossed out in the yard, they have NO problem eating moldy cooked corn that’s been in the fridge for who knows how long. licked the bowl clean. go figure.


currently, no more news on the ticking time bomb in my tummy. if you don’t know what that means you suck should be reading my blog dangit! ok UPDATE i have an mri scheduled for April 20th! a whole month away.
tttthat’s all folks!



8 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. territerri said

    Yayyyyyyy! ClapClapClapClapClap! (You DID say we could cheer if we wanted.)

    I thought skype was a video chat thing? But yours looks like instant messaging? I am confused.

    it does chat, video chatting, and phone calls. the cool thing about the chatting is you can invite several people into the same chat window so you can all chat together. i am loving it! except that me and micro and her sis (life of an unmarried housewife) are very talkative and don’t know what shutup and go to bed means LOL

  2. Skype is fun!! Wish I had time to use it more, but we did use it last week (my four sisters and I “met” to plan my mom’s 80th birthday party; it was great.

    We have to PAY this year, too. That STINKS!

    Cute little guy, asleep at the table. Awwww.

    Thanks for playing this week! Sorry it took me so long to arrive….

    thanks for coming by! i don’t care how long it takes you just as long as you do come by 🙂 and yeah, paying taxes suck. this is the first time i’ve ever had to pay in. not fun.

  3. That whole post was just fun!

    yea!! thank you! i think your whole posts are fun too 😉

  4. Karen said

    Yeah I am working on the whole shut up and go to bed thing. Contemplating signing up and paying to take a geriatrics water aerobic class every weekday, this would basically force me to be on an early schedule and go to bed at a more reasonable hour… Skype rocks, you are taking to it like a natural and it is totally fun chatting with you =)!

    we’ll really have to behave that week of training i have. it will probably be a good thing i’ll be staying with my cousin. i’m pretty sure he just has a laptop so i won’t be able to hog it all to myself without getting booted out on the street 🙂

  5. I used Skype for the first time a few weeks ago. Video conference. Amazing technology! Have a great day.

    great technology that needs to be monitored closely in the case of very talkative. may lead to several nights of not going to bed until after 1am.

  6. de-I said

    I freakin’ month! I hate the medical system – not you people who work in it – just the system.

    I don’t ever recall being “congratulated” for getting my tax return in 😦

    hopefully when my nurse practitioner comes back in Next monday, i will be able to request she put an asap on my MRI. ok, um, duh! does anybody feel like waiting around for a month worrying?

    maybe you didn’t get congratulated cuz you were lucky and never had to pay so they IRS didn’t feel the need to soften you up first?? lol

  7. Bad Momma said

    Congrats on the taxes, not a good commercial for Skype; I’ve finally jumped on the Twitter train and don’t have enough hours in a day to keep up! I don’t see how you can wait a whole month for the MRI; from your illustration it looks like baseball season came early! I’d want that thing out NOW!

    i’m following you on twitter, but i can’t stand how it doesn’t refresh and i always forget to do it, so i’m a sucky twitterer. if i had a choice, the MRI would have already been done and the damn thing would be in a jar somewhere! lol mom had one that got to the size of a grapefruit or cantelope. it was HUGE. i don’t know how she stood the pain cuz mines already causing pain and it’s only 4cm (and growing)!!

  8. Rock Chef said

    Dogs tend to enjoy stuff that has had time to mature a bit.

    I used to have a dog that loved to trawl along the tide line on the beach looking for dried up dead fish…

    eeww did the dog roll in it? mine like rolling in dead stuff and playing with skunks. they don’t get petted alot LOL

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