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too, too…tuesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 24, 2009

it’s too soon…

…for me to be wearing Bi-Focals! i’m now officially old! luckily the VA is worried about my vanity and is gonna let me have the progressive something or other so that nobody can actually tell i’m old. but still. bi-focals? at 37??

it’s too long…

…for me to have to wait until next monday just to ask if they can do my MRI sooner.

it’s too painful…

…to eat OR have sex. dang cyst! hurry up VA. i mean come on. really? i have to go without sex for over a month?? don’t they know that should be illegal? you know, cruel and unusual punishment?

it’s too cute…

…watching james concentrate on his coloring. check out that tongue! lol:

(sorry it’s sideways. don’t have an editor to fix it)

it’s too early…

…to get up at 12pm when you stayed up til 4:45am finishing Clive Cussler’s Arctic Drift. damn Dirk Pitt and his adventures.

it’s too cool…

…that my new P.T. doc is gonna get me back into water therapy on a  fee basis (which means i pick the place and the VA foots the bill) AND let the therapist actually treat me however she sees fit. unlike last time where all she could do is give me exercises that just seem to tighten up my muscles even more.

it’s too long…

…until the 2nd movie comes out in the Twilight series. November 20th.

it’s too awesome…

…that you can go online and read the first 264 pages of Stephanie Meyers’ new book Midnight Sun which is Twilight  from Edward’s point of view. or so i’m told. i haven’t read it yet, so sue me if that’s incorrect. 🙂

it’s too sad…

…that this post is over from lack of any more interesting things to say. sorry. now go ahead and tell me what’s too, too for you.



9 Responses to “too, too…tuesday”

  1. momma said

    I agree with you about the movie Twilight/ I loved the books too. I got trifocals at 41 and had never worn glasses before. NOW, WRITE EVERY DAY.

    oh, so does that mean i get to blame you for my bi-focals too? lol i know that’s not true though cuz i have my daddy’s eyes. 🙂 NOW, COMMENT EVERY DAY and i might just manage to post more oftern 🙂

  2. seashore said

    too funny – that you actually complain about 7 hours of sleep! You are not getting old, ok well everyone is getting older – but still you know what I mean.

    i know i was thinking about that yesterday after i posted it. i’m sure a lot of parents have to survive on way less than 7 hours. i got almost 10 hours of sleep last night and still considered going back to bed for another 15 minutes! i resisted the urge and got my butt in the shower.

  3. Here’s hoping that the month goes by too fast for you.

    amen to that sister! you’re TOO right!

  4. OhCaptain said

    I turn 40 in a few months. Eye doc told me he could prescribe glasses for me, but people with 20/25 vision don’t usually like to wear glasses. Hehe. I’m a genetic anomaly in my family. Everyone else wears glasses…except me.

    A month without sex…yikes.

    It’s too bad I couldn’t really come up with any witty ‘too’ lines.

    so basically you’re a freak in your family lol. double YIKES! well, you didn’t come up with any ‘too’ lines, but at least you can admit your failings. hehe 🙂

  5. Norene said

    Life’s too beautiful to sweat the small stuff.
    My lil nephew James is TOO CUTE!!
    It’s too beautiful a time a year to not take advantage of it!!!
    It’s too cold in my office and makes my fingers freeze, making it TOO hard to type!!
    It’s too bad my house has a big smelly dog in it.
    hehe love u!! Loved your post!

    that was all too true! especially about the dog! love you TOO 🙂

  6. The video is precious. What a little artist! A friend of mine just watched Twilight and loved it. I will put that one on my list.

    it was quite hysterical watching that tongue go to town lol. s. daughter and i have already started reading it and it is really cool. even though we’ve read twilight and seen the movie 2x now so we know what is coming, it is still a page turner, er, screen scroller, in this case.

  7. territerri said

    I made it all the way to the end of the post which disproves your theory that you have nothing interesting to talk about.

    It’s too too early for me to be this tired. Damn, I’m getting old even if I don’t wear glasses yet.

    lol that was just too funny. i’ll let you have my glasses if ya want. oh, and if you think it was a long trip to the end of THIS post just wait till you read wednesday’s!

  8. de-I said

    Bi-focals???? Welcome to the elder generation yuk, yuk.

    sure rub it in why don’t ya? i bet YOU have tri-focals, so there! yuk yuk yourself lol

  9. kel said

    I love the “coloring tongue”. Is it weird that I still do that.

    lol i don’t know about weird but it sure is funny! i’d love to see a video of that!

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