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way back when…wednesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 25, 2009

i realised that i have been complaining about my aches and pains on here too much lately, so i’m gonna try to stop that nonsense. my poor family and close friends, ok friend (seashore) have to listen to my complaining all the time, and i wanted to not do that on here. i started off really good not complaining, but have noticed i’ve been venting too much on here. i know, it’s my blog and i can write whatever i want, but i also know how boring it is to have to listen to that all of the time. SO, this post is gonna be about all of the fun memories i can remember from 4th grade.

you might ask, why 4th grade? well, in 4th grade i went to a different school for just that year. it was a school that you had to “test into” and was a very unique experience from the rest of my school life. the school was called Pine View and was aptly named. the campus consisted of portable buildings set in a forest of pine trees. it had little pathways that connected all of the buildings outside. having to change buildings for each class was a new experience and made me feel all grown up, like i was in high school.

for some strange reason, the first day of school i can remember the teacher calling the roll and asking everybody if they went by another name other than their first name to let her know. i have NO idea why, but for some reason i decided to tell the teacher i went by my middle name, Kendra. i have no clue why i decided to reinvent myself that year. i do know that i love my middle name, but it’s not like i had a bad history with my first name that i need to separate myself from. my parents were quite amused by it and would sometimes call me Kendra instead of Shannon, but it always felt weird to me when they did. lol it’s funny how the mind of a child works.

i started at Pine View when i was just 8 years old. my birthday is in November and back then, if the school and your parents thought you could handle it, they let you start early. so, not only was i the shortest in my grade (and always have been) i was also the youngest. i was so small that my music teacher had to let me use his own personal 3/4 size violin for class. i’m sure this reinforced my little crush i had on him already because i felt singled out and special, since he trusted me with his own personal instrument. i LOVED playing that violin, and i think i was pretty good at it too. one of my regrets is that i never had the opportunity to continue playing it, after i decided not to go back to that school in 5th grade.

i remember being offered all kinds of classes that i wouldn’t have been able to take in a “regular school”. our science class did cool experiments all the time. i loved my teacher. couldn’t tell you her name now, but i do remember enjoying that class. we did the growing crystals from sugar experiment and were supposed to do it at home too, or maybe i just wanted too. much to my mother’s chagrin, i’m sure. i can remember trying to boil the sugar over and over and every time the glass dish we used broke. we used a pyrex dish, which was not supposed to break, a glass coffee pot, and several other dishes. i don’t think we ever succeeded with that experiment, but it was fun trying.

i was, and always have been a tomboy. i still am for that matter 🙂 we had a place in a little courtyard where they had painted four connecting squares that made one big square. this was for a game that all the boys and me played. i’m sure there were some other girls that played 4-square, when it was just girls playing, but i remember being the only girl who wanted to play with the guys who could slam that playground ball HARD. it was not unusual to see me going to my next class with sweaty hair and a red face from playing so hard. hmmmm i wonder why i never had a boyfriend back then. LOL.

one of my favorite classes was one where we learned about all kinds of different cultures. i loved when we did the French class. we would get to make food from the countries, and that was the first time mom and me made chocolate mousse. it was a big hit, and we continued to make it for different school events through my school years. yummmy! hmmm mom, you wanna make some chocolate mousse this weekend??

one of the great things about going there was that there wasn’t a regular bus schedule for me. i got to ride to school on the back of my step-dad’s motorcycle when the weather was nice and in his 1967 mustang when it wasn’t. i’m sure the helmet hair didn’t help my quest for a boyfriend back then, but riding to school on a motorcycle did make quite a few people jealous. we had a very heavy schedule at that school and i went through several back packs. one day, on the back of the motorcycle, the weight of my books proved too much for my current back pack. it broke and dumped my books all over the road. i can remember scrambling around the road trying to pick them all up before they or i could get run over by a car. sometimes my back pack was so heavy that if i stood up straight i would actually tip over backwards like a turtle. i soon learned to walk bent over at the waist to prevent this.

a couple of funny things: i had a friend there whose parents would mute the tv every time a commercial came on. every. time. i thought it was so strange and quite boring to sit there and watch the commercials without sound. now, after hearing the g-kid say “i want that toy” over and over, i think i understand why they did this. since this was florida and the campus was covered in pine trees there were lizards everywhere. this same friend (no, i don’t remember her name either) and i loved to catch little baby lizards. we would keep them in tiny little jewelry boxes with holes punched in them. we also would let them bite our ear lobes and hang from our ears like earrings. i know, weird, but that was one of the things we did to entertain ourselves (and we were supposed to be “gifted” LOL).

there were, of course, negative things about this school, but i think the worst thing was that at the age of 8-9 years old, i was doing homework from the time i got home from school until around 9pm every night. obviously, i took a break for dinner, but there wasn’t any play time that year. it was just too much for an active kid like i was. i missed out on a lot of things that year and decided, eventually, that it just wasn’t worth it.

amazingly, i can think of many other things to write about on this subject, but i think this is quite long enough already. ok, just a few more. after school we had a little while before the buses would show up. there was a room where they sold orange juice that was always frozen in a little plastic cup with a tin foil lid. they also sold mickey mouse ice cream bars that had vanilla ice cream for the face with little chocolate ice cream eyes and the ears were dipped in that chocolate shell stuff. these were both main staples of my diet that year. oh! and toblerone candy bars. yummy. ok, i’m gonna shut up now. i hope you enjoyed traveling back to fourth grade with me, and i would love to hear about some of your favorite school memories.


12 Responses to “way back when…wednesday”

  1. momma said

    Thank you for those memories. I was proud that you have good memories. I always felt bad that I made you stay that whole year. You know I don’t like a quitter. But I love you.. momma

    well, don’t feel bad cuz i don’t even remember you making me stay! lol so, i you hadn’t told me that i would never have known. ‘sides i you taught me not to be a quitter either so i didn’t even know that was an option 🙂 hmmmm maybe i can blame you for not being able to quit smoking hehe

  2. seashore said

    Sadly, that school still gives that much homework. But, at least they send books home, so children do not have to carry them back and forth.

    In 4th grade I became an aunt! It was the most exciting thing ever, for a 9 year-old.

    well at least that will save the parents some money on back packs. there are definitely some benefits to having much older brothers & sisters although i don’t know if they outweigh having several extra moms & dads lol.

  3. Loved the post nonna…I love happy memeries, and it seems like you had a great time at that school, minus the homework. LOL, in short, I remember when my grandma cut all my hair off and permed what was left…I had a shirley temple do for years after that b/c It refused to grow out right! No one will ever see pic of this…keep the happy memories coming.
    P.S. Check out my blog…I have a link on there that I think you might like 🙂

    lol that brings back some bad hair memories for me too! i don’t plan on sharing those pics either. i’m off to go check out “my” link. i think i know what it is gonna be too! 🙂

  4. I can picture you wearing lizard earrings, even today.

    HA! i probably will at some point, if only to show some future generation how cool i was 😉

  5. de-I said

    I think dealing with chronic pain is incredibly difficult and it is the superhuman person who can be so stoic as to not have it creep into their conversations and regular thoughts.

    Cool visions of school…and so detailed! The past for me is never vivid. I’m very much a live in the now person.

    i’m definitely not superhuman then! lol sadly my memory is much better on the things from that age than it is on things from my adult past. my 20’s & 30’s are just a blur that i’m having a hard time recalling anything from.

  6. I have known my husband since the 5th grade. Riding our banana seat bikes down the street, is one of my favorite childhood memories. (:

    i used to have one of those! i can’t believe you’ve known your hubby that long. that is so amazing! p.s. i love your backwards (at least from everybody else) smileys (: man that was hard to make my fingers do!

  7. momma said

    By the way that mousse recipe is in that yellow albumn of all those recipes.

    oh no! that stinks. oh well, maybe we can google it and find one close. do you remember any of it? lol i sure don’t

  8. Shelley said

    We would’ve gotten along Nonna – I was a tomboy too! now you have me thinking about my 4th grade memories. First thing that comes to mind is when the teacher accidentally slammed the door on my little finger! Ouch!

    ouuuch! i remember sitting in science class and reaching up to play with my earring and it fell off. i looked at it and realized the back was still attached! my earring hole had slowly stretched over time and eventually just split my ear lobe. it was crazy. no blood, no pain. my ear lobe looked like pac man hehe. i had to have plastic surgery at 9 years old. still can’t wear heavy earrings, not that i ever even wear earrings lol

  9. Bad Momma said

    I remember when the weather was nice, playing outside from early in the day until when it was dark. I remember the ice cream truck canvasing the neighborhood on a warm summer evening, I also remember riding my bike to the community pool by myself.

    I don’t remember my parents being worried about us. Were those kinder, gentler times or does today’s media make us extra-paranoid?

    i think it must have been a little of both. if we couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces by the time we got home, that meant trouble lol. we used to ride our bikes everywhere too which was much easier to do in FL!

  10. Tony said

    I like these kinds of posts because they make me think back on my youger days and remember good times that I seem to have forgotten – thanks for the post

    you’re very welcome! i’m glad you enjoyed it. feel free to share some of those memories here…

  11. Mike said

    The only thing I remember about Pine View were the awesome frozen orange things that I would get for the long bus ride home. I don’t remember the homework being that bad. Oh yeah I never did most of it. Love ya.

    oh. my. gosh! is this my little brother?? i think i remember having a brother named mike, but he doesn’t ever call me or text me or email me so i thought i imagined him LOL. glad you found my blog or if you’ve been lurking awhile, i’m glad you commented 🙂 love you too! hope to see y’all at thanksgiving.

  12. Karen said

    Hmmm, 4th grade… I remember trying to harass my teacher by writing really tiny like my mom told me she did and the teacher calling me up to her and being scared that I was going to get in big trouble. Then she hugged me and told me how proud she was of me and I was so beyond confused! Apparently my tiny writing is neat, it is too tiny to be messy but not too tiny to read (when I showed Mom she told me she wrote much smaller) and so the teacher loved it compared to my normal crappy handwriting. I was glad not to be in trouble but totally felt a bit cheated on the whole trying to harass her thing! Also a family friend gave me what I call an ’80’s punk rocker hairstyle for the school pics, I thought it was so glam at the time but it was so not, and unlike you and some other sissies I actually do plan to post it on my blog someday =)~

    ha! i used to write very tiny for my “handwriting assignments”! too funny. sissy huh? yeah, you’re right. i’m still not posting my pics

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