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more tomorrow..monday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 30, 2009

ok, this is a total cop out, teaser post. went to the shrink – officially not crazy (so she thinks anyways muuhhaahaa) tried to talk the gyno into just gettin’ rid of my ovary & it’s buddy the cyst, but i still have to wait for the MRI before she will :-p~~~~~~~~ on her. had a great weekend, but like the title says…more to come tomorrow. what?! i gotta go watch Saving Grace. a girl must have her priorities!


3 Responses to “more tomorrow..monday”

  1. territerri said

    Ummm… Hello? It’s now Tuesday. Where’s the “more” that was promised? 😉

    dang! i was just thinking to myself that i should write my post before somebody calls me on that lol. ok, ok. i’ll do it right now. maybe. 🙂

  2. Happy Tuesday Nonna…no post dude!

    wait, wait, come baaaack. darn that just doesn’t work too well on the ‘net. hehe i just posted my tuesday post and i made it before midnight, so i didn’t even lie!

  3. seashore said

    lol – you cheater!! Was a good “Grace” too!

    very good grace. even worth staying up til midnight to watch.

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