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too brain dead to think of a title…tuesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on March 31, 2009

let’s see, what to write about first…well, i guess i could always start with an excuse for not having friday fragments. that’s all aunt faye’s fault. her puterwas acting up AGAIN so i went back up to dial-up-hell to see what was wrong with it. after deleting her netzero (am really starting to hate those people) software because i couldn’t get it to connect we i found out that her dvd drive door was stuck. YIKES! i just deleted the software and now i can’t reinstall it! ok, relax, breathe, try system restore. i do. it does its thing. netzero’s software won’t load. great. now what? try the dvd again. yeah! it’s working again. reinstall the software, try to connect to the net. yeah! that works. now try to figure out what her norton antivirus software has up its butt. fix that. now to re-install open office so she can continue working on her book. done! her computer is happy, but now it’s dinner time. so off to mom’s we go (2 doors down the road). ate a couple of buritos and then they decided they wanted to slaughter me play me in dominoes. so we played dominoes, then aunt faye and i head back to her house to watch twilight. i just watched it last weekend with jamie, but since then i have read Midnight Sun (Edward’s viewpoint) so, i didn’t mind watching it again. now that i know what Edward is thinking, it was really cool to see it again and picture his view point.

oh! before we watched the movie i decided to try out my air pump for my air mattress (can’t sleep on a regular bed). i had bought a converter because my air pump only had a cigarette lighter plug and since i’m gonna be using this for a week in nashville i didn’t want to have to blow up the mattress out at the car and then carry it into cuz’s apartment. it didn’t work. great, another thing to return. so, i went out to the van and stuck the mattress inside it (was wet and rainy outside) and start blowing it up. i’m juggling the pump, the tip for the pump, and the mattress itself. just as i get ready to turn the pump off i hear this crazy noise and a kinda thunk/crack sound. i’m trying to cap the mattress before i lose the air while trying to find the off switch on the pump. i then realize that the durn intake has sucked up my drawstring cord from my hood!! great! i take the mattress inside with a pump hanging from my neck, because i can’t get it to let go of my string! i finally pull the string back out and it looks like it’s intact. i take the pump back outside to see if it still works. i plugged it in and turned it on. nothing. shoot (well maybe a harsher expletive cuz i’m a potty mouth). then i remember that my cig. lighter thingy only works if you turn ON the van. dee dee dee. ok. cross my eyes (cuz my fingers were busy) and turn the van on. turn the pump on. nothing. *sigh* ok, so now i will try to buy a new pump that plugs into the wall and take back the converter. crap. why isn’t anything easy these days??

saturday my aunt treats me and mom to the movies cuz she’s so happy that she is able to just sit down at her puter and go online or work on her book with no problems. score! we went to see Duplicity. i liked it, but it was definitely one of those movies where you get confused about who is cheating who, and you just have to sit back and ride it out til the end. after the movie in the restroom there were 2 little old ladies saying “i don’t know. there were just too many twists and turns. i’m not very good at understanding movies like that.” i laughed to myself. i mean the movie is CALLED Duplicity. you just have to assume there’s gonna be some twists and turns here people! lol

so by the time we got back to mom’s it was around 4 or 5. aunt faye had planned on cooking some roasts and my mom was making my chocolate mousse for me. me? i was exhausted! all i could think about was getting home before it got dark so i wouldn’t have to worry about deer or night blindness causing me to go off the mountain. i only got about 4 hours of sleep due to a migraine and a very slow leak in my BRAND NEW air mattress. i, me, nonna, got up at 6 o’clock in the AM.  all of that was my excuse for not posting friday fragments. i was in dial-up-hell and have no patience to try to blog on their slow connections. it feels like it takes 10 minutes to pull up a page. i just couldn’t do it.

sunday was my day of rest to recover from my wild weekend. hey! anything more than sitting on the couch or at the computer is wild now-a-days!

monday i was off to the VA shrink cuz my primary care provider, dr. james, thinks i’m crazy. she thinks this, because i told her i don’t care about my cholesterol levels. death by heart attack sounds like a blessing to me at this point in my life. i can’t even fathom going another 20-40 years at the pain level i’m at now. (btw, this is not complaining. just background on why dr. j thinks i’m nuts 🙂 so, i go talk to the shrink. blah, blah, blah, step-dad forced me to eat veges or get beat, other step-dad messed with me in other ways, i’m over it all now, tired and frustrated with being in pain and never finding out why, blah, blah, blah. so, she asks me if i wasn’t in pain any more, would i want to live a long life. well, duh, big red truck, yes. ding, ding, ding. right answer! you’re not crazy just stressed and frustrated. here take yet another pill (what’s one more when you’re taking a handfull anyway, right?) before you go to bed and come back and talk to a therapist in a month. um, ok. hmmm why do i have to talk to somebody if i’m not nuts is what i’m wondering, but at this point i’m making money off my travel pay so what the hell. maybe they can miraculously cure my aversion to veges and that will in turn help my body. i don’t have anything to lose but time, and let’s face it, i obviously have too much of that lately or i wouldn’t be on here talking to y’all! lol

next step, woman’s clinic to see if i can’t just skip the whole wait for a month til your MRI and just take the ovary and cyst out. so, i ask the question i’ve been avoiding. “why am i having this MRI? y’all have never done this before when i had cysts.” well, it turns out it’s not just a regular cyst like all the others i’ve had. this one is a 2 room cyst that has some “wall” in the middle of it. who knows, maybe the little cyst people got tired of living in a 1 room apt and decided to put on an addition. whatever. i just figure it was two eggs that joined or one that started to divide, something like that. so, i say that it would have been nice to know this before so i wouldn’t be stressing about cancer. then she says that, of course, their main concern is ruling that out. what?! then she says that she’s gonna have me go down to the lab to draw some blood for a “tumor marker” test. i say “do you mean a CA 125?” (i do my research doncha know) she says yes. so i go down to the vampires, let them suck my blood, and ask them how long it will take for the results. well, this has to be sent out to lab corp (evil ppl-you would know this if the VA avoided paying a bill for over a year and you had to deal with them on the phone) so it will probably be the end of the week. the whole cancer thing totally made me forget to ask for the MRI to be pushed up. now, i get to wait an anxious 5 days for the lab test and STILL have to wait til april 20th for the MRI and then april 27th for the results. now, i really don’t think this thing is cancerous, and even if it is, i know that little sucker has only been there for 4-6 months. i’m not worried about that part. what just really bugs the crap outta me is the lack of information i was given originally, and the fact that if they have even the slightest suspicion of cancer shouldn’t they be doing the MRI like, STAT??? oh, the joys of dealing with the US Government.

update: CA 125 test is normal (0-35 = normal range; mine = 9.6)



well, that brings y’all up to date, and this is yet another huge, rambling post. so, i think i should be excused (mother) from not writing any more since the last big one 🙂


8 Responses to “too brain dead to think of a title…tuesday”

  1. momma said

    You are on my good daughter list. I loved this posting and your ailments. Glad to see that having a crazy mother did not go down to you.

    does that mean that norry isn’t on your good daughter list?? lol don’t know why you love my ailments, i hate them 🙂

  2. No wonder you are exhausted! I hope that all goes well and smooth and that you get some nice downtime. I’d give you a hug if you were here.

    thanks! i’ll take a long distance hug 🙂

  3. momma said

    I really enjoyed this posting. You gave a great picture of everything you have going on. By the way the chocolate mousse was delicious. Write more often. I like daily. Love momma

    you must have liked it, cuz you commented twice! lol love you too

  4. great post nonna! Glad you are not crazy…I didn’t think so! lol….glad to see you have some of your spirits back! Have a good night! 🙂

    thanks nLsM, you too!

  5. de-I said

    I’d give you a big hug and cook you a meal if I could (no veggies).

    mmmm i like meat and potatoes. yummy. medium rare and butter and sour cream please 🙂

  6. seashore said

    Sorry about the pump, but it is kinda comical! (heeheehee)

    yeah, it would have been a great vlog if i had a camera set up to record it. lol i’m sure my reaction would have been comical. especial with the pump swinging around by the string lol

  7. I hope you can get some rest! And I’m glad you survived the air mattress incident! (:

    thanks! i’m gonna rest up some more tomorrow. looking forward to sleeping in and no responsibilities 🙂

  8. Karen said

    I am not sure if he told me when I was post-scope but I had I think two polyps, one in the esophagus and one in the stomach, that he removed and had tested for cancerous or precancerous cells, thankfully they and the biopsies all came back clean, though none of the above explains my issues, sigh. Kinda glad I didn’t know about it to be honest, having to wait a week to find out woulda probably resulted in my needing another scope to check out the ulcers! Glad your scores are good too, hope they hurry their asses up on the rest! The therapist is probably to try and help you learn to reduce your stress and frustration, glad your shrink realized you are sane crazy and not insane crazy ;).

    yeah for the clean test results and double yeah for not knowing and thus having to worry about them!!

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