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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on April 3, 2009



  • ok, karma bit me in the butt last week. i was teasing my mom about the fact that i’ve made chocolate oatmeal cookies several times now, and i’ve never had a problem with them setting up. she has. several times and didn’t find it too funny. well, i made them the other day for hubby and they set up too fast! they were quite gross looking, but i must say, he ate them all!

  • are we the only weirdos or does anybody else play a guessing game with the electric bill? hubby and i see who can guess how much it is. no prizes are awarded or anything, just victory celebrations by rubbing it in 🙂

  • i finally went grocery shopping the other day and got a new jar of Peter Pan. i was being a good girl and trying to scrape out the old jar, when what i reallllly wanted was to open the new jar and smell it and dip me out a big spoonful to just eat straight up. i was looking forward to this. guess what? hubby opened it while i was gone.

  • as i was tucking in the g-kid for his nap the other day, he asked me why i was wearing the shirt i had on. (just a maroonish shirt with 3/4 sleeves and a white collar. kinda rugbyish) i told him it was just what i felt like wearing and i asked “why don’t you like it?” thinking since he loves me so much he’d just say yes, right? WRONG he does give me a pity “well i like it,  BUT (there’s always a but) you don’t look pretty in it.” Just Great! now i not only have to take fashion advice from my Husband, but i am being critiqued by my Three y/o Grandson!

  • in case anybody missed the update i posted on, umm, well, whatever day that last post was, my CA 125 test came back normal!! so no cancer to worry about (told y’all) just the timebomb itself…ticking away…tick, tock, tick, tock.

  • i get to go spend the night with my cousin, up north of nashville, next week so i can get my lazy butt to some vascular clinic appt, that’s scheduled before noon, to check out why i see stars when i turn my head to the right. something about plaque in the carotid artery or some such nonsense. i’ve already told them it’s cuz all my connective tissue around there is so swollen it’s pinching off that artery, but hey what do i know? it’s just my body. i’m not a dr. or anything. oh, wait a sec. who asked for the ultrasound cuz she knew she had a cyst? wait, wait, oh right, it was me! and this was after N.P. was done with her exam. hmm who missed said cyst? wait for it…wait…oh right, the one with all the training!

  • ok, i will leave you with that highly sarcastic diatribe. hope you enjoyed it! see ya next week. (oh, but don’t hold me to that cuz i’m not very reliable these days when it comes to posting 🙂


13 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. seashore said

    Yes, you have been off you game, but next week you start getting up EARLY – remember???

    don’t remind me! ugh i just found out today that it’s not gonna be in nashville. it’s gonna be in tullahoma at the air force base. i’m gonna have to leave my house by 6:30AM to get there in time. so not happy about this change in plans 😦

  2. momma said

    That sure was short..but at least I get to see that those darn cookies can misbehave for you too…You aren’t as excited about the ca 125 test as I am..That James is a cutey..I have that like with the peanut butter…nothing is sacred here. I LOVE You, momma

    not too short, i just spoiled you with those long ones lately. glad you’re glad at my cookie failure! 🙂 he is a cutey, with an opinion! lol i wasn’t worried about the ca125 cuz, i mean come on, have i EVER had a test result that actually confirmed or pointed to a specific diagnosis?? guess nothings sacred here either 🙂

  3. Well, at least you’re reliable about your medical health. Glad you don’t have cancer and that you are looking into things. As for the guessing game, we don’t do it with the electric bill, but we do do it with restaurant tabs. Ooh, ouch! So, do you think you’ll ever wear the shirt again? 🙂

    hmm i think we’ve guessed our restaurant tabs before too, now that you mention it lol. i’m thinking the shirt is going into the goodwill pile!

  4. I love your fragments! And 3 yr olds are definitely a prime source for fashion advice.

    i guess it’s better than NOT knowing you don’t look good in something lol and thanks!

  5. OhCaptain said

    It does mean that your grandson thinks you look pretty in other things, just not that shirt. I call that a win.

    So glad the tests came back in your favor!

    I don’t think I should be the one to knock anyone for not posting regularly…

    that’s true although he loves my hair and thinks it’s pretty all the time. even when it’s not been washed. and i have bed head. sooooo i’m not too sure about his tastes after all 🙂
    i have decided to forget about feeling guilty about my lack of posting. when i have something to say, i will 🙂

  6. de-I said

    Very, very, very good news about the cancer test.

    Uh no I can honestly say that in over 6 decades of living I have NEVER played the electric bill guessing game.

    oh come on! where’s your sense of fun and adventure?? hehe

  7. Karen said

    Yeah, little kids are blunt and brutally honest, they love you to death but being subtle is completely beyond their abilities at that point in their development. At least he might have a chance at getting that concept though, my family lacks the subtle gene and Niecey is very unlikely to get it from the sperm donor!

    well, at least he cares about whether i’m in fashion or not. somebody should and it won’t be me! 🙂

  8. Norene said

    Been SUPER busy at work. Just wanted to say HI, I’m here, reading. Wish I was commenting more cause I have lots to say. But just too darn busy!! I’m even coming in on my day OFF this Friday to get caught up!!! L O V E u!!!

    love you too! hope you’re getting paid holiday pay or something!

  9. momma said

    See we all want you to write. It has been a week. I miss it. I start my day checking to see if you have wrote anything.

    no pressure though right? 🙂

  10. Long time no post-Everything okay?

    yeah, just actually having to do stuff this week and no energy left over for creative juices. plus, i might have read a book or 5 the last week or so too. i don’t know how ppl with real lives ever have time to read or post 🙂 start training for census bureau this week so i’m sure i won’t be writing much then either 🙂

  11. Norene said

    We are going to boycott you soon if you dont get your butt in gear!!! lol Love and miss ya!

    heck i’m gonna boycott me if i don’t get my butt in gear soon too! hopefully this weekend i’ll be able to tell y’all all about the wonderful things i’ve learned this week during training. my mind numbing, boringly repetitive, training.

  12. Rock Chef said

    Why don’t doctors actually listen to their patients? Hm, better go before I go off on one!

    i have decided it’s an ego thing. how dare we uneducated, simple peons dare to diagnose ourselves?? did WE go to medical school? it’s that God complex they have.

  13. agg79 said

    Great fragments. Kinda like life. It all comes at you in bits & pieces. Glad to hear the CA125 test came back ok. That’s one less thing to worry about. Good luck with the rest of the tests.

    And 3 year olds have a way of keeping you humble/grounded in reality.

    thanks! very grounded around here lately 🙂

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