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way little, way late wedsnesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on April 15, 2009

ok, peeps. training is half-way done. i’m doing good, body is not holding up to 10 hr work/drive days. i’m exhausted and sore and going to bed between 9-10pm, which is basically unheard of for me. i’m doing good enough in class that the teacher has assigned me as a sort of assistant to the people who seem to struggle EVERY. TIME. we pick up our Hand Held Computers. i’m looooving the HHC (you would not believe how many acronyms the federal govt uses! they’re worse than the military!) that’s about all i have for y’all now. i promise (well kinda) to post an easter post and a full blown training post this weekend 🙂

thanks for hangin in with me and, as you can see from my comments on my last post, i am still answering you if you want to ask me something or just drop a line.


7 Responses to “way little, way late wedsnesday”

  1. Good for you. I hope you are loving the class and the gadget.

    loving it except for the fact that it is mind numbingly repetitive. unbelievable how much money the government is wasting for this training. if they let ppl do the training on-line at their own pace, i’d say half the class would have been done tuesday or wednesday. the other half probably, oh, maybe by june! lol

  2. Rock Chef said

    Ah, it’s great having students who can help other students!

    yeah, unless you’re in high school. then you’re just the teacher’s pet and ostracized lol guess i haven’t changed much in my 20 years since then 🙂

  3. momma said

    I think you will love the experience. Aunt Faye is always telling me stories about the people she met and the strange way people reacted to the census with its government interference. I’ll forgive you for not posting if you give me a nice long one soon. love, momma

    you do realize that i pretty much don’t like people right? i am waaay more excited about using the hand held computer with gps capabilities. i’m hoping that most ppl will be gone and i won’t have to talk to them. sides if i see anything illegal going on, i’m not allowed to report it and that is SO not cool. how they expect ppl to turn a blind eye to abuse, just to protect ppls privacy so they will trust future census workers enough to talk to them, is beyond me.

  4. de-I said

    I’m really curious about the HHC. Can you post a picture of it?

    sure. i just got my first assignments downloaded too! i’m so excited. i’m sure after doing it for a while it won’t be so much fun, but right now i can’t wait til sunday gets here so i can start work! lol

  5. Karen said

    So THAT’S why you fell off the face of the earth (aka skype)! Glad you are doing well =)

    yeah. i was too tired at night to even type! lol

  6. territerri said

    Hey, you’re the teacher’s pet! That’s a good sign!

    story of my life. i’m such a nerd lol

  7. Karen said

    Depending on the situation you could send someone a message about what is going on and they can make an anonymous tip to the authorities…

    yeah, i pretty much decided i would do something like that. lucky for me i didn’t see anything suspicious while i was working 🙂

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