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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on April 17, 2009


  • Yeah! i finished training yesterday afternoon because most of us were already into overtime since we got to count our drive time to and from the training center and our homework time too! gotta love government pay!

  • de-Imust be a gadget guy like me (well, i’m a gadget gal, duh) cuz he wanted to see what my hand held computer (HHC from now on) looks like. so i took a pic of it, but i can’t show you all of the cool things it does. it’s all top secret info ya know 😉


  • if you look at the center, bottom you will see a little black rectangle. that’s the fingerprint scanner. this unit has GPS capabilities that work with an awesome mapping program, a messaging program, payroll functions (so i just enter my time and mileage into it), and then of course all the functions/software for me to enter the info about the living quarters that i am canvassing. oh! and you use a stylus to enter info and type. a little keyboard pops up at the bottom of the screen anytime you click on a field that requires data entry. can you tell i like my new toy?? 

  • mother nature was trying her best to thwart my attempts to get to the training center each morning. i saw a total of 6 deer in a 3 day span and 3 of those felt the need to dash out in front of me. luckily, i am a paranoid freak when it comes to deer spotting while driving so i managed to hit the brakes in time to miss all of them. now, i’m so gun shy that i hit the brakes when a bird flies out of the woods beside me lol.

  • my irises are blooming and they smell sooo good! here’s a shot of them. look closely and you will even see one of those dang carpenter bees that we like to whack. i’ve suspended myself from bee whacking this spring until my irises are done blooming though. my first day at it, i got 1 bee and 2 bloom stalks so, i benched my bad aiming self! check out that clematis vine behind the irises. i’ve already got hundreds of bloom buds coming out on it too!


well that’s about it for now. the weather is beautiful so i want to go sit in the sun and read my book for awhile. i’ve still got an easter post that needs to be written so i will probably post again this weekend. hope y’all have a good weekend!


11 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. georgie said

    your iris’s are BEAUTIFUL!!! mine are tryin to bloom…we have had some crazy weather lately my poor flowers dont know if its winter or spring

    thank you! i think it’s finally actually spring here now. i had to run my A/C in my car today and wished i had shaved my legs so i coulda worn shorts lol

  2. seashore said

    Where were those lightning quick reflexes when it was mine van you were driving! Scaring the H&#* outta me 😉

    hey! nobody’s reflexes are that quick! that thing came outta nowhere!

  3. Love the irises, and even the bee; so beautiful. The sun finally arrived this week here, too, and I am about to go out and enjoy some of it!! I look forward to some interesting posts about your census travels! 🙂

    i’m glad you’re finally getting to enjoy some spring weather! hopefully i won’t have too many exciting (as in shotguns being pointed at me) census stories 🙂

  4. love the iris’s and how everything is green down there! I am so jealous! Congrats on finishing training.

    yeah, tennessee in the spring is beautiful, but we don’t have snowshoeing…ever. 🙂 thanks! i just got a msg downloaded to my HHC that says i can start work tomorrow. woohoo OT here i come! lol

  5. momma said

    Everthing is beautiful and you are posting again. All is right with the world.

    don’t forget i’m making some money again too 🙂

  6. Bad Momma said

    Cool work toy! Love the Irises. I am experiencing Iris-Envy. Today is going to be a perfect gardening day, I think I’ll pick up some plants for the yard. Glad you are leaving the bees alone for now, they should be good for the garden.

    ha! i guess i should post a pic of allll my irises that are blooming. that’s only one of several bunches 🙂 oh, and those bees might help polinate, but they do alot of damage to the wood on my house, so i don’t know if they’re worth it or not.

  7. territerri said

    Wow, you’re irises are GORGEOUS. I have them in my back yard too, as well as a clematis. I don’t expect to see flowers on any of it for at least 6 more weeks.

    i’m definitely gonna have to post a pic of ALL of my irises. i’m liking this iris envy i’ve got going on 🙂 just wait til my clematis blooms. it’s outrageous! 🙂

  8. Norene said

    Yes sis your irises are bootymous! lol I love how you can see the bee flying head on towards you!! hehe. I still think I should get something off my tab for finding the job! lol Love u!!!

    if i wasn’t such a broke mofo i’d might consider that, but i am so i won’t 🙂 sides it’s not like i’m demanding immediant payment or charging interest.

  9. de-I said

    I’m not really a gadget but it just sounded cool. Love the flower pictures and they aren’t even gadgets 🙂

    glad you liked them. i just took a couple pics of all of them. i’m gonna have to do another post soon 🙂

  10. Stopping by on WeaselMomma’s advice. Those Iris’ are beautiful. Mine are not quite as nice. I leave the bee wacking up to my dogs. They trie to bite them. I guess they have never caught one in their mouth or I assume they would stop trying that.

    thanks for stopping by! any friend of weaselMomma’s is welcome here. well, to be honest, ANYbody is welcome here cuz i’m a comment whore lol. the really big, fat, bumblebee looking bees are actually carpenter bees and don’t sting. so your dogs should be safe to eat away 🙂

  11. Rock Chef said

    That gadget does look like fun!

    And well done dodging the deer. They make a real mess of the front of your car!

    the gadget is fun when their software is working correctly. there is some mysterious computer somewhere running these things and i think he has a few bugs to work out still. oh, trust me, i know what a deer can do to the front of your car. g-kid’s baby daddy hit one while s.daughter was borrowing the car. i still have a crumpled hood and unpainted fender!

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