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friday fragments

Posted by nonnasnonsense on April 24, 2009


  • my cell rang & it had jamie’s pic so i assumed it was her and answered in my typical yeeeesss (cuz ya never know what she’s about to tell/ask you) and i heard “hi nonna!” it was so cute! he told me what he was watching (backyardigans) and what he was eating (bread, ham, & yellow cheese which was actually ham & cheese biscuits) and then he said, “hang-on” he came back on and said, “somebody wants to talk to you” and he handed the phone back to his mom. she said that he said he wanted to call me so she told him the #’s to punch and he did it all by himself. how sweet 🙂 

  • oh, i thought i would show off my irises just one. more. time:


  • the next time i’ll be showing off that beautiful clematis vine that’s growing behind the irises. it’s already got a few blooms opened on it 😉

  • i am enjoying my census work so far except for the fact that the people i’m following behind and checking are being lazy so their stuff isn’t passing QA inspection. which means that lucky me gets to re-canvas the whole area. so instead of just checking about 10% of the houses in an area, i’m having to check 100% of them. oh joy!

  • ok, mom is dying to hear about interesting people that i meet while doing the census work. so far, there hasn’t been a lot of meeting people period, but i did talk to this man and his mom for a little while the other day. there was a trailer and what looked like could definitely be a separate living quarter on the property. nobody was answering at the trailer so i moseyed on down to the other building. i knocked on the door and an older lady with a shower cap on her head answered. i was trying to see around her to figure out if she was living there while i explained who i was. turns out she was making beef jerky! yummy! so i said “ummmm do you sell the beef jerky here? cuz if you do i’d like to buy some.”  so she hollered (literally) to her son across the road to come find me some jerky. he came over and we got to talking and, of course, who my husband is came up (cuz in the south everybody knows every body’s husband-us women are just decoration doncha know). well, it turns out that my hubby and his dad sold a john deere tractor to this guy when they owned the dealership and he still has it! oh, and he threw me in an extra bag of jerky too! 🙂

  • ok, since i guess i just really don’t know how to type short freaking fragments, i will leave you with this totally cool video i shot the other day. this is a battle of evil -vs- evil, winged stingers -vs- web slingers, umm, umm, ok, i can’t think of anymore of those but here is a fight to the death between a wasp and a black widow spider, right outside MY HOUSE!!


14 Responses to “friday fragments”

  1. Pretty irises!

    I tried to watch that video, but the spider creeped me out too much.

    is it bad that i’m proud i creeped you out? lol thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  2. Norene said

    I so would have thought the wasp would win!!! Man, those black widows are NO joke!! Right mom?! LOL! Bad Norene. That wasn’t nice. Sis, your flowers are just gorgeous!! Do u mind if and when I come over I cut some to bring to my office with me? They DOOOOO smell so good!!! I have no a/c in my place and I’m leaving the pups there this weekend. If u want to come free them just let me know. 🙂 Love u!!!

    yes you may come get some cuttings, but you better hurry or they will all be blown. my clematis is starting to bloom, but i don’t know how well you can get cuttings from a vine type flower. you can totally bring gianni over for the weekend and i can try gemma too, but she might have to go back if she drives us crazy 🙂 and if you come you can get your mail, glasses, and skirt (so mom doesn’t kill you) luv u too! oh, mom is coming down and spending the day with me and taking me shopping for a new outfit. :p~~~

  3. de-I said

    Nice Flowers

    THAT WAS A TOTALLY COOL VIDEO! Seems a bit unfair with the wasp caught in the web and all. Are you sure that wasn’t a video of the census taker taking down the census person being counted???

    LOL i must admit i was rooting for the spider. my mom is deathly allergic to all bees, wasps, etc.. so i have a strong hatred for those things! i even flicked the wasp so it fell down to the webs a couple of times before i ran for the camera. so far, i havent taken down any census-ees but i have almost adopted a few animals. my mom says i’m the pied piper of dogs & cats 🙂

  4. OhCaptain said

    One advantage of my really crappy winters? Bugs freeze and die. Eww!

    lol yeah you’d think they woulda froze to death down here this winter too, but nooooo every time i open my door bugs are flying in the house.

  5. That’s better than discovery channel!!!

    woohoo! think i can sell my shaky, through the screen door clip to them?? lol

  6. Holy cow–All that drama unfolding right in front of you! That video is really cool; I think you should sell to the Discover Channel or something. Because you are so engaging, I’m sure you make people feel comfortable; that’s a skill not everyone has, so it sounds like you’re a great person for that job. Keep up the good work 🙂

    LOL i totally didn’t read your comment before i replied to weaselMomma’s! great minds think alike. yeah, even though technically i still say i don’t like people, i do like the old folks around here and tend to chat with them more and more. yesterday i was working from 4-7 pm so i found quite a few more people home.

  7. Pouty said

    Our blog names are somewhat like twins 🙂 Maybe this means we are sister-bloggers? Tee-hee.
    I’m too scared to watch the vid. Scared to death of spiders. I once opened a shed door in Arkansas to find attack of the killer black widow spiders. Eck!

    thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. i promise you that my spider won’t bite you 🙂

  8. that video was AWESOME!

    thanks! and welcome to my WEBsite hehe

  9. territerri said

    That was an amazing video! I think I would be just a little freaked out having to live in a place where black widow spiders live. Eeew!

    yeah i wasn’t too thrilled the 1st time is saw one either, but now it’s like, eh whatever. lol it’s amazing what you’ll get used to. the brown recluse is what worries me. they are much smaller and easier to mistake for a harmless spider. oh, and they love block buildings, which just happens to be what i live in 🙂

  10. seashore said

    The kids loved the video! What patience you had.

    i think i’m sadomasichist (or however you spell that. it’s too damn early in the morning to look up). i started off kinda squatting but really awkwardly so that my knees felt like they would explode at any given moment. lol i eventually shifted to a just semi-painful position, but yeah, i was thinking “come on, any day now”. 🙂

  11. Rock Chef said

    Women are just for decoration? I guess you can get away with saying that! Doubt that I could…

    i forget y’all can’t hear my verrry sarcastic tone when you’re reading this lol

  12. OhCaptain said

    I’ve tagged you for a meme over at my blog. You are welcome to enjoy it or not 😉

    thanks! i’ll check it out soon 🙂

  13. tom said

    Wow, that was really cool. Much as I dislike them, I was rooting for the spider the whole time. At least spiders stick to their job and eat bugs. Wasps and Hornets and all of them are just mean. So, go spidey!

    i agree 100%! lol i was totally rooting for the black widow too. oh, and hubby has since removed her and her egg sack from our front door, so i don’t have to worry about getting bitten by her now 🙂

  14. Karen said

    Yeah, I finally checked when my computer was willing to show me the vid! Very cool, my mother would freak if she were there or if it were my vid. She is not allergic to bees/wasps just terrified of them, if she sees one a 10 mile radius knows it she screams so loud!

    The flowers are lovely and that is so sweet that James called you =)

    i think james and your mom would get along great! lol he was just out here the other day and saw a bee and had a major terror melt-down. i wish i could take the credit for the pretty flowers, but i guess that one goes to God. james told me the other day that i was his favorite nonna lol i didn’t have the heart to tell him that i was his ONLY nonna 🙂

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