nonnas nonsense

gone fishin’

Posted by nonnasnonsense on July 7, 2009

and swimmin’, and tubin’, and campin’, and whatever else i can get into with seashore and company…

miss me? i’ll try to tweet my trip if i can figure out my new LG ENVY TOUCH!! oh, i’m nonnasnonsense on twitter too 🙂


ok, so i couldn’t figure out how to get on twitter. well, acutally, my phone just wouldn’t bring up twitter or wordpress’ sites. go figure! thanks for all the “have funs” and “tweet comments” i will be posting a blog of our adventures soon. i’m sure seashore subjects will do it sooner than me, since i’m a better procrastinator than she is 🙂


7 Responses to “gone fishin’”

  1. Have fun swimmin’ and tubin’ and campin’! Of course we miss you. Getting over to twitter.

  2. Rock Chef said

    have fun!

    I guess I will have to go on missing you, as I don’t twitter…

  3. mrs4444 said

    Yes, I miss you 🙂 And I look forward to your Tweets!

  4. momma said

    Must be nice.I wanted to go, but no..Sure am glad I missed the rain and the leaking tent. Just kidding I just wish it could have been everything you hoped for. Love momma

  5. OhCaptain said

    vacations are cool, I think, I don’t remember my last one any more 😦

    you def need to correct that situation! i’m not sure if i can technically call them vacations, seeing as how i don’t work, but what the heck, why not? 🙂

  6. How much fishin’ can you possibly do? Get back to bloggyland soon, please.

    i don’t know what’s WRONG with me!! i just can’t blog! i can reply to comments till the cows come home but i just can’t sit down and post a freaking blog! i have soooo much stuff to blog about too! i need a blog counselor to instruct me on how to get back into the swing of things. ya know any? lol

  7. Norene said

    Just DO IT!!!! Just sit down and write. Just. Write!

    i was wondering when somebody would point out the obvious. lol i’m working on it. think i’m gonna postpone writing by uploading a bunch of pics to my nonnas snaps. if i can get hold of a laptop during my convalescence, i plan on catching up on my writing and reading.

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