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Posted by nonnasnonsense on August 15, 2009

yes, i should be posting about the camping trip..go read seashore’s version and hush

yes, i should be posting about my bone-marrow biopsy (that got cancelled cuz of poison ivy breakout and resulting shot – woohoo!)

yes, i should be posting about my surgery to remove my “tumor” (it’s a freakin’ ovarian cyst! stop saying tumor you stupid dr.s!)

yes, i should be posting about my beautiful, bountiful garden…got the pics, i’ll get to it later than sooner 🙂

so, you must be asking yourself what has got me excited enough to break my silence and sit down and post, right? well…’s WORMS!!!

no, not the “uh oh, fido’s scooting across the rug on his butt” kind of worms…CATALPA WORMS! these are the BEST catfish bait known to man (well at least known to this WOman). i bought a couple of catalpa trees from the nursery where i used to work hoping that i would have the right sphinx moth among my many, many, way too freakin’ many moths around my house. the sphinx month lays the eggs for the catalpa worms. i’ve got them!! here is a pic of the tree (it looks a little rough because it got a little wind burned on the way home)

catalpa trees with worms 002

the brown leaves on the bottom are from the worms eating their first meals. they will hatch in early spring and late summer and pretty much strip the tree of leaves. that’s fine with me though, cuz it won’t kill the tree. you can take the worms and pack them in either sawdust or cornmeal and freeze them. then you just thaw them out (and supposedly they come back to life) when you’re ready to go fishing. here is what my little babies look like now:

catalpa trees with worms 004

aren’t they just adorable?? i have about 2 or 3 more leaves with this many on them and i swear i think they have doubled in size from just yesterday! my other tree didn’t have any on it yet, so i took a few off of this tree and transplanted them to the other. this is what they will look like once they are full size and ready to be bait:


here is a little blurb about how to fish with these juicy worms:

“There are several ways to use this worm as bait. It can be cut in half, turned inside out and threaded on the hook. Another way is to cut them in pieces just like an earthworm. But the most common way seems to be cut (or bite-YUK!!!) its head off, use the end of a match and turn its body inside out. The common thread here is to release its aromatic scent and green fluorescent juices.”

if you’re interested you can read the rest of that article here.

oh, and i am soooo not gonna be biting off the heads. that is just WRONG. i will however pinch off the heads and turn them inside out as i’m putting them on the hook.

and yes, mother, i will hook your worms for you.

well, that’s all for now. my surgery is tuesday and i’m hoping to talk step-daughter into letting me borrow her laptop for a little while so i can post all of those things i’ve been too lazy to do. hopefully, i will get to catch up on a bunch of blog reading too!


4 Responses to “something….saturday”

  1. 1. I am just glad to know that you are alive!
    B. Good luck on Tuesday, I will be thinking of you.
    3. Enjoy your worms, but that is gross.

    a. yep alive and kicking
    2. thanks, pray they don’t go carving on my colon
    c. nuh uh!

  2. seashore said

    If you use all the worms won’t they be extinct in your yard?

    repeating our phone convo: i didn’t have worms to start with, so i must have a good sphinx moth habitat (but i did wonder the same thing 🙂 )

  3. Norene said

    This may be cool to some….but to me, it’s just GROSS!! OMG!! all those nasty worms??? yuck!!! pretty pic of the tree with the barn!!!!

    lol now come on! i know you’re not a sissy, girly girl! you tellin’ me you won’t be fishin’ with us when they’re ready??

    • Norene said

      Nope sure wont!! I’ll watch, but could you imagine that disgusting JUICE under my nails?!?!? Uggg!

      i guess i could hook your worm for you like i have to do for mom 🙂 just think how much fun it will be to fight one of those big catfish!

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