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taking the cake…tuesday

Posted by nonnasnonsense on August 18, 2009

my ongoing, getting quite ridiculous, journey to get this stupid cyst removed:i guess i should update y’all very briefly about this saga:

  • murfreesboro VA sent me to nashville VA because they couldn’t actually see any ovarian tissue so they can’t do the surgery in murfreesboro due to the lack of a general surgeon if the ovarian cyst turns out to be something else.

  • nashville VA surgeon wants a gyn/oncology surgeon AND a general surgeon, AND a bowel surgeon there just to cover all the bases.

  • nashville VA doesn’t have all of these types of surgeons so they send me to vanderbilt gyn/oncologist.

  • then original vandy surgeon drops me and hands me off to somebody else. now, i have my gyn/cancer surgeon (like THAT’S not enough to scare the crap out of ya) and now i have a bowel surgeon that keeps saying the words tumor and colon re-section and colostomy bag (more scary crap).

  • finally get a surgery set for august 18th, 1pm. so here is how that went:

are you ready for this one? i’m lying at Vanderbilt hospital, i.v. in place, totally cool err warm hospital gown (with built in heater) on, waiting to speak to the anesthesiologist and the surgeon…

…in comes the nurse. surgery is running quite a bit behind. might be a couple hours late to get started. my response: ok, can i go smoke a cigarette?? she goes and checks…nope no cigarette allowed but just hang in there. ok, back to waiting game…

….in comes the surgery student chick. somebody’s surgery has changed from laparoscopic to full blown open abdominal surgery (just like what my surgery might be). surgery resident(?) says the dreaded words: “i’m so sorry to tell you this, but you’re surgery has been canceled.”

1st thought: oh, crap i gotta take the bowel prep stuff all over again. nope, surgery chick says the dr. isn’t gonna make me do the bowel prep again.

2nd thought: how long am i gonna have to wait for a new date??

3rdthought: doesn’t anybody else see the danger of continually delaying this surgery??!!! the longer the cyst/mass/tumor (take your pick) is in me, the more it grows, the more chance there is that it will attach to my colon or bladder!  ok, so i resign myself to the fact that i can’t talk the nice surgery chick into bumping the other person before me and send them home…

…in comes a nurse to remove my i.v. she tries to offer some stupid platitudes that i guess are supposed to magically make me happy and not be upset that i was this<–>close to having this damn thing removed. well, it didn’t work. then the bowel prep comment sinks in. i look at my mom and say “how the heck can i NOT do the bowel prep next time?? if i needed it now, i’ll need it just as much if not more the next time! i think the dr. is just trying to make me feel better today and then she’ll change her mind later.” then i said something about how i guess i was wrong thinking that having my surgery at vandy would go smoother than thru the V.A.

remember that nurse that was removing my i.v.? well, she decides it’s her place to jump into MY conversation with my MOM and tell me how she doesn’t appreciate me taking my anger out on her. what?! excuse the holy-f’ing-shit out of me!! you want to see anger, lady, well you just pushed the wrong button! how dare she! i can air my grievances to my mom any flipping time i like! i don’t remember what i said to her since i went from zero to redneck in about 1/2 a second but the conversation ended with me telling her to get out of my room and me slamming the door in her face. i’m still in shock over her gall to try to reprimand me for being upset, when they just made me, my husband, & my mom drive over 2 hours, sit and wait for another 3 hours for nothing! to say nothing of the fact that i was hungry, thirsty, got up early, AND had no coffee. stupid wench. she’s lucky i didn’t take that i.v. and poke her eye out with it!

so, now i am rescheduled for 8/31 at 7 freaking 30 in the a.m. which means i have to be there at 5:30 a.m., which means i will have to leave at 3-oh, my lord, i might as well stay up all night-30 in the a.m. OR fork out money for a hotel room in nashville the night b4. oh, and now i will totally miss the g-kids b-day party which is gonna be on the 5th at an indoor bounce/slide type place where the adults are allowed to play too! double bummer! ok, i guess i’ve vented enough. maybe i’ve gotten it out of my system.


9 Responses to “taking the cake…tuesday”

  1. You have good reason to be pissed and that nurse should thank her lucky stars that she can still walk.

    i know! i still can’t believe she actually treated me that way! the bad/sad thing is she was the CHARGE nurse. you would think being the boss of the nurses, that she would ream one her employees if they treated me the way she did.

  2. Catharine said

    You could write down the names of all the nurses and doctors, edit what you
    just wrote to be just a little more formal, and send it to someone at the hospital. You could call to get the name of the CEO. You should be able to get the name of the Board chairperson. You could send a copy to the head of surgery and there’s probably some kind of patient services or complaint department.

    You could threaten to report them to the accreditation people:

    At the very least, report that nurse to the Director of Nursing. Get the Director’s name by calling.

    True, surgeries do get delayed and even canceled. But your experience sounds horrendous.

    Write a couple of letters. You will be treated MUCH better when you go back.

    I also suggest you become more assertive with the doctors. Find out why they’re talking about bowel surgery. When I had my cyst removed ,the first doc I saw wanted to do a hysterectomy. I got another doc right away.

    Did you ask about the effect of waiting on your cyst? Aside from growing larger
    (will it grow a lot in two weeks?), is it twisted? Painful? If it’s twisted, they’d probably want to move fast. I suspect it’s not because twisted cysts are rarely cancerous.

    Why are they concerned about cancer?

    An oncological gynecologist might be chosen because they have special training in delicate surgeries, not because cancer is suspected. That’s what my neighbor the doc said.

    I’m not a lawyer or a doctor…just a very strong-minded person who had one surgical experience in a lifetime.

    Good luck!

    thanks for all that great advice! i am sometimes (ok, a lot) a little too aggressive/argumentative so i wasn’t planning on doing anything about it. i thought maybe i was being too sensitive about the whole thing, but i think i will write/e-mail something to her boss. i did get the name of the manager who is over her that day, so i’m good to go there. you hit the nail on the head about the cancer doc. she explained that she had more training in a wider variety of surgeries so she should be able to handle whatever they find when they go in. it isn’t twisted, but it does have a wall dividing it. it is fluid filled, not solid so that is another good thing. i don’t know how fast it can grow in 2 weeks but i do know it grew 1.5cm in a month. the bowel part is because it is pushing against the bowel and the bladder, so there is a slight (i hope) possibility that it is attached or surrounding the colon. if so they would have to cut a section out. thanks again for your advice and for stopping by 🙂

  3. Rock Chef said

    On the bright side – if you are that early, the chances of getting cancelled again must be pretty slim! Feel free to tell me to print out this page and eat it or shove it where the sun don’t shine if I am wrong 🙂

    Good luck!

    lol yeah i’m gonna be first and another bright side..i have to leave at 3:30am to get there on time so i can just stay up and drive – no getting up early. oh, and don’t worry, you’re safe, you wont have to eat or ummm, uhhh, shove. i already threatened to steal a scalpel and slice my tummy open so they CAN’T send me home next time 🙂

  4. seashore said

    Missing the party will suck.

    yeah, totally suck. i wanted to jump and slide and punch! i’m gonna make rickey go and take lots of pics and vids.

  5. Norene said

    I laughed and laughed at this one. And then I read it, as if I were you, to Mitch and the WE laughed and laughed. Mainly at the part of the nurse and you…stabbing her eye out with the IV. You are such a b****!! But thats why I love ya!! I had to get it from someone!! lol LOVE YOU!! Cant wait till this is all done and over with and you are on the road to recovery!!!

    but what about the “zero to redneck in 2 seconds”?? that was my favorite line!

  6. Rock Chef said

    Thinking of you!

    Hope it all went as planned!

    Sending a gentle hug.

    thank you! it went well, but kinda went downhill today. my incision is infected and if you’ve ever taken a lot of pain meds then you know the lovely side effects they have. i look about 7 months preggers and had to go to local yokel hospital today. seeing surgeon on friday to see if there is gonna be an alien popping out of my stomach any day now or what.

  7. Rock Chef said

    Sorry to hear that! Hope they clear things up quickly – and hopefully no Alien either!

    Take care!

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